A voice dialer, also known as an auto dialer, can be an important addition to your home or business security system. In the event an intruder breaks in, a voice dialer automatically calls through a pre-programmed list of friends, family members or other individuals to play a pre-recorded message. You can send calls to your work phone, cell phone, or a friend or family member to let them know that something is amiss. A voice dialer can also offer a lifeline for an elderly or disabled individual who can use it to call for help if there is an emergency.

A voice dialer, also known as an auto dialer, can be an important addition to your home or business security system. In the event an intruder breaks in, a voice dialer automatically calls through a pre-programmed list of friends, family members or other individuals to play a pre-recorded message. You can send calls to your work phone, cell phone, or a friend or family member to let them know that something is amiss. A voice dialer can also offer a lifeline for an elderly or disabled individual who can use it to call for help if there is an emergency.

Adding a voice dialer to your existing security system can reduce the time it takes for help to reach your door in the most crucial of circumstances. When your home and family are threatened by an intruder, these systems save precious time. There's no delay looking up and then dialing through friends' or family members' phone numbers. A voice dialer immediately begins calling through a list of individuals whose phone number you have pre-programmed into the system. Voice dialers play a pre-recorded message to the listener before disconnecting and calling the next contact on the list.

You can choose from a range of voice dialers. Some, like the Skylink AD-105 Emergency Dialer, allow you to wear an emergency alert device, like a necklace or bracelet, you can call in the event of a fall or if you otherwise can't reach the phone. Other dialers, like the Seco-Larm Enforcer Voice Dialer (E-921CPQ) and the Mace 80355 Wireless Home Security System with Auto Dialer, can monitor multiple zones and use a battery backup to prevent a loss of service in the event your power goes out.

Voice Dialers: What to Look For

Whether you are looking for a voice dialer for your home, business or for an aging parent, consider the following features before you make a purchase.

Memory is an important consideration with voice dialers, and the amount of storage spaces varies widely depending on the model. If you have only a few close family members or friends that you need to contact, you can choose from models that offer as little as four number slots for your contacts. However, if you have a long list of contacts you need to have available, like friends, family and doctors, some dialers have a higher number of available slots, with some that allow you to save over 40 contact numbers.

Outgoing Messages
In the event you are unable to speak, some voice dialers let you record a timed message that can be played back. These pre-recorded messages can be as long as 45 seconds. In addition, certain voice dialers let you record up to two messages to vary the information given to your contacts. Not all voice dialers, though, play outgoing messages, so you may want to check with the manufacturer to see if this is an option.

Connected Devices
A select number of voice dialers give you the option of connecting to multiple devices, which can be a benefit if you have a security system in multiple rooms so that you can access the dialer from anywhere in your home. Other voice dialers are available as part of an entire security system.

Adding a voice dialer is one of the best steps you can take toward protecting your home or business and getting help when you or a loved one needs it most. Review our comparison of voice dialers to find the most suitable model for your personal or business needs.

AblePhone AP6000 Review

The AblePhone AP6000 Voice Activated Dialer uses a specialized dialing system that can aid those who have difficulty with speaking, motion control or vision. In the event of an emergency, the dialer lets you pick up the receiver and tell it whom to dial for help. The voice dialer does not require physical dialing and controls the output by voice commands from the caller. The accessory is compatible with any phone, regardless of model or version. Because of the easy-to-use format, you only need to pick up the receiver and tell the system whom you want to call. Device setup is similar to that of an answering machine and the included directions guide you through that process.

When you first program your phone, the system guides you through the process in a one-time programming sequence. The device's storage space holds up to 40 names and telephone numbers. The setup also allows you to call phone numbers that are not stored in your memory. After the initial dialer setup, you pick up the receiver and select the speaker or talk key on your device, after which your voice dialer is ready to use.

You are not limited to using the keypad to utilize your phone's capability. If you or another person wants to use voice commands to dial, a simple command lets you switch between these functions. The only downside to this type of capability is the sensitivity, which requires that you speak clearly to avoid calling individuals who may have similar sounding names.

