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The Precor TRM 223 Energy Series is a powerful treadmill designed to help you reach your fitness goals whether you prefer walking, jogging or running. This machine can accommodate users up to 300 poun

Life Fitness

The Life Fitness F3 Go is a folding treadmill with a strong focus on comfort. It has an array of features to make your workout easy and enjoyable. This treadmill comes with few extras to stimulate you

Spirit Fitness

With a selection of useful features and extras, the Spirit Fitness XT485 is a good running treadmill. It has some standout perks, including an excellent warranty and product support, but it's not as e


The Octane Q37X is a basic elliptical machine that still includes some important monitoring features and workout options. Its flywheel weighs 20 pounds, which is decent for a smooth motion while exerc


The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 elliptical bike is a sturdy exercise machine with a unique design for excellent cardio workouts. This machine has a higher flywheel than most and foot pedals designed to enc


The Precor EFX 225 is included in our review of the best elliptical machines because of its sturdy design, workout programs and accessories to enhance your workout experience. One impressive feature i


One of the best elliptical trainers we reviewed is the AFG Sport 5.9AE. This elliptical machine is sturdy enough to accommodate high-impact exercise programs while also including the basic functions t


The ProForm Endurance 520 E is a step up from a basic elliptical machine. It comes with 18 preset workouts and power incline adjustment to give you a fitness program that does more than just help you

Best Step Machines Review

Stair step machines provide a low-impact equivalent to climbing a flight of stairs. Most step machines let you control the intensity of your workout can be controlled, which allows you to adjust for y


This is definitely one of the most expensive bike trainers on the market, but for good reason. The Wahoo KICKR is a direct drive trainer, which means that it works differently from other types of indo

Nashbar Fluid

Finding a durable yet low-noise bike trainer at the right price can be difficult. The Nashbar Fluid is an inexpensive trainer that provides a lot for your money. The Nashbar fluid accommodates 26-inc

Elite Qubo Power Mag

Italy is known for making some of the best bikes in the world. Based in Italy, Elite makes a wide variety of bikes and accessories, and they have also created a line of bike trainers. The Elite Qubo P

Tacx Vortex Smart

Produced in the Netherlands, the Tacx Vortex Smart bike trainer offers a smart cycling experience with its wide range of compatible software and app options. In addition to working with Tacx training

Blackburn Fluid

The Blackburn Fluid is a unique-looking bike trainer that is both inexpensive and sturdy. The design is compact, making this one of the easiest trainers to store. The Blackburn Fluid is one of the mo

CycleOps Wind

CycleOps is a trusted bike trainer brand in the industry. The CycleOps Wind trainer provides a simple yet reasonable option for riders who want to spend less for a quality trainer. Wind trainers are

Kinetic Road Machine

Kinetic is one of the leading bike trainer brands in the industry. The Kinetic Road Machine indoor bike trainer stands apart from other fluid trainer brands in its field because of its outstanding use

Minoura MoZ-Roller

There is a lot going for the Minoura MoZ Roller: it is durable, works your core and helps hone your technique. However, roller trainers like this one aren’t ideal for every rider. Unlike other

Bike Lane Pro

Bike Lane Pro provides a sturdy yet inexpensive bike trainer, and it even includes a front wheel riser to steady your bike while you exercise. By far, this model provides the best value in a magnetic

Giant Cyclotron Mag II

Since Giant is one of the leading bicycle brands in the industry it's no surprise that they offer a bike trainer accessory. The Giant Cyclotron Mag II folds in half, so it’s easy to store. It's

5 Solid Elliptical Workouts for Weight Loss

You’ve probably seen an elliptical at a gym at some point, and wondered if using the machine is worth your time, or what kind of workout it could even provide for you. Perhaps you want to lose w

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