Rolling walkers feature two or more wheels at the base of the unit, so you don't have to lift up on the walker to move forward with each step. Walkers such as the Carex Rollator, Hugo Explore or Invacare Rollite make it possible for individuals with both diminished balance and decreased upper body strength to move around inside and outside of the home.

In addition to wheels, many rolling walkers come with accessories that increase your ability to enjoy mobility outside of the home. Seats and backrests let you rest while waiting in lines or catch your breath when no bench or chair is nearby. Storage options, such as baskets or bags, keep your personal or medical items handy.

Rolling Walkers: What to Look For

Walkers – with or without wheels – come in a range of types and sizes. Optimal safety and comfort require a walker that fits your height and weight. Here are a few more criteria to take in to consideration as you shop around:

Sizing & Weight Requirements
Both wheeled walkers and those without wheels come with weight restrictions. Standard walkers tend to support between 250 to 300 pounds, depending on the model. Individuals weighing over 300 pounds might want to look for a walker classified as a bariatric walker. Walkers feature push-button adjustments for height, letting regular models serve most adults. Extremely short adults may need to opt for a youth walker for maximum comfort.

Two or Four Wheels
Although some specialty rollators feature three-wheel construction, most rolling walker options come with two or four wheels. Two-wheeled walkers look just like standard walkers, except they feature wheels on the front two bars. This lets you lift lightly on the back end and push the walker forward easily. Two-wheeled walkers are covered by many insurance plans; even when the wheels aren't covered, the walker is, and you can pay a small additional price to upgrade to a walker with wheels.

Walkers with four wheels don't require any lifting to move across level ground and feature more accessory options than two-wheeled varieties. However, rollators and other similar models are not always covered under insurance plans, as they are seen as luxury items.

Safety Features
The most important safety feature on a 4-wheel walker is the handbrake, which provides control during operation. Look for models that include locking wheels, especially if you intend to use the seat on a regular basis. Optimal seated stability usually requires both the seat and a backrest.

Personalized Options
Two-wheeled walkers may be available in several colors, but they are limited when it comes to other options. Walkers with four wheels often come in a variety of colors or patterns, letting you select a product that matches your personality. Wheel options include standard or rugged wheels, and accessories include seats, backrests, handles, storage devices and decorative items.

Select the walker that is right for your needs and size for maximum comfort. You'll use a walker with a proper fit more often, increasing mobility and overall physical exercise for better health.

Carex Rollator Review

The Carex Rolling Walker features four wheels for optimal movement without having to lift up on the mobility aid with each step. The walker comes standard with storage, a seat, backrest and handbrakes.

Oversized eight-inch plastic wheels offer the ability to maneuver over light terrain, letting you take this walker into grassy park areas or navigate city sidewalks with cracks and slight drops. When using the walker on unlevel ground, you might have to pull up slightly on the frame to navigate some areas. The entire walker weighs 17.5 pounds, and although you won't often need to lift it completely when walking, use on rough terrain may be difficult for individuals with very limited upper body strength or range of motion.

This Carex 4-wheeled walker supports up to 250 pounds, whether you're making use of the seat or using the device to get around. The walker adjusts between 33.75 and 38.75 inches in height to accommodate most adults; consider speaking to your physician or physical therapist prior to ordering the walker to ensure you will be comfortable with that height range. The handles are also adjustable, which should make it easier to achieve a safe fit.

A padded seat and backrest make this medical walker a good option for someone who enjoys social outings or long strolls around the neighborhood. This provides a place to rest, and the comfortable seat lets you take advantage of community events without putting too much stress on your feet or legs.

A storage compartment underneath the seat lets you stow personal items that might otherwise be kept in a purse or bag, reducing the amount of weight on your upper body and leaving you free to navigate with the wheeled walker. Extra medicine or other necessities can also be stored in the compartment, reducing the need to collect items when you are trying to get out of the house.

The walker can be folded up to better fit into car and truck spaces or when storing it at home, although it doesn't fold completely flat because of its accessories. Another consideration regarding the Carex rolling walker is whether insurance will cover a portion of the cost. Because this walker is classified as a rollator and features options such as storage and seating, not all policies cover it.