This specialized auto dialer system comes with a one-year warranty. The hardware offers a plug-in port for your power supply, your telephone service and another line. Featuring a light blue hue, the bright screen uses large print to make it easier to see during programming and if manual dialing is used.

The AblePhone AP6000 Voice Activated Dialer uses a form of technology that is helpful to those with difficulty seeing and dialing on the phone. However, without relatively clear communication to the device, it may not be the most effective system for the price.

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Activocal Vocally3 Infinity Review

The Activocal Vocally3 Infinity uses a high-tech dialing system that recognizes your voice to follow specific commands. This device benefits those who have trouble with motion control or vision. It is compatible with any model of phone. The system operates on a 12-volt DC jack but does not require a specific polarity. The manual features three different sections to familiarize you with every function of this machine.

This dialer even lets you activate voice recognition in the middle of a call, which can be helpful for automated systems, such as banking services. The menu-based mode change and language selection are also new additions to this product. Through the phone line, remote online support is accessible for additional help.

This voice dialer stores up to 45 names, giving you ample space to include your friends, family and emergency contacts. Each name is allotted three seconds to play back, and all of this data is retained for a minimum of 15 years, keeping your information safe when you need it. A clear voice guides you through setup and during phone calls to ensure accuracy while dialing. The interactive menu lets you save and delete phone numbers with the same voice prompts. The equipment is compatible with all forms of accents, tones and languages.

The device weighs only 0.265 pounds and measures approximately 5.3 x 2.6 x 0.9 inches, making it compact enough to fit right next to your phone. It comes with a limited warranty that stipulates a year of coverage for manufacturer defects during normal use of the product. The included and downloadable manual gives specific instructions on utilizing this warranty and covers the contact information for repair of the unit. The manual also gives step-by-step directions on setting up any part of the voice dialer system with your phone.

The Vocally3 Infinity adapts to other languages and accents, which makes it functional to a wider range of people. This voice dialer offers a large memory supply helping you to store essential names.

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Future Call FC-1204 Review

For those who are visually impaired or need emergency assistance, the FC-1204 Voice Dialer Phone features three different commands to make calls without having to touch a button.

The FC-1204 Voice Dialer Phone gives you control over your phone if you are visually impaired or find it difficult to dial using the keypad. This dialer device provides the capability to make and end phone calls without having to touch any keys, making this system beneficial for those who have trouble with motion control due to disability or illness. This phone functions as a standalone device, allowing you to replace your existing phones in your home with these models that have a greater range of use. Installation requires any compatible phone cord to attach the device to your main phone line.

As you program the voice dialer phone, the storage allows you to retain 17 contacts and three voice commands. These commands execute your decision to dial, end or answer your phone calls. Within the setup, this phone contains 80 talking CID numbers, which includes review, delete and dial back while displaying the name on the digital LCD display. The display allows two lines of information, which means you can enter up 16 characters, which includes spaces.

During operation, this auto dialer phone can pause and redial or transfer between phone lines using the flash button. The default setting of the voice prompt is set to on, but you can turn it off if desired. Though you have the choice of low, medium or high volume when it rings, this device features a small LED light to indicate that you have an incoming call, which is an added help for the hearing impaired. In case of emergency, 911 is programmable as a safety precaution. The phone comes with automatic protection against power failure as well.

This specialized voice dialer has a limited warranty valid for up to 180 days from the date of purchase. If you find the phone to be defective, the warranty covers repair and replacement. The manufacturer provides a phone number for warranty and out-of-warranty services that is open seven days a week during set hours. This phone is compliant with the rules of the FCC and requirements of ACTA.

Since the FC-1204 Voice Dialer Phone is a simpler device, it's geared toward those who need assistance when making day-to-day calls. However, the convenience this phone provides comes with a somewhat higher-end price tag for a landline phone.

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Mace 80355 Wireless Review

The Mace 80355 Wireless Home Security System with Auto Dialer helps protect your house from intruders and can easily be installed without the help of a technician in less than 30 minutes.

The Mace 80355 Wireless Home Security System with Auto Dialer has several sensors to notify you of a possible home invasion. The unit comes with 16 wireless window sensors and a PIR motion detector. The voice dialer detects movement up to 25 feet away at a 110-degree angle range and alerts you with and audio alarm.

