A medical emergency could happen at any time, to anyone. Unfortunately, in some emergencies, you may not be able to communicate with responders and provide crucial personal information. You may be experiencing an allergic reaction, a side effect from a medicine or something else that leaves you unable to answer for yourself. When you can’t speak, medical professionals won’t know how to properly treat you and valuable time could be lost, unless you're wearing medical alert jewelry.

What Is Medical Alert Jewelry?

Medical alert jewelry could be a lifesaving accessory. In an emergency when you can’t communicate, the jewelry piece will provide valuable information to responders. In a survey by American Medical ID, more than 95 percent of medical responders say they look for a medical ID during an emergency, and more than 75 percent look for a medical ID immediately when arriving and accessing a patient. Medical alert jewelry for adults and children provides a brief description of your medical conditions, your allergies and daily medications you may be taking. You can also engrave contact information for family and friends on the piece of jewelry.

Who Should Wear Medical Alert Jewelry?

Any individual with a medical condition, whether rare or common, should wear a medical ID at all times. A few examples include adults and children with numerous food, drug and insect allergies, those with diabetes, people at high risk for a stroke, or those who are taking multiple medications daily. Children with special needs are also encouraged to wear these accessories for medical professionals to properly treat and respond to the child and easily contact a family member.

What Information Should Be Displayed?

You should be as specific as possible on your medical alert jewelry. Many items have limited space for engraving, so you need to ensure the most vital information is present. If you have specific medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, have a pacemaker or are vision impaired, it is important to specify those on your ID. If you take prescriptions for long-term or maintenance use, it is wise to list those on the piece of jewelry as well. Additionally, list as many allergies as space will permit.

If space allows, other possible options include adding your name and phone number. If you have a medical condition where you lose your memory, or the item is for a child, it is wise to include a home address. You can also include your blood type, if you are an organ donor, or a note for responders to look for a wallet card for additional information.

Top Picks for Medical Alert Bracelets

There are numerous medical alert jewelry options for men, women and children. Prices will vary for each item depending on the type of jewelry, the metal that is used and how much information is engraved.

Below are examples of beautiful medical alert jewelry for children, women and men.

Geranium Sunrise Wrap Band

This medical alert bracelet, by American Medical ID, is designed specifically for women. It is handmade, and you can change the band to more easily match your outfit. It is available in sterling silver and stainless steel, and there are various color options for the emblem.

Ryder Medical Alert Bracelet for Men

Lauren’s Hope is a company that offers an extensive selection of medical alert jewelry for men, women and children. This company’s Ryder Stainless Steel Medical Alert Bracelet for Men features a black link design with a black medical symbol on the ID tag. It is made from black and stainless steel finishes.

Medical Heart Charm Bracelet

Sticky Jewelry provides a variety of medical alert jewelry for kids. This medical heart charm bracelet is ideal for young girls who need a medical ID tag but don’t want it to look like an ID. This bracelet is made with a stainless steel finish. All medical information is engraved on a small heart charm. However, space is limited for engraving on this bracelet.

Elegant Medical Alert Stainless Steel Necklace

While bracelets are a popular option for medical alert jewelry, medical alert necklaces are also common. Elegant Medical Alert offers fashion medical alert jewelry, including dozens of stainless steel necklaces. The pendants on these necklaces are available in a variety of designs such as hearts, squares and circles. The amount of information you can engrave on these necklaces will vary depending on the pendant you choose.

Men’s Medical ID Expansion Watch

Elegant Medical Alert offers a selection of medical alert watches such as this men’s expansion watch. The dial of the watch features the medical symbol and the hands on the dial glow in the dark. The watch is also water resistant. All medical alert information is engraved on the back of the watch. As with several similar pieces of jewelry, space is limited so you must be very precise in the information engraved.

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