There's not much to treadmill workouts. In most cases, you choose a speed or a workout program and you're set. However, there's a perennial question that everyone asks: how do I reach my fitness goals without surrendering to endless boredom? Thankfully, the solution lies in an activity that many Americans already do: binge-watching. Thanks to Netflix and countless other streaming services, you can turn your TV time into treadmill time.

The Strategies

When you start a binge-watching workout, make sure you have plenty of water and snacks handy. Although workouts are excellent for burning unwanted fat, it can be unhealthy to lose weight too quickly. Furthermore, treadmill workouts do no good if you don't have any energy.

Start and end your walks with slower speeds, which help stretch your muscles, reduce aches and prevent injuries. If you plan to run at a fast pace, take some time to perform a few muscle stretches. Be sure to rest from your walks when you need to. Once you meet your weight loss goal, walking can help maintain your weight and strengthen your muscles. To work your upper body, small, handheld weights add more depth to your treadmill workout.

While it is possible to walk for hours on end, try to limit your workouts to an hour or less until you get used to the workouts  effects on your body. If you have any concerns about whether or not you should walk on the treadmill for long periods of time, check with your doctor. A slower pace or a different type of exercise equipment   an elliptical machine or exercise bike, for example   might be more appropriate if you have special medical needs.

The Stats

Before we get into the list of TV shows and movies you can binge-watch, let's talk about where the numbers come from. Our numbers are based on a person with an average weight of 200 pounds walking four mph. This brisk pace promotes a healthy cardiovascular system and burns about 500 Calories each hour. Of course, this is only a snapshot. The numbers vary according to your weight, preferred walking pace and current physical fitness. Regardless of your individual traits and goals, each of the items on our list can help you lose weight or develop healthy exercise habits.

Sci-Fi Voyages

Star Trek Franchise

  • Total running time: 547 hours
  • Number of miles: 2,188 (San Francisco, California, to Chicago, Illinois)
  • Equivalent number of marathons: 83.5
  • Calorie burn: 273,500 Calories

Doctor Who

  • Total running time: 383.5 hours
  • Number of miles: 1,534 (London, United Kingdom, to Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Equivalent number of marathons: 58.5
  • Calorie burn: 191,750 Calories

Comedy Marathons

The Simpsons

  • Total running time: 210 hours
  • Number of miles: 840 (Springfield, Massachusetts, to Knoxville, Tennessee)
  • Equivalent number of marathons: 32
  • Calorie burn: 105,000 Calories

Drunk History

  • Total running time: 6.5 hours
  • Number of miles: 26 (Reno, Nevada, to Carson City, Nevada)
  • Equivalent number of marathons: 1
  • Calorie burn: 3,250 Calories

Light-Hearted Dramas

Gilmore Girls

  • Total running time: 115 hours
  • Number of miles: 460 (New Haven, Connecticut, to Virginia Beach, Virginia)
  • Equivalent number of marathons: 17.5
  • Calorie burn: 57,500 Calories


  • Total running time: 192 hours
  • Number of miles: 768 (Norfolk, Virginia, to Orlando, Florida)
  • Equivalent number of marathons: 29
  • Calorie burn: 96,000 Calories

For Movie Buffs

James Bond Franchise

  • Total running time: 48 hours
  • Number of miles at: 192 (London, United Kingdom, to Manchester, United Kingdom)
  • Equivalent number of marathons: 7.3
  • Calorie burn: 24,000 Calories

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogies

  • Total running time: 19.5 hours (extended editions)
  • Number of miles: 77 (Auckland, New Zealand, to Hamilton, New Zealand)
  • Equivalent number of marathons: 3
  • Calorie burn: 9,750 Calories

Family-Friendly Fantasies

Once Upon a Time

  • Total running time: 56 hours
  • Number of miles: 224 (Portland, Maine, to Montpelier, Vermont)
  • Equivalent number of marathons: 8.5
  • Calorie burn: 28,000 Calories

Adventure Time

  • Total running time: 33 hours
  • Number of miles: 132 (Los Angeles, California, to Tijuana, Mexico)
  • Equivalent number of marathons: 5
  • Calorie burn: 16,500 Calories

*Running times are approximate as of December 31, 2014.

Of course, these are only a few options out of hundreds available. No matter what you watch, you can benefit from walking on the treadmill as you watch. By saving your favorite show for your workout, you'll have another reason to look forward to burning calories and getting fit.

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