Assisted Living Home Care Partners Review

Why Choose Assisted Living?

Assisted living allows you or someone you know to continue living on their own or in a facility with constant care, companionship and help. Because many elderly and chronically ill people cannot take care of themselves, assisted living and home health care bridges the gap to provide assistance, medical care, security and basic living assistance, such as meals, help with shopping or groceries, and day-to-day chores. Health and senior assisted living providers, like Genesis HealthCare, Sunrise Senior Living and Atria Senior Living, provide a variety of services, including nursing and home health care for the chronically ill and the elderly.

Assisted Living: What to Look For

While there are numerous assisted living facilities and home health care providers available, you can choose the right one for your needs by checking services provided. You need to choose between in-home and facility care as well as between full assistance or partial help. The following features and services can help you with choosing your assisted living or home health care provider.

While there is much more to choosing the right home health care provider than checking features, these offerings can help you narrow down your list. With options including balanced meals, exercise programs, security, full nursing care, on-staff pharmacy for dispensing medicine, and recreational or social care, there are many items to choose from. Some considerations, like whether or not you or your loved one can easily travel or drive a car, are also deciding factors.

Level of Care
Many home health care providers offer completely different levels of care. Basic care might include a nurse stopping by once a week to check your medical health, while full-time care includes meals and full assistance at home or in a facility. Because not everyone needs full-service care, you should choose an option based on how well you can take care of yourself.

Medical Assistance
Medical assistance is important, especially if you or your loved one cannot go to the hospital or the doctor. Options range from on-staff doctors and registered nurses for care on par with a hospice to basic assistance.

Security features help to protect you or your loved one in case of an emergency, including falls and medical problems. Available security can vary from a call button or emergency panic button to full-time monitoring or regular checkups by staff.

Recreation & Social
Recreation and social activities become more important in a facility or if you are unable to drive or travel, and they may be appreciated even if you are at home. Because social activities might include trips, games or organized activities with others as well as companionship programs, it can vary a great deal depending on where you go.

Choosing the right health care or senior assisted living provider means checking the features, the company and the services to find an option that suits your lifestyle and your preferences. Knowing what to look for allows you to easily narrow down the available home care services to find the best option for you or your loved one.