Smartphones provide an instant connection to others, but for seniors who live on their own, a medical alert app, which can easily be installed onto a smartphone, can be a lifesaver.

Medical alert apps are designed for individuals who need immediate medical assistance. Not only can emergency personnel be immediately dispatched, but by activating the app, professionals can easily pinpoint your location using GPS and contact family members with information stored in the app. Many of these apps also store your medical information, which can be transmitted to the right people when every second counts.

Here are our picks for the five best medical alert apps for seniors available for both iPhone and Android devices:


5Star Medical Alert Service, available to both iPhone and Android users, puts you in touch with 5Star agents 24/7. With this application, you can set up a profile with your or the user's medical information. You can also upload emergency contacts, making it easy for a 5Star Agent to contact family or friends.

In the event of an emergency, the user taps on the large 5Star icon on his or her smartphone's screen to be immediately connected with a 5Star representative. The agent can then assess the situation, call 911 and connect you or your loved one to a nurse or doctor. These agents can also call one of your many emergency contacts, if needed. In addition, this app uses your GPS location to help direct medical personnel to your exact location.


Medical alert app ManDown isn't just for seniors. Individuals living on their own, medical responders, even those who hike or camp on their own can benefit from it.
You set up a profile with your personal and medical information. This information is then sent to your emergency contacts via text, email or even a phone call if the app is activated. There is no limit to how many contact numbers you can enter. Similar medical alert apps, by comparison, only allow for a handful of contacts to be added.

You have two options at your fingertips for reaching medical personnel. The first is a SOS button. When the button is pressed, it sends an alert to designated contacts indicating that you need help and where you are located.

The second option is through phone monitoring. After the user activates the app, the app monitors the phone's movement. If the phone doesn't move within 30 seconds, a pre-alarm warning is set. After 60 seconds, a full alert is initiated and the phone will send out notifications to all of your predetermined emergency contacts.

This app is ideal for individuals who have fallen. There is a small fee associated with this application, and it's compatible for both the iPhone and Android devices.

Lifeline Response

Lifeline Response lets you immediately connect with agents 24/7. It integrates with your GPS to help medical personnel easily find your exact location. When you press the Lifeline Response icon in the app, you're connected with an agent who can call medical personnel or connect you with family or friends.

Like similar medical alert apps for seniors, you can enter all medical data and emergency contact information into the app so when an emergency strikes, the information is readily available to Lifeline's personnel and there is no guessing.

The app is compatible for both iPhone and Android smartphones. However, there is a monthly and yearly fee to activate the app.


This medical alert app comes with more features than similar apps. You can set up your medical profile within the application. You can email this information to medical personnel within the app or to an emergency contact. While the user can't email this information in an emergency, all information and emails are created when the app is first set up, so there is little work for the user to do other than press a button.

One difference between iMedAlert and other medical alert apps is that you can send a text message to an emergency contact notifying them that you need assistance. Again, this is set up in advance, and you simply press a button.

Another advanced feature is that you can activate an alarm, bringing attention to yourself. This feature is great if you have a loved one who is out of earshot of others and has fallen or cannot shout for help. This application accesses and sends the exact GPS location, making it easy for emergency contacts and medical personnel to locate the individual. It is available for both iPhone and Android users.


This medical alert app by HelpAround is a simple app for seniors. You list three emergency contacts, such as family, friends, neighbors or your physician. In the event of an emergency, the senior only needs to open the app and either shake the phone or tap the main button and all personnel listed within the app are notified via a text message. These messages also transmit the user's exact GPS location to contacts so they can find the user quickly.

For premium users, the app can immediately initiate a conference call between the user and all emergency contacts so they are aware of the nature of the call and if further help is needed. This application is available for both iPhone and Android users.

While these apps provide some peace of mind for seniors who live on their own, they are valuable for individuals of all ages. These apps can provide peace of mind, security and potentially save a life.

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