Overall, the Carex Rolling Walker is a convenient option for those in the market for a mobility aid. Extra features such as the storage compartment make it a useful item for those who spend a lot of time on the go.

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Comodità Prima Review

The Comodità Prima Rolling Walker features a unique frame design that helps it support up to 400 pounds and hold up under demanding daily use. Rugged wheels let you take the walker outside and over grass or rocky surfaces.

This rolling walker comes with a choice of metallic blue, metallic champagne, metallic graphite, metallic red or silver finishes on the frame. This lets you customize the look to best suit your tastes. Below the frame, four 8-inch wheels lift the walker off the ground, providing clearance for navigating cracks or bumps in sidewalks or over gently rolling hills in fields or parks.

This medical walker also includes a 15-inch-wide nylon rolling walker seat with padding for additional comfort. When you lock the brakes, you can rest on the seat, using the padded and curved backrest bar for additional support. A large bag beneath the seat lets you store personal items, so you can pack a lunch when using the Comodità Prima on an all-day outing or keep items in the storage compartment as you shop.

The design of this 4-wheeled walker features a wider space between the rear wheels than the front wheels. This allows the walker to fold from front to back, much like many infant strollers. The result is a compact fold that lets you tuck the walker into a backseat, trunk or closet. The rear wheels still roll when the walker is folded, providing assistance when moving the folded unit to a desired location. The other benefit of this wheeled walker's wide rear-wheel spread is that you can walk inside the wheelbase for added stability.

The walker adjusts to fit a variety of adults. Though you should always seek a size recommendation from a physical therapist when using a walker for medical reasons, the Comodità Prima is generally recommended for individuals ranging from 5'4" to 6'4" in height. Shorter adults likely should consider a junior model instead.

The Comodità Prima Rolling Walker is a durable walker that might be an option if you need a large weight capacity or often take your walker off of flat surfaces such as indoor flooring or sidewalks. You do trade the convenience of a lightweight frame for that off-road capability.

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Drive Deluxe 2-button Review

The Drive Medical Deluxe 2-Button Walker is a good compromise for someone who wants maximum insurance coverage for a mobility device but also wants the convenience of wheels. This rolling walker features two 5-inch plastic wheels and a folding design.

This medical walker folds to make storage easy, and its push-button design can help you fold in the sides, even if you have limited upper mobility. Buttons on the upper crossbar can be operated with the palms, fingers, thumbs or edges of the hands, letting those with arthritis and other joint or muscle issues fold the walker.

One notable benefit of this wheeled walker is its combination of stability and smooth movement resulting from the interaction of the front wheels and back gliders. The walker features an updated rear glide cap that helps it sweep over flat surfaces without catching, reducing awkward stops and helping you move more efficiently. On the front legs, the 5-inch casters are large enough to navigate small dips or cracks in flooring. The wheels are also removable, so you can replace them as needed after long-term use or substitute glide caps to use the walker without wheels.

This medical walker weighs about 7 pounds, making it a good choice if you need a basic mobility aid for getting around town. The lightweight frame should be easy for most people to lift in or out of vehicles or to use on light inclines. Despite the light frame, the walker supports up to 350 pounds when used properly, which is more than other comparable walkers. The adult walker adjusts between 32 and 39 inches high for a custom fit that helps improve comfort and safety; very short adults might want to opt for the junior version, which adjusts from 25 to 32.25 inches. Both versions are 24 inches wide.

Comfort is always a concern when purchasing a medical device that's likely to see regular use. This rolling walker features contoured, vinyl hand grips designed to reduce hand fatigue during lengthy use. The grips also ensure a more stable grasp on the walker, reducing the chance that hands will slip off the upper bar while in motion.

The Drive Medical 2-Button Walker is a good choice for anyone with basic mobility assistance needs that are not met by a cane. The wheels add ease of movement, and this walker is considered a standard model, so it is covered under many insurance plans.

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Drive Medical 4-wheel Review

With its several convenience options, including a rolling walker seat, the 4-Wheel Rollator from Drive Medical offers mobility both inside and outside of your home. It has a conservative blue and black design and has standard safety features to keep you balanced.

Casters for this wheeled walker measure 7.5 inches; large-size wheels like these can help you get over small terrain differences, including cracks in sidewalks, without catching or sudden halt to movement. Above the casters, a steel frame helps ensure durability, whether you are walking or using the padded seat to rest.

