Nursing care services allow you to hire an RN or LPN nurse or a trained assistant to come to your home to help you with treatment medication, and personal care. Some nursing care services allow you to get full assisted living support with meals, personal care and hygiene. Others only offer medical services, monitoring and nursing to allow you to get hospice-level care in your home. Nursing care facilities like Home Instead Senior Care, Brookdale and Interim Healthcare send qualified nurses and equipment to your residence to allow you to recuperate, live or recover in the comfort of your home.

While nursing care services include a variety of features and different levels of care, most offer scalable services. Knowing what you need helps to ensure you choose the right facility.

Nursing Care Services: What to Look For

While location and availability is one of the most important considerations, you can also choose your nursing care facility based on a number of other features. The following considerations are important when choosing nursing care.

Types of Nursing Care
There are several types of nursing care available, so it's important to ensure that you're getting the right care to meet your needs. Some nursing care services only extend to companionship, basic household assistance and travel. If you want wound care, recuperation, therapy, medication assistance, or assistance with machines for dialysis, breathing or monitoring, you need a registered nurse to help you. Checking to make sure that the nursing care service offers the correct level of support ensures that you get the care you need.

Medicare Certification
If you want Medicare to pay for your nursing care services, then you must choose a facility that is Medicare-certified. This typically means that it has been recommended by your physician or primary care provider, it has the appropriate Medicare certification and hires registered and trained nurses, plus trained staff.

Live-In Nurses & Companions
In some cases, you might not be able to live on your own. Some nursing care facilities offer at-home live-in nurses and companions in case you aren't ready to live in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Because live-in nurses and companions stay with you 24/7, you get constant care. Depending on the facility, they might have caregivers, nurses and basic companions available for this service.

Monitoring & Security
If you don't have a full-time assistant or nurse staying with you, it's important that you have some type of monitoring or security. Having a panic button or number to call to get quick assistance is important if you are elderly, recovering from an accident or chronically ill and prone to accidents. Many nursing care facilities offer panic buttons, which make it easy to call for help.

Assisted Living
While most nursing care services offer trained nurses to help you, some also offer assisted living options. Assisted living includes cooking, cleaning, various chores, groceries and potentially helping you with dressing, grooming or using the bathroom. These services are not necessary for everyone and usually aren't provided by a nurse. If you need them, make sure you choose a nursing care facility that offers these services.

Nursing services allow you to get trained nursing care or assisted living support at home, so you do not have to move into a nursing home or care facility.

Bayada Review

Bayada Home Health Care offers several skilled nursing care services to provide you with as much assistance as you need. While they offer services in units of one-hour visits, they do not have nursing care facilities, only hospices, and, furthermore, they don't provide long-term facility care.

A full range of skilled medical providers include registered nurses (RNs), physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), speech language pathologists (SLPs), medical social workers (MSWs) and home health aides (HHAs) allow Bayada to provide almost any nursing care that you may need. Full medical services are Medicare-certified, allowing you to get help with nursing visits and therapy in the privacy and comfort of your residence.

Home health aides allow you to get living assistance and support with daily living. This includes essentials such as bathing, grooming, toileting, taking medicine and performing daily tasks. These services, however, do not include cleaning or cooking, so you may have to hire a maid.

Full nursing care provided by a registered nurse allows you to get medical assistance with recovery, medication, monitoring, wound recovery and help with chronic or end-of-life issues. This allows you to get full hospice and nursing home care right in your home.

The home nursing care services also include therapy options for physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. These are meant to help you with speech difficulties following an accident, stroke or illness. You can also get help with ambulatory problems, physical fitness and improving your mobility to reduce the risk of a fall while convalescing. Occupational therapy helps with motor skill improvement, reasoning abilities and compensating for declining functions, such as impaired hearing or sight.

Medical social care allows you to get assessments for both medication and social rehabilitation, and this nursing service works to connect you with resources, options and community resources. While it is not a long-term medical solution, it can help you with recovery and other adjustments following a fall or accident. Because you can get all of these nursing care services right in your own home, you can delay having to go to a hospice or a nursing home. Bayada also offers quick responses and can begin sending nurses or assistants out to your home within 24 hours of hire. The nursing care facility also offers constant assessments and can recommend different services or support as needed.

