Medical ID tags quickly tell medical responders your medical information in an emergency. However, many of these medical ID tags can be large, bulky and not very versatile. However, you never know when a medical emergency may strike so it is important you always wear your medical ID. Luckily, several companies offer medical ID bracelets that will look good at all times and with most outfits.


WiseWear bracelets are more than just a typical medical ID bracelet. These accessories feature a built-in panic button. If you tap the button three times, all medical contacts stored within the bracelet will be notified of an emergency via a text message. This message provides all contacts with your GPS location, allowing them and medical personnel to find you quickly. The bracelet also syncs with your smartphone, alerting you of any notifications such as phone calls, text messages, emails and events. It also works as a fitness tracker and monitors steps, calories burned and so on.

There are several design options available for these medical alert bracelets, and most items are plated in 18K gold or palladium and are water and tarnish resistant. However, these bracelets are much more expensive than typical medical ID bracelets, which cost around $20. These bracelets begin at $300.


Zales provides a wide assortment of jewelry for men and women. It also carries a large selection of medical jewelry including medical bracelets. One such item is its 14K gold medical notification bracelet. This piece of jewelry features a tapered ID and a red enamel alert symbol charm. This item has little room to engrave data, but some contact and health information can be engraved on both sides of the bracelet.

Zales offers a wide selection of gold-plated medical ID tag bracelets in all sizes for both men and women. However, be aware of the cost of each item as they can range from $600 to more than $1,500.

Elegant Medical Alert

Elegant Medical Alert provides a large assortment of medical ID jewelry for both men and women. You can find watches and necklaces from the company, as well as an assortment of bracelets. Elegant Medical Alert’s 14K white gold medical ID bracelet is one of the more stylish bracelets available from this company. This bracelet features a concave curb chain with the medical alert symbol featured on top of the bracelet. This item, like other medical alert bracelets, doesn’t provide much room for engraving medical information, but you can engrave some data on the back of the medical ID symbol. A wallet medical ID card is included with the purchase of the item, allowing you to carry more detailed information regarding your medical conditions, allergies and medications with you at all times.

Lauren’s Hope

If you want a stylish option without the high costs, Lauren’s Hope offers a large selection of less expensive medical ID jewelry. Several of its more stylish medical ID bracelets for women are adorned with several strands of beads, crystals, pearls and other accents. These medical ID bracelets feature an engraved medical ID tag where you can engrave your medical conditions and other personal information.

If beads and various accents aren’t your style, Lauren’s Hope provides cuff bracelets. The overall design on these bracelets varies by product, but on each end it features the medical alert symbol notifying medical responders that medical information is engraved on it. You can engrave on the inside of this bracelet, and because it isn’t a small charm or tag, you have plenty of room for all your medical information. Many of the options available from Lauren’s Hope are under $100, making it a reasonable option for a stylish – and not so obvious – medical ID bracelet.

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