Whether you're training for a marathon, running for weight loss or trying to stay in shape with a daily jog, a heart rate monitor can help make your run even better. Instead of just tracking your steps, the best heart rate monitors show you your heart rate, how many calories you've burned and how long you've been running. For such small and concealable devices, heart rate monitor watches give you more control over the intensity of your workout, resulting in a smarter, more effective exercise routine.

No Stopping
When you're in the zone, you don t want to have to stop and count your heartbeats. The display on a heart rate monitor watch can tell you all that information with just a glace. Unlike a fitness tracker, you don t have to upload the information to your computer to see how well your run went; you'll be able to tell during your run instead. Heart rate monitor watches even have backlighting so you can check your heart rate, the time, your lap speed and more during nighttime runs. Some even have GPS capabilities so you'll never find yourself lost on back trails. Not having to stop and check allows you the freedom to concentrate on your workout while your watch does the rest of the work.

Small & Convenient
There's a reason you don't bring a backpack or a purse with you when you run   you don t want cumbersome weight. Wearing too many accessories can slow you down and distract you from why you're really running. The best heart rate monitor watches are simple to wear and won't add excess weight, straps or bulk to your body. Other heart rate monitors come in the form of chest straps or finger sensors, which can be inaccurate and awkward to wear. Wearing a watch with all the pertinent information displayable at all times is so much easier than using another accessory or even your phone on your run.

More Control
The primary reason for wearing a heart rate monitor watch is of course to monitor your heart rate. The best running workouts require varied intensity levels for optimal training and cardio exercise. Diversifying the intensity of your run on your own can be a bit complicated and involves checking your heart rate, keeping track of time, keeping track of how long your laps are and more. A heart rate monitor watch does that math for you so you can just run. Maintaining your heart rate target zones with your watch makes your workouts count without making you count   steps, heart rate, laps or anything else.

No matter why you run, a heart rate monitor watch can increase your rewards. Using a heart rate monitor watch will simplify how you monitor the intensity of your runs and increase the benefits. By not having to deal with a cumbersome device or stopping every so often to keep track of your heart rate, you'll be free to focus on your strength, fitness and overall well-being.

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