Bayada offers a full range of home nursing care services allowing you to get anything from basic living assistance to full Medicare-certified nursing assistance right at home.

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BrightStar Care Review

BrightStar Care offers a full complement of home health care services, including skilled nursing to maintain your loved one's quality of life and to support family caregivers. The company provides fully screened RNs, LPNs, CNAs, physicians and complete case management to help provide quality care to your loved one.

The company provides professional nursing care for chronically or terminally ill patients of all ages. Each location is independently owned and operated, so you will be working with a local care team. Each location goes through a rigorous accreditation process administered by the Joint Commission.

The Joint Commission is an independent non-profit organization that certifies approximately 21,000 health care organizations and programs. BrightStar’s standards and practices have received the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission. In addition, all BrightStar staff are licensed, bonded and insured, which can help provide peace of mind since most homeowner policies exclude coverage for people working in your home.

The screening process for caregivers is thorough as well. Each staff member undergoes a criminal background check and reference check, plus BrightStar verifies the licensure/certification of each staff member, which is continually monitored throughout his or her employment. In addition, nurses are required to undergo multiple health screenings, including a drug screening, and be current with their Hepatitis B vaccination, blood borne pathogen and HIPAA training, and CPR certification.

It offers comprehensive skilled home health care wherever clients reside, including in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide assistance for a wide range of clients, including persons with disabilities, accident victims, post-delivery moms and those recovering from illness or surgery.

Some of the services their nurses provide include wound dressing changes, administration of catheters and intravenous drugs, injections, tube feedings and blood draws. They also assist with medical equipment such as morphine pumps, ventilators and monitors. They can also train caregivers or the patient in certain self-care techniques.

Medicare does not cover this type of care, but if you have a long-term care insurance policy, check with your provider. BrightStar also offers other types of non-skilled care for occasions where you don’t need a licensed nurse. This includes help with light housekeeping, errands and companion visits.

Whether you're looking for assistance with simple tasks around your house or skilled medical care, BrightStar offers a range of services and fully qualified and trained personnel and is a nursing care service worth considering. The company is accredited by the Joint Commission, and its personnel are licensed, bonded and insured.

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Brookdale Review

Brookdale Senior Living Solutions specializes in offering several different care options for senior citizens, including assisted living, nursing care services, home care, rehabilitation and long-term care with retirement and assisted living communities available. Their nursing care solutions allow you to receive in-home healthcare with Medicare certification so you can get hospice care at home.

Brookdale offers both Medicare-certified home health and assisted living at home, allowing you to choose one or the other, or both. This lets you get help with medical monitoring and care as well as day-to-day assistance with regular tasks. Their assisted living functions or private duty care allow you to hire a nurse to help with everyday living essentials such as bathing, grooming, home chores or using the bathroom. You can also hire someone for companionship; help with cooking, laundry, errands or chores; and help with travel.

These nursing care services require a trained assistant who knows how to help around the house and who understands how to treat you properly and is capable of meeting your needs. However, this type of home care is not covered by most insurance or Medicare offerings. With companionship options, including live-in trained assistants who can help you with medication, support, housework and walking, this type of nursing care service is a good fit unless you need medical care. Brookdale also offers skilled nursing home care, where they send trained nurses to your home to help you with medical issues and monitoring.

With live-in nurses as well as visiting nurses available, you can choose the level of care that suits your needs. Brookdale doesn't offer live-in trained nurses but does offer a monitoring system with a panic button that you can use to quickly get help if needed.

However, most of their trained nursing options are for short-term care, which makes them a good fit if you are changing medications, recovering from a fall or an accident or undergoing surgery or treatment. If you need 24/7 long-term care, you may want to consider one of Brookdale's nursing homes to stay for recovery or permanent living.

Brookdale offers a variety of nursing care services, making them a good fit for seniors as well as for rehabilitation. However, their skilled nursing services are mostly for short-term recovery, after which you may want to seek out private-duty help and living assistance.

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Care Pathways Review

Care Pathways offers a variety of home nursing care services with certified nursing, special care, living assistance and homemakers available to help you with everything from monitoring an illness to cooking and cleaning. With a variety of offerings, including adult daycare, nursing care facilities and assisted living facilities, they offer practical solutions for most seniors.