Since the system measures 4 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches, the voice dialer is relatively easy to hide in a number of discreet places. The fully integrated system offers 10 zones to monitor, providing you with 16 sensors and eight remote controls to handle the full arrangement. Each remote is wireless and features a panic button to use during a sudden emergency. The remote's signal transmits to up to 100 feet away from the main control unit. Each sensor can operate up to 300 feet from the main control unit, letting you spread out your sensors to cover more ground.

Each sensor on this alarm dialer features an LED indicator light, which picks up any motion within range. It also notifies you when the battery is, preventing a loss of power to the system when you need protection. Along with low-battery indicators, the system also features LED indicators for REC/Play and DC power.

This system provides thorough instructions to guide you through the installation process. It requires an available line jack and/or telephone jack for service as well as three 9-volt DC LR44 batteries. The mounting hardware for the voice dialer kit is included and prepares you to set up the system as soon as you open the box. A user manual, window security warning decals and batteries are also included in your package. The window sensors work on doors with the same result.

The LCD display of the voice dialer kit makes it easy to manage the control panel. The alarm panel features a built-in auto dialer and integrated phone line, reaching your emergency contacts during a variety of crises. An included AC power adapter and 9-volt battery prevent an interruption of service during a power failure.

Essentially, the Mace 80355 Wireless Home Security System with Auto Dialer gets the help you need. The complete coverage of the 16 window sensors creates a large are of security around your home and helps you notify the necessary people during an emergency.

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Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II Review

The Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II (PAVDII) offers a lot of functionality and features and is designed to give you peace of mind by providing the necessary tools to assist you or a loved one in an emergency. It has several emergency features, such as a preprogrammed list of numbers it dials if you are unable to reach the phone as a result of a fall or some other distress. You do not need a landline for this auto dialer: It works with a landline, VoIP or cell phone. The unit has a 100–150-foot range. The unit comes with the phone as well as two panic buttons: one that you attach to your wrist and another that you wear around your neck. In addition, there is no monthly monitoring fee with this dialer.

The PAVDII looks like a regular telephone, but once you program in up to 30 phone numbers and record a 20-second message, it dials the preprogrammed numbers once you press one of the included panic buttons. If no one answers the call, it then dials 911. This dialer repeats the recorded message to ensure your contact has heard the complete message. If the receiver presses 0, it initiates a two-minute speakerphone conversation that can be extended by pressing zero again.

The speakerphone has an amplified volume up to 40dB, and the ringer goes up to 90dB. A bright strobe light on the phone also alerts you when the phone is ringing. One other feature is the talking caller ID that announces the name of your caller, so you know who is calling before picking up the phone.

Both of the panic buttons included with this model are waterproof and can be used in the shower where there is a higher risk of falling. Up to five panic buttons can be used with this device, so you can keep them in multiple places or have more than one person wear them. Even if the handset is off the hook, pressing the panic button activates the alert. Additional panic buttons are sold separately.

The PAVDII includes several features, including a remote 911 feature. Suppose the dialer is playing your emergency message to one of your contacts; if the receiver presses 911 on their phone keypad, the system terminates the call and dials 911. The PAVDII will then discontinue calling the rest of the numbers on your list. If you have a serious emergency and need to dial 911 immediately, you can press the panic button for five seconds, and the unit dials 911 directly.

In addition to the phone and panic buttons, this voice dialer comes with an AC power cord, telephone cord, instruction manual and a one-year factory warranty. It uses 4 AAA batteries, which are not included.

The PAVDII ensures that you and your loved ones have the help they need when they need it most. It plays prerecorded messages for up to 30 people in the event you or a loved one have an emergency and are unable to reach the phone. Several design details, including large, highly visible buttons, portable panic buttons, and an adjustable ringer, make this voice dialer easy to use.

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Seco-Larm E-920B Review

The Seco-Larm Enforcer Automatic Voice Dialer, E-920B, is an alarm system dialer that makes outbound voice message calls when your home alarm system is triggered. This dialer stores up to five phone, pager or cell numbers. This model is designed to be quick and efficient in the case of an emergency.