In addition to a design that lets you get out and about, Drive's medical walker includes hand brakes for control as you move over slick surfaces or down inclines. When selecting a 4-wheel walker, hand brakes are essential for individuals who must rest against the walker as they take each step because braking keeps the unit more stable. The unit also features loop locks for use when you are seated on the walker.

Accessories on the rolling walker include a padded seat and curved backrest. Mobility limited individuals can take advantage of a resting place at any location, making it more likely they'll enjoy family outings or shopping trips without extreme exhaustion. The under-seat storage basket is designed to hold lightweight loads, such as a sweater and umbrella or a small bag of groceries.

Fit is important for any walker, and the Drive Medical Rollator handles are adjustable for both angle and height. The backrest, which folds up or down for comfort, is also removable for individuals who need more room and don't require additional support when sitting. The rollator supports up to 300 pounds for both sitting and walking functions, making it a solid choice for many individuals with mobility support needs. The walker itself weighs 20 pounds, which could limit your ability to get it in and out of a vehicle if you have issues with strength or range of motion in the upper limbs or torso.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the Drive Medical 4-Wheel Rollator is a durable option for anyone requiring a helping hand when walking. Options that add convenience could increase the likelihood of enjoying outings, but the rollator might not be covered fully by all insurance plans for the same reason.

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Duro-Med Lightweight Review

The Duro-Med Lightweight Rollator is a rolling walker with a 300-pound weight capacity. It features a padded rolling walker seat that is a comfortable 17 inches from the floor when using the standard 6-inch wheels.

This medical walker is height-adjustable to meet your needs. The handle height moves from 32 to 36 inches, accommodating most adults who fall into an average height range. For the best assurance of a comfortable fit, see a physical therapist or other healthcare professional for sizing recommendations before purchasing a mobility aid of any type, especially given that this model is unlikely to fit very short adults.

This wheeled walker has amenities designed to improve functionality and comfort. A padded seat and backrest let you catch your breath and alleviate pressure on legs and feet from time to time, and a basket under the seat lets you store personal items such as jackets, pocketbooks, umbrellas or small shopping bags.

The design of this rolling walker includes a lightweight aluminum frame that brings the total weight of the unit to just 15 pounds, and the entire unit folds for easier storage. Most individuals will be able to lift the walker in and out of vehicles for portability, although you could have trouble with this if you regularly experience lack of strength or motion issues in your upper body. Individuals with such concerns might want to opt for a lighter walker, even if it means accepting fewer features.

Whenever you purchase a walker with four wheels, quality hand brakes are an essential feature. This walker features ergonomic grips and loop brakes that lock as needed for additional stability when you're standing still or sitting. The width between the handles is an ample 18 inches, providing plenty of room for walking close to the unit or sliding into the seat. The walker's overall width is two feet, allowing it to fit through most standard doorways. If you have a residence with slim or odd-shaped doors and hallways, you should measure the width of these areas prior to purchasing the walker.

The Duro-Med Lightweight Rollator is likely to meet average mobility needs both in your home and outside. The wheels are large enough for use on level grassy areas, though more rugged wheels might be required for tougher terrain.

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Healthline Folding Deluxe Review

The Healthline Folding Deluxe Walker comes in junior, standard or heavy-duty sizes, letting you choose your rolling walker purchase to meet personal mobility needs. A U-shaped front bar and other features help to ensure comfort, quality functionality and safety when walking.

This wheeled walker features two 5-inch casters on the front bars, letting you take advantage of wheeled convenience while maintaining the stability offered by non-wheeled back bars. The back bars end in glider caps for smooth movement, and all four bars adjust using push-button locks, so you can fit the walker to your height. The standard model's height settings range from 32 to 39 inches, and the walker features an inner width at the hand grips of 17 inches.

With its U-shaped front bar, the Healthline Folding Deluxe Walker lets you bring the walker close to your frame, providing additional assistance that might be helpful if you require more than occasional support when walking or standing. The entire frame is constructed of anodized aluminum in 1-inch diameter bars to support long-lasting use, and the walker has an ample weight limit of 350 pounds. The walker frame is protected by a limited lifetime warranty. The aluminum construction of this medical walker allows for durability without adding unnecessary weight – the walker weighs less than 7.5 pounds, making it easy for most people to carry.