Home nursing care services allow you to get any level of care you need in your residence so that you can stay at home rather than moving into a facility. Because Care Pathways offers multiple levels of assistance, you can receive an evaluation and get the precise level of care needed from trained professionals.

Home health aides (HHAs) allow you to get basic assistance with cooking, cleaning, groceries, driving and other light housekeeping tasks inside and outside the home. HHAs are a good option if you need help with basic living but do not have any medical problems. You can also get a companion to spend time with you, help you with basic items and visit you daily.

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) provide help with general medical problems, medication monitoring, catheters, walking assistance, bathing, toileting and grooming as well as other tasks so you get the precise nursing care you need.

Care Pathways also offers registered nurses (RNs) for providing Medicare-certified nursing services. RNs provide you with hospice-level care, including medication monitoring, injections, wound care and special care for Alzheimer's, dementia or diseases, such as arthritis and diabetes. This allows you to get help from Medicare for medical management and recovery.

Available therapy options include in-home occupational, physical and speech therapists for improving mental, physical and language skills, which can be a good option if you or a loved one are recovering from an accident, injury or stroke. Adults who need daily help or who have memory problems can also attend adult daycare in some areas while getting home assistance at night after returning home. This allows you to interact with other seniors in a social setting while getting the care you need.

Care Pathways offers multiple types of home nursing care services allowing you or a loved one to get the level of aid needed. With available hospices and adult daycare available, Care Pathways offers versatile solutions for seniors who need help.

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Home Instead Senior Care Review

Home Instead Senior Care specializes in offering private-duty home nursing care services for seniors, allowing you or a loved one to get needed care without leaving home. With custom offerings, including full-time nursing care, occupational and speech therapy and occasional checkups, you can get the specific care you need.

Basic in-home senior care offerings include help with meal preparation, medication reminders, shopping, laundry, light housekeeping, companionship and errand-running. You can also get more personalized assistance with grooming, bathing, dressing and toileting. Incontinence care and help with walking and mobility are provided as needed, following an initial assessment. This service is also suitable for you or others making the transition from a hospital or rehabilitation center to home, because this nursing care service offers transportation and other transitioning services, such as hospital discharge assistance and prescription pickups.

Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and licensed vocational nurses are also on hand if you need full medical support. These services include medication monitoring and administration, wound monitoring and dressing, mobility training, IV management, disease management and long-term illness management.

Nurses are available for a short- or long-term, allowing you to get temporary rehabilitative care or long-term chronic illness management as needed. You can also receive hospice nursing care in your home. Home Instead offers hourly options as well, so temporary help is available if you or a caregiver needs a break, or if you just need an occasional checkup rather than full-time care.

In addition to its nursing care services, you can also request the services of a physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech therapist right in your home. This service is useful if you have to improve your mobility, physical strength, fine motor skills or speech that would otherwise require you to travel or get help going to and from your appointments. If your doctor recommends the therapy, it does qualify for Medicare.

Home Instead Senior Care has a variety of nursing care services for seniors. For those who are seeking assisted living and nursing care services, Home Instead is a suitable option if you need medical or non-medical assistance, but prefer to live at home.

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Interim Healthcare Review

Interim Healthcare employs skilled nurses to provide home nursing care services for seniors, recovering patients as well as the chronically or terminally ill to ensure that you can get hospice-level care in your own residence. However, this service does not offer live-in assistance, so you will have to seek help elsewhere if you need residential care.

With both registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) available to visit your home, you can choose the level of skilled nursing care you require. Interim Healthcare starts out by evaluating your precise medical needs and determining the level of care you need to live comfortably. While these nursing care services are covered by Medicare, they do not include home assistance or non-skilled help options. This means that if you need help bathing, grooming, cleaning or walking, you need to hire someone else to perform these tasks.

While this nursing care service only provides medical care, they do send RNs, LPNs and licensed vocational nurses directly to your home. This allows you to get a range of broad or specific medical care. Because nurses are assigned following the results of your evaluation, the number of hours and care you receive depend on your specific condition and needs.

