Whether you re a professional trainer or a couch potato, there's always room to improve your exercise routine. A heart rate monitor watch is a great tool for any body type, age, weight and fitness expertise. Whatever your fitness goal may be, using a heart rate monitor watch will help you tailor your workouts to your specific strength capacity and health goals.

Weight Loss
If one of your fitness goals is to lose a bit of excess cookie weight, using a heart rate monitor is a great way to get started. By keeping your heart rate inside a key target zone, you can burn off that excess fat more effectively. You can calculate your personal target zone by taking the number 220 and subtracting your age. If you're 35, then 220   35 = 185 which is your maximum heart rate. Your target heart rate zone is between 50 and 85% of your MHR, which is be between 93 and 157 if you are 35 years old. A heart rate monitor can help you not only calculate your personal, heart rate target zone but also help you exercise within that optimal, fat-loss range. If you keep your heart rate within a certain parameter while working out, and add in proper nutrition, you'll boost your metabolism and lose weight the healthy way.

Staying in Shape
Once you start healthy habits, it's not always easy to maintain them. Conditioning your body with specific, heart-targeted exercise can help you from plateauing and gaining weight. The best heart rate monitors help you design specific workouts to vary the intensity your exercise. Also, keeping track of your fitness over time is also a helpful measure. Using a heart rate monitor to track your progress long term is a great way to keep your motivation and attitude high.

Overall Health
If you suffer from a medical affliction, exercise can be more complicated. Checking your vital signs with a heart rate monitor watch while exercising might be a normal way of life for you. If you're recovering from a heart attack, recouping from an injury or suffering from high blood pressure, the best heart rate monitor watches can help make exercising a little easier for you. Working out to maintain your stress levels, combat depression or boost your immune system can also be improved with a heart rate monitor. When your goal is to not push yourself too hard, monitoring your heart rate can help you achieve the best fitness balance for your overall health.

Toning Your Muscles
Heart rate monitors aren't just for cardio workouts either. Your yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi workouts can all benefit from a heart rate monitor watch. Toning your muscles, increasing your flexibility and honing your balance are all important parts of a well-rounded fitness routine. Keep your heart rate in the right target zone for a yoga class and you'll see improvement with your body and your mind.

Training for a Marathon
Whether you're in the best shape of your life or trying to get there, a heart rate monitor is the advanced tool you'll need to be at the top. Heart rate monitor watches are especially helpful for marathon training as they can monitor your progress, ensure you don t overdo it and help you learn pacing techniques. Keeping your heart rate in the right target zones for the right leg of a race can make all the difference between simply enduring and really finishing a race.

No matter your stage of life, exercise is an important aspect of your personal well-being. Heart rate monitors are a great way to help you establish, maintain and excel at the technical aspects of your workout regimen so you can focus on the important part: your health.

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