Making the switch from a gym membership to an online fitness service might seem like an upheaval. You can get used to the personal feeling of having all the equipment and instructors right there in front of you, and some of you might not see any reason to make changes. But if you're willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are getting the help and flexibility you need in your diet and exercise regimen, online workout programs might be worth a look.

An online personal trainer from a reputable service will be no less qualified to help you than anyone working in a gym. Jillian Michaels, for example, has numerous certifications in nutrition and general wellness. There should not be any worries about whether or not you can expect the same standard of excellence from an online personal trainer than one you have found elsewhere.

Online personal training can offer a much more efficient way to stay in shape for a frequent traveler than a gym membership. When you use FitOrbit, for example, you can select a trainer from a pool and then work with them on your schedule and what times would be best for what exercises you want to keep in your schedule. You won't ever have a conflict between your gym's operating hours and your work schedule with an online fitness trainer.

When you make the choice to transition to an online fitness service, there is no shortage of companies and options from which to find the best choice for your needs. Some companies have trainers that are very hands on, picked by you, and responsive within 24 hours. Others, like WorkoutBOX, have a limited number of trainers to work with all clients, and you take more of an individual approach to what workout videos you select.

There is also the cost to consider when you pursue a membership either with a gym or an online fitness site. Some online sites charge less than $5 per month, compared to the $100 or more per month memberships of many common gyms. Some services, such as Hitch Fit, also have limited specialized memberships in which you will only use the service for 12-16 weeks with a specific goal in mind. There are memberships for couples, memberships for vegans and vegetarians, and a variety of other specialized options. Your choices are wide and broad, no matter what your needs or fitness level might be.

Online fitness services are effective choices for travelers and seasoned fitness enthusiasts, and they can save you money. You can choose a service that offers the support and setup you feel most comfortable with, rather than remaining within the confines and offerings of a single gym space. Sites as well-known as Jillian Michaels or as thorough as FitOrbit each have something unique to offer. If you want to take the reins and commandeer your own fitness regimen, then choosing an online personal trainer is a step in the right direction.

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