Interim Healthcare's basic services include vital sign monitoring, blood sugar and glucose monitoring. Other services, such as post-operation monitoring and telemonitoring, wound care, ostomy and colostomy care and teaching, are also available. IV management, injections, Heparin flushes, catheter management, tube and drain management and foot care are also at your disposal on an as-needed basis. This nursing care service also offers patient teaching and training so you learn to do as many tasks as possible by yourself to improve your independence.

Medication management services include medication reconciliation, injections, ongoing physician and pharmacist reporting plus any other assistance you might need in taking and monitoring your medication. This helps to ensure you're taking the right dose and is useful if you are changing medications or doses.

Special care services include vocational nursing care for memory care, arthritis, heart problems, Huntington's disease, diabetes, COPD, joint replacement and mental health care. This allows you to get customized care as needed. You can also receive voice and speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy from nurses.

This nursing care service also have personal care aides, who can help you or your loved with daily activities, such as laundry, light housekeeping, meal preparation and transportation to and from doctor appointments.

Interim Healthcare provides a range of home nursing care services but with no facilities, it only offers in-home care. This nursing care service conducts a healthcare assessment to help you determine the right level of care and services you or your loved one needs to continue living independently at home.

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Intrepid USA Review

Intrepid USA Healthcare Services offers a broad range of intermittent home nursing care services aimed at providing assistance for those with various illnesses or individuals needing rehabilitative care. However, while Intrepid is Medicare-certified, it does not offer long-term or full-time nursing care. Instead this nursing care service specializes in services for post-surgical, accident and illness recovery.

With a variety of nursing care services, including living assistance, rehabilitation services, medical monitoring, therapy and home medical monitoring and care, available, Intrepid offers nursing care for seniors as well as younger patients who need help with recovery. Their basic options include different levels of trained, professional care based on your specific health requirements.

Home health aides are available to help you with daily activities, including grooming, getting dressed, using the bathroom or walking. Aides are a good choice if you need temporary assistance while recovering, but they don't offer any medical assistance. Intrepid's services do not include housework, cooking or chores, such as grocery shopping, so you may have to elsewhere this type of assistance.

You can receive skilled nursing care services from registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, including medication monitoring and administration, wound care and dressing, IV management, nutrition, injections and full-time monitoring. While you cannot get a full-time nurse to stay with you, you can get telemonitoring and a panic button to ensure that you can get help if needed should an emergency arise.

A variety of in-home therapy options are available, including speech, occupational and physical therapy. This includes help with walking, training after an accident, improving fine motor control skills and decision-making and speech therapy. Because the therapy is provided in the privacy and comfort of your home, you don't have to worry about traveling, staying in a care facility or being around others during your prescribed therapy session. Skilled nursing care and therapy is Medicare-certified when ordered by your doctor.

While Intrepid USA Healthcare Services offers a variety of in-home nursing care services, they only offer intermittent, short-term care, which makes them a good fit if you are recovering from an accident or illness but are still able to live independently. They also do not provide non-medical household or companion assistance, so you will have to outsource these services yourself.

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Maxim Healthcare Services Review

Maxim Healthcare Services offers a broad range of skilled nursing care for at-home patients. With options such as companion care, assisted living and skilled nursing care, Maxim has multiple offerings for the elderly, children, the disabled, chronically ill and recovering, making them a good fit for many situations.

Home nursing care services include skilled nursing with a registered nurse (RN) and licensed practical nurse (LPN) who can perform a variety of medical care functions, including equipment monitoring and wound care. Services include nursing; ventilator care; tracheostomy assistance; help with managing equipment and medication; and injury care, involving monitoring and preventive care for conditions like ulcers or infections.

Should your condition change or you need additional care, you can opt to receive full-time, private-duty nursing care in your home. Hourly options are also available if you prefer occasional monitoring or weekly checkups. This type of service is suitable if you are chronically ill, recovering from surgery or an accident or suffering from an age-related disease.

