Every time you turn on the television chances are you will see an advertisement for a new weight loss system. Many of them sound amazing and too good to be true, but can they be harmful? Maybe, according to the FDA.

Weight Loss Systems Gone Wrong
Many weight loss systems include the use of diet pills. While this may seem like an easy and harmless way to lose weight, diet pills can lead to serious health problems, as evidenced in recalls over the last decade. In the early 2000s, the popular diet pill Dexatrim was recalled twice by the FDA because it contained ingredients that may cause strokes and heart attacks.

In early 2009, 34 diet pill brands, including ProSlim Plus and SlimBurn, were pulled from the shelves when the FDA discovered they contained an appetite suppressant that wasn t approved as safe for use by the general public.

Safe Weight Loss Systems
It seems that if a diet pill may be proven as safe today, that ruling may be overturned tomorrow. How can you protect yourself from unsafe diet pills? Simply choose weight loss programs that do not include the use of diet pills and instead promote a healthy lifestyle as the catalyst to losing weight. 

Here are some online fitness programs that provide healthy lifestyle guidance to their members:


Jillian Jillian Michaels is the hard-as-nails trainer from the Biggest Loser. Her website promotes increasing your metabolism to lose weight naturally. This includes weight training and eating in a way that matches your body s oxidizing capabilities. Read this review of Jillian for more information.

Biggest Loser Club: The Biggest Loser Club is an online membership club that helps users keep track of their calories, organize their workouts and get the motivation they need to build lifelong habits. The site includes tips and exercises by Biggest Loser trainers. To learn more, read this Biggest Loser Club review.

Changing Shape: Changing Shape focuses on personalization of the weight loss routine. It provides users with customized workouts, a personal trainer and personalized healthy eating plans that are customized to meet your fitness goals, dietary needs, and eating preferences. The food plans can be changed to include vegetarian meals, fast food choices, create-your-own-meals and more. To learn more read this Changing Shape review.

demandFITNESS: demandFITNESS focuses on providing members with over 300 exercise videos, health assessments and goal trackers to keep you motivated while developing healthy behaviors. Learn more with this demandFITNESS review.

With all of these healthy options, there s no need to risk your health with the chemical supplements or diet pills associated with most weight loss systems.

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