USB medical alert bracelets are a new and increasingly popular breed of medic alert jewelry. There are no hidden monthly subscription fees as there would be for many other medical alert services. Instead, you purchase your USB medical alert bracelet, plug it into a computer, and enter in all the details about your medical condition, your allergies and any other relevant medical history. You can also add emergency contact details and information regarding medical insurance, health directives and organ donor status. Most of these bracelets have a clear symbol or logo that indicates they are medical alert jewelry.

CARE Medical History Bracelet

The CARE Medical History Bracelet is available in an array of colors, including simple black or white as well as vibrant green. They sport the Rod of Asclepius enclosed in the Star of Life, making their identification as medic ID bracelets unmistakable. These bracelets have a simple, contemporary design that’s suited to consumers of all ages.

CARE bracelets feature preloaded software that allows you to input your comprehensive medical history, including charts, health tests, medications, insurance information and details about existing conditions. There’s enough room on these devices to store electronic copies of health directives, living wills, medical power of attorney and an organ donor release. As long as your health care provider or, in the event of an emergency, first responders have access to a USB-compatible device, they have full access to all the stored data, giving them the ability to note anything that could impact your treatment. This particular device does require a degree of computer literacy, so it may not be the best choice for everyone.

Key2Life USB Medi-Chip

The Key2Life USB Medi-Chip looks similar to a traditional chain-link bracelet and is available in gold or silver. It features a USB drive that doubles as the bracelet closure. These USB medical alert bracelets are fairly bulky; combined with the Star of Life and Rod of Asclepius logo, that makes them instantly visible to medical personnel. Key2Life jewelry is HIPAA compliant, so health professionals are fully aware of the devices and how to use them, so you can be certain that your medical team will review your stored information during a medical emergency.

The bracelets have a 2GB storage capacity and preloaded software. As long as you have a basic level of computer literacy, you’ll be able to store all of your relevant medical history, allergies, ongoing medication and test results on the little USB drive. You also have room to store electronic copies of your identification, dental records, MRIs, medical power of attorney and similar documents.

This device offers customizable security. The two-factor password protocol means that your data remains securely encrypted. You can choose what information is available to a health professional in a medical emergency. For example, you can allow access to your name, medical conditions, allergies and current medication so that medical staff can treat you effectively, but block access to more detailed information without the double password.

Elite USB

As a medical alert ID bracelet, the Elite USB from Universal Medical Data offers a convenient way of keeping all your important medical information secure but accessible. Available in different colors, this medic alert bracelet has a sleek, contemporary appearance, so it looks very much like regular jewelry. However, it depicts a Rod of Asclepius inside a Star of Life, so it is unmistakable to medical personnel.

With an acrylic and stainless steel construction, this USB medical alert bracelet is robust and durable. The Elite USB is waterproof too, so it makes a great choice for active consumers. A storage capacity of 2GB ensures the bracelet has enough space for all your medical information and important documentation. Unlike other models, this bracelet has enough room for five lines of up to 15 characters on the front and back each. A debossed message on the front tells emergency personnel to look underneath for further details. The other message, located on the underside, contains the most important medical information so the emergency services give you the right help from the start.

There is an array of USB medic alert bracelets to choose from, suitable for men, women and kids. Select the right model based on the storage space and quality of the bracelet. Make sure it has a clear medical alert logo and that it can withstand your daily routine. If you’re active and enjoy the great outdoors, be sure to choose a waterproof and dustproof model. Style is important, but when it comes to medical alert jewelry, it’s a secondary consideration. Function and reliability are the two most important factors. Once you’ve got your bracelet and filled out all your information, remember to check that it’s working at least once a month and update any outdated information as soon as possible.

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