You can choose from a variety of nurses for the level of care you need. These include certified nursing assistants, LPNs, RNs and unlicensed companions and caregivers. You can also choose to have full-time or as-needed care from a home health aide and get weekly checkups from a registered nurse. Maxim also offers non-medical companion services for those who need help with grooming, dressing, using the bathroom and walking. You can also get help with cleaning, cooking and chores inside and outside of the house. If necessary, you can also receive assistance with ordering and coordinating medical supplies, equipment and prescriptions. Daily support is available on a full-time basis, allowing you to get home health services without living in a facility.

Maxim Healthcare Services provides a full range of skilled nursing care services for almost every age group, making them a suitable choice for most individuals. Maxim's therapy offerings include physical, speech, occupational and pediatric therapy, which is suitable for those who recovering from an accident, injury or illness. In addition, Maxim offers in-home assistance with personal mobility and grooming, meals, and other daily activities.

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Nurse Next Door Review

Nurse Next Door offers three different levels of nursing care to let you choose how much care you want and whether you need living assistance or full-time medical assistance in your residence. However, with no nursing care facilities, this service may not be a good fit for those who may inevitably have to move into a nursing home.

Three levels of nursing care Nurse Next Door provides includes Taking Care, Enriched Care and Vital Care. Each of these options offer different services with various levels of skilled nursing and assistance. This lets you choose what type of care you need, although you can receive an evaluation for a recommended level of care if you aren't sure which service is ideal for you.

Taking Care provides living assistance with regular visits, light housekeeping, cooking, errands, groceries and some physical activity assistance. This option allows you to get help with your basic needs, but may not be a good fit if you have trouble walking, need help with medication or have an illness.

Enriched Care provides many of the same home nursing care services as Taking Care but includes medication management, home monitoring to ensure safety, help with walking and dressing and grooming assistance. You can also receive help with bathing and toileting, Alzheimer's assistance and home assistance if necessary. This option is a good fit for seniors who need some assisted living services but don't yet need skilled nursing care.

The third option or Vital Care gives you access to a trained provider and a skilled nurse. With full-time and live-in support options available, you can receive full-time medical care. You can also get special needs care, wound care, recovery therapy and medication and medical equipment monitoring. This includes injections, dressing and illness management, including end-of-life care. With full LPN and RN nursing support, you can get help with most types of illnesses, allowing you to live your life comfortably and independently at home rather than in a hospice or nursing facility.

Nurse Next Door caters to seniors who need help around the house, assistance with daily medication management as well as multiple levels of care, including live-in caretakers. With no nursing facilities, they do not offer full-time care in a facility, but you can get full-time assistance with nursing care.

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Right at Home Review

Right at Home offers in-home care and assistance with a combination of skilled nursing care services and living assistance. While Right at Home offers private-duty nursing care, it does not offer nursing care facilities, so you can't opt to move into a residential facility if you need specialized care.

Fully skilled home nursing care services offer everything you need to receive hospice-level care in your home. Right at Home sends nurses directly to your home to help with everything from medication and medical equipment setup to full-time monitoring and basic care with full companionship and assisted-living options.

Companions allow you to get non-medical assistance from a trained caregiver who can help you with daily living essentials. With capabilities for helping you with dressing, grooming, bathing, eating and walking, you can get specialized support right at home. You can also get help with household chores such as cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. This nursing care service can also help you with errands and driving to ensure you make doctors' appointments. Assisted living services are available full time but do not include any live-in options, so you can't get help at night unless there is an emergency.

Skilled nursing services include day-to-day care with medication setup and administration, machine monitoring, catheter care, ostomy and colostomy care, insulin injections and other daily medication administration. You can also get temporary care for wounds, infection or illness recovery to ensure that you can live at home while recovering.

Right at Home is a service primarily for seniors, as most of their services are aimed at helping those with geriatric conditions and medicine administration. Specific offerings for seniors include 24/7 monitoring to ensure safety in case of a fall. They also offer Alzheimer's and dementia care.

This nursing service also provides companion and home care, including help with laundry, cooking and light housekeeping, so you or your loved one can continue to live independently. Right at Home training allows companions to offer assistance specifically for the elderly, including activities and programs intended to improve your stability, balance and fitness as well as help with small, everyday tasks that you may no longer be able to do on your own.

Right at Home provides skilled home nursing care services and companions for living assistance with 24,7 monitoring, but does not have facilities or live-in nurses.

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