The Seco-Larm E-920B has two output sources. This means you can send two messages in case of an emergency. The message duration is short – you only have 20 seconds to convey information.

There are two relay contacts for the Seco-Larm E-920B sensors. These contacts relay information to the display that indicate the status of your system. When the alarm system is triggered, this voice dialer begins placing calls to notify appropriate parties of an issue or emergency, with each number brightly displayed on the mounted unit. The numbers dial in order of your configuration, with each number receiving a prerecorded message.

It is possible for the alarm to relay two separate messages and a follow-up message. Helpful for retail, home offices and other low-traffic areas, this system keeps the appropriate people notified. It can manage telephone numbers that are up to 32 digits, including hashtags, tones and pauses. If a number doesn't pick up within 8 to 10 rings, the next number on the list is dialed. If none of the calls are answered, a second round of calls is activated.

The alarm auto dialer helps protect your home. There is an instant trigger for exit and entry through a protected door. This will allow you to know when there is a breach to a specific door. You can regulate this dialer with your current security system. If there is a power outage, this model offers an optional 9-volt battery as a standby power source, which can give you up to two or three days of additional power.

This simple, yet effective device allows you to know what's going on with your home or business while you're away. In the event of an emergency, the Seco-Larm Enforcer Automatic Voice Dialer stores up to five numbers and delivers two different messages. This system will also redial preprogrammed numbers in the event no one responds to the first call or if the line is busy.

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Seco-Larm Enforcer E-921CPQ Review

The Seco-Larm Enforcer Voice Dialer (E-921CPQ) is a system that works in conjunction with your existing alarm system. This dialer provides protection over a larger property with up to three zone areas of coverage. It is good for use in a residence or a commercial property.

You can monitor the system from the display or remotely from a telephone with the convenient call-in feature. With a little planning, the alarm auto dialer can notify up to five numbers in case of an emergency. It calls to pagers and numbers containing up to 32 digits, including hash tags, tones and pauses. It has three triggers, so it can provide protection over multiple security zones. You can call in to listen or disarm the alert, and you can also broadcast messages in case of an emergency. The display is large and has a backlit keyboard.

For residential purposes, this alarm dialer has unique features, including a home mode function that acts as a door chime when a door is opened, allowing you to know that something has breached the doorway. There is a panic button feature as well for those who want added security.

In case of a power failure, this device has options that allow it to continue to run even without electricity. You must provide your own 9-volt battery for a backup power source. Unfortunately, if the power goes out and the battery runs out, the device will shut down. In this case, there is a built-in flash memory to ensure your data isn't lost.

The installation and setup can be complex, especially if you are linking multiple zones with an existing alarm. However, a detailed manual is included with the alarm dialer. You can configure safety features, such as a PIN, or set up the internal alarms. The built-in line seizure, auxiliary output for an external alarm and wall-mounting capabilities make the system practical once everything is set to your specifications.

The Seco-Larm Enforcer Voice Dialer (E-921CPQ) is useful for a variety of property types. It monitors up to three zones, holds up to five numbers and plays two voice messages. While set up can be confusing because of the unit's many features, once it is ready, the operation is direct, and the display is user friendly.

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Skylink AD-105 Emergency Review

The Skylink AD-105 Emergency Dialer is a complete property alarm dialer that will alert you if there is an emergency on your property. It provides transmitters for multiple rooms. Using this system, you can also program some models of emergency alert jewelry to alert someone if you fall or hurt yourself, sending out a phone call to a preprogrammed number. There is also an emergency alert feature for immediate notification.

This alarm system dialer can place calls to up to nine numbers that you must preprogram. You can program the dialer with a voice message that is up to 40 seconds long so that it sends a message to cell phones, pagers, landlines or emergency numbers when you require help. This model is ideal for when you want to protect your home from intruders or in the event of a medical emergency or fire. You must have a phone line for this device to work. There are no remote features, and this device only calls out with the message – enabling only one-way communication.

This voice dialer comes with a programmable pause timer, which allows you to set up delayed calls. You also have the option of having calls released immediately. This option prevents accidental triggering and lets you stop calls if there is no true threat.