Two buttons on the front bar of this wheeled walker let you fold in the sides for storage or transport. When folded, the walker slips into the trunk or backseat of most vehicles, and you can fold the walker to keep it near you at social events without blocking walkways or inconveniencing others.

When using rolling walkers, you often have to keep a snug grip on the device for lengthy periods of time, so it helps that this walker features comfortable vinyl grips. You can replace either the wheels or gliders as needed, and you can replace the wheels with larger casters if you frequently use the walker on more robust terrain.

This Healthline Folding Deluxe Walker is a solid choice for everyday mobility needs. Because optimal performance comes with a properly sized walker, you might want to seek recommendations on size from a physical therapist or physician prior, since this walker comes in a variety of size options.

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Hugo Explore Review

The Hugo Explore Wheeled Walker comes with some unique features that let you take this rolling walker off-road. While you won't be climbing mountains, the walker's extra-large wheels should work well for parks, lawns and other manicured areas.

Ergonomic design lets you use the walker for long periods of time without fatigue. When it's time to rest, the large rolling walker seat accommodates up to 300 pounds. The curved backrest provides wide support, and when you lock the hand brakes, the walker becomes a stable chair for use in any location.

Carrying personal items or products you picked up while shopping can be difficult when both hands are required on a walker. A zippered storage bag beneath this walker's seat provides additional room for stashing wallets, pocket books, medications or a jacket.

When you're ready to stow the walker, a one-step folding option lets you bring the sides together by pulling up on a single strap. The walker weighs 15.4 pounds, and you don't have to lift the entire unit to fold it, making it more likely those with balance or strength concerns can store the walker. Once the walker is folded, it stands on its own, reducing the chance of accidents that could occur when propping the walker against walls or tables. The walker also locks into the open position during use to avoid an accident while walking or sitting.

The walker is designed following general ISO standards for sizing to fit individuals ranging in height from 5 feet to 6 feet 2 inches tall. The handles adjust to accommodate a wide height range, but the manufacturer does recommend speaking with a healthcare professional about sizing needs to ensure the most comfortable and safe fit.

Ergonomic grips, a choice between black and red for the frame, and an all-weather seat cover round out the features on this 4-wheel walker. The walker frame is protected by a limited warranty for three years. Parts such as brakes and wheels are protected for one year.

If you're looking for a walker that provides wide mobility options, this Hugo model is a serviceable choice. It can also be decked out with optional accessories such as cup holders to make outdoor events more enjoyable.

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Invacare Rollite Review

The Invacare Rollite Rolling Walker comes in several colors, including black, red and midnight blue, and you can further customize it by selecting different wheels or optional accessories. The unit features a rolling walker seat, hand brakes and adjustable height options.

This wheeled walker is fairly lightweight at 13.5 pounds, making it a good choice for individuals who want to bring their mobility aid with them wherever they travel. The included seat flips up, letting the sides of the walker fold in for easy transport or storage, and all four legs come standard with 5-inch wheels. You can replace or swap out the wheels as desired with compatible Invacare parts, including 8-inch wheels on both the adult and the tall size models of the Rollite. The 8-inch wheels provide better stability and mobility on mild terrain.

The walker comes with a five-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on all components except the wheels. Designed to fit adults 5'4" to 6' tall, this adult rolling walker has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and is 18.25 inches wide at the hand grips. As with any medical walker, Invacare recommends that individuals seek professional assistance in determining the right size for equipment; this unit also comes in tall and junior sizes for varying height needs.

This 4-wheeled walker comes with quite a few convenience features, including a comfortable seat and backrest. Seats are an important feature for many people who use walkers with wheels – they ensure that no matter where you are, you can rest your feet and legs. Resting as needed enhances your enjoyment of your mobility aid by reducing exhaustion and the chance of a fatigue-related injury.

The walker also features hand brakes that are designed to be easy to operate. Placed under the hand grips on each side of the walker, the hand brakes can be operated by a simple upward grip. The overall design of the walker encourages mobility for individuals who are limited not just in walking but in overall strength and range of motion.

