No matter if you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas or the Winter Solstice, the holidays probably mean sweet treats and delicious, calorie-filled meals. But all of this celebrating doesn't have to mean you'll inevitably experience weight gain. Try these five tips for avoiding weight gain during the holidays and you may even lose a few pounds.

Join an Online Fitness Site

One way to stay motivated to stick to your daily exercise routine is to spice it up. Online fitness services provide videos and exercise routines in a variety of different workout genres like kickboxing, pilates, aerobics and more. The sites also contain calorie trackers, weight trackers and other ways to keep you focused on your weight goals.

Pick Smart Treats

If you'll be facing buffet situations during your holiday celebrating you will be confronted with a lot of treats that are sure to encourage weight gain. The trick is to pick healthy choices and avoid more calorie-packed items. Go for whole wheat or multigrain breads, lean meats like poultry or fish, and vegetable dishes.

Avoid Tricky Foods

Some foods are disguised as healthy items but can be packed full of calories. Remember, sugar of any kind is always high in calories, so watch out for items that look healthy but really aren't. For example, a fruit salad can be a healthy choice   but not if it's smothered in whipped cream. Sweet potatoes are another food that can be a great for avoiding weight gain, but not if it's drowning in marshmallows and brown sugar.

Bring Your Own

If you're really concerned that there won't be anything healthy to eat, bring a dish. You'll have something good for yourself and you'll look like a very thoughtful guest for bringing an item. You may even help someone else avoid some holiday weight gain.

Work Off That Dinner

After a big family dinner you probably feel sleepy and bloated. To counteract this slip into a food coma and to burn some calories, take an after-dinner walk. If you don't want to miss out on visiting with the family take them with you and make it a new family tradition.

Another holiday calorie-burning idea is to play a team sport with your family. Tag football, kickball or even horseshoes can be a great way to get in some bonding time while shedding calories.

If it's too cold to play outside you can always find ways to get a little exercise indoors. Try playing interactive video games with the family using a Wii or Xbox 360 Kinect. If you don't have one of these types of gaming consoles you can often rent them for several days from movie rental stores at a reasonable price. Make sure to get games that will make you get up and move like boxing, tennis or bowling.

Using these tricks together will help you avoid weight gain and may even make you healthier in the process. Plus, you may even find some new family traditions.

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