This alarm dialer can remain active during a short power outage. The included AC adapter, compatible with 110- to 220-volt connections, needs a standard electrical outlet. Unfortunately, there is no backup on this model. So while it remains on for a limited amount of time in case of a power outage, once the dialer has shut off, the previously recorded messages are lost and will need to be re-recorded.

Installation of this device is relatively simple, and there is an instruction manual included with purchase that provides information on how to set it up for your home or how to link with other items that you want to use for security such as emergency alert systems. A manual is also available from the manufacturer to hardwire it for alternate systems.

Overall, this dialer system is helpful in a number of situations, providing security without the use of an outside alarm company. The system is customizable with a little effort. If you want to connect with other systems, it is possible to hardwire it and send the alarm signal to multiple devices. It does not appear to have wireless capabilities. It is a simple and straightforward unit with optional inputs and is ideal for homes, cabins or those who should not be alone without supervision, such as the sick or elderly.

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USP Automatic AD2001 Review

The USP Automatic Voice Dialer AD2001 is a two-channel dialer. It covers two separate alarm zones. This dialer is an ideal choice for a smaller property. It has complete coverage when you are not present, allowing you to monitor your property while you are away. It also has the basic features of a voice dialer.

The USP Automatic Voice Dialer AD2001 is capable of making up to four telephone calls when activated. It will place calls to local emergency numbers, cell phones and pagers. In addition, it offers a listen-in and verification option, so you can immediately hear what's going on in your home or office with the touch of a button. This can be helpful when talking with on-scene emergency personnel, calling for help in case of a fire or power outage or even listening in when something triggers the alarm to see if a true threat exists. If there is no threat, the remote turn-off feature is handy. If there is a threat, you can activate an external siren, strobe or relay to scare away intruders. You can remotely set and disable alarms.

When calling out, you need to have a USP buffer. Once installed, you will get a true dial tone, and it should not affect sound quality when communicating or checking on the device remotely.

This voice dialer stays on when the power is out and has a built-in EEPROM memory unit that retains any program information even if the backup unit loses power. There is also a built-in auxiliary output, which allows you to stay in constant contact. For a basic four-dialer model, it has the main features one looks for in a voice dialer.

Installation can be complicated. However, the included manual gives very clear instructions, and installation is straightforward if you take the time to read the complete manual.

With this model, you can ensure your property is safe without having the expense of an alarm company. It covers two zones and calls up to four phone lines if there is a problem. The call-in and monitor feature is unique and combined with the ability to work during a power outage, it is enough to help you feel secure even when you are away from home or the office.

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Viking Electronics K-202-DVA Review

The Viking Electronics K-202-DVA is a two-input, multi-number dialer. Each input dials up to seven individual 32-digit phone numbers and plays a unique message up to one minute in length. You can operate and program it either locally or remotely.

The Viking Electronics K-202-DVA is versatile alarm dialer. The model features two inputs, which can be used for separate purposes. You can use it as a security/burglar/fire alarm, as a system/equipment malfunction alarm or as an environmental warning notification. You can also use it to reach personnel or family via a numeric pager or over a public address system.

You can program the dialer with a touch-tone phone using the quick programming feature. The operation manual gives detailed programming instructions and provides a table of input codes you will need to study. You will also want to have the manual on hand if you haven't previously operated an alarm dialer like this model.

The alarm includes customizable timers, including a qualifier and resume timer. You can set the qualifier timer to require a specific length of time to pass before the alarm is triggered. After the alarm is reset, the resume timer setting lets you require a precise length of time to pass before the unit resumes normal operation. You can set each timer for a specific period of time; for instance, from one second to as long as 18 hours. You can reset the alarm by remote access or a called party can reset it.

Installation instructions are relatively straightforward. It connects to a standard telephone or an analog PABV/KSU station via a TELCO jack and plugs into a 120-volt AC outlet. A 12-volt DC adapter is included. Input and ground connections are labeled on the device, and the volume and sensitivity can be adjusted on the device.

This is a modern alarm dialer that will help your property and personnel stay safe without hiring an alarm company. It is a well-suited system for a small business or campus but it's more robust than necessary for a typical home. The dual input offers the versatility you need to protect your property from multiple threats.

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