One thing the Invacare Rollite does not include is a storage option, such as a basket or bag, beneath the seat. While the streamlined design does contribute to the low weight of the walker, the lack of storage could be inconvenient for anyone looking for a walker for all-day outings or shopping functions.

The Invacare Rollite is a solid mobility aid with safety and comfort features. The walker likely would be a good option for individuals who want four-wheel functionality but still want to be able to get in and out of homes and vehicles with the walker by themselves.

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Medline Ultralight Rollator Review

The Medline Ultralight Rollator features amenities you might expect of a 4-wheel walker, including a seat, backrest and storage compartment. The walker still manages to come in at a relatively low weight of 11 pounds.

This medical walker is a good option for anyone who experiences challenges with both mobility and strength. The walker's lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver with minimal upper-body strength, and a padded rolling walker seat lets you rest as much as you need when navigating inside or outside of your home. The seat offers support when you lock the unit's hand brakes, and a curved back bar features a padded cover for additional comfort.

Four 6-inch wheels and a frame design that keeps bars and storage devices well off the ground provide clearance as you move around items. A 17-inch distance between the handles helps you walk closer to the walker for increased stability when needed. Bicycle-like handle designs deliver a grip intended to reduce hand and wrist fatigue as you use this rolling walker for extended periods of time.

This wheeled walker offers an expansive height adjustment and fits individuals ranging in height from 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 4 inches. That's a significantly greater range than usual and thus a benefit for people who are very short or very tall. It can be difficult for such individuals to find a walker that fits comfortably and features extras such as storage and seating. While the manufacturer's guidelines provide a general height range, every person is different, which is why you should ask a medical professional for a fitting prior to deciding on a mobility aid.

One trade-off with such a light walker is weight capacity. The standard Medline Ultralight Rollator is only rated for a capacity of 250 pounds. However, that trade-off does come with the benefit of easy storage and transport. The walker folds up, and most individuals should be able to lift it into a vehicle's trunk or back seat.

This walker does not have push-button height adjustments, so you will need to remove and replace screws to change the height of the handles. This could be inconvenient if you need to adjust the height regularly – for example, if two differently sized people commonly used the same walker – but most people will only have to make the adjustment once. Also, the screws can provide more stability than traditional push-button adjustments.

The Medline Ultralight Rollator is a good option for individuals who need a small, portable walker and would like the added convenience of a seat and storage. As long as the 250-pound weight capacity is not limiting, this is a solid choice in mobility aids.

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Nova Traveler 3-Wheel Review

Settling between the common 2-wheel and 4-wheel walker options on the market, the Nova Traveler 3-Wheel Walker offers rugged durability and convenience for those who need some stability without requiring complete support. The walker features oversize wheels and multiple storage options.

This rolling walker isn't really a medical walker because it's not meant for individuals who need to sit and rest frequently or put substantial weight on the walker as they move. Instead, it offers some stability and control for those who are experiencing mild to moderate gait problems or issues such as mild dizzy spells. The walker doesn't feature a seat, but the hand brakes do lock to stabilize the unit if you need to lean on it for a short rest.

One benefit of this wheeled walker is its storage capacity. The walker features a tray where you can set small items as you move from one area to another, a basket for temporary storage of personal goods, and a hanging pouch where you can tuck a purse, jacket or other items you want within convenient reach. The storage options make it easy to use this walker on outings or shopping trips.

The three chunky wheels add to the stability of this unit, and they are 8 inches in diameter. The large wheel size lets you take this rolling walker over grass or other minor terrain, freeing you up for mobility in a variety of locations.

One disadvantage of the three-wheel design is that the small 12-inch span between the handles means most individuals will have to walk behind the handles rather than between them. If you require substantial support when walking, you might want to opt for a four-wheel model with a wider span. The Nova Traveler also has a weight capacity limit of 250 pounds, so it is not a heavy-duty model.

Designed to fit most adults of average height, the Nova Traveler adjusts for individuals ranging from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet in height. Smaller adults will likely require a junior walker, but you can speak to a healthcare professional, such as physical therapist, about sizing details to ensure a proper fit. The walker is available in black, red and blue, so you can also choose a model that fits your style preferences.

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