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Pros / This company's base unit has a long, reliable indoor range.

Cons / Medical Guardian does not offer as many add-ons as other services do on our lineup.

 Verdict / Medical Guardian does not require long-term contracts or charge any service fees. It provides reliable coverage in your home and alerts emergency responders in the event of a fall where you cannot access help.

TopTenREVIEWS - Gold Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

This company offers the best fall detection technology that comes with a base unit and a small, wearable neck pendant. This pendant is waterproof and small enough that it does not get in the way of your day-to-day activities. Medical Guardian is offers a long-range pendant and support in multiple languages, making it our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award Winner.

Monitoring Services

All of the representatives who work in the monitoring station that Medical Guardian uses are 911 certified. This means that they have been trained to handle emergency situations and will not be caught off guard.

To provide complete service to a wide audience, Medical Guardian has a full version of its website in Spanish and in English. The monitoring station also provides support in 200 languages, the most out of any service on our lineup.

With this service, you also have the option to add check-in services, self-testing and remote phone answering. This helps you get the most out of your fall alert unit.

Range & Battery Life

Medical Guardian provides its home system with fall detection. The base unit connects to the monitoring station through your landline, and you wear the auto-alert pendant around your neck at all times of the day.

The wearable fall detection pendant will send a signal to the base unit as long as it is within range. The range of this unit was 375 feet in our maximum-range tests and 225 in our indoor tests. Both of these ranges are about average. The backup battery was the longest lasting of any unit we tested at 32 hours, which is much longer than the average power outage in the United States.

Contracts & Fees

When you first sign up for fall detect technology with Medical Guardian, you are required to enter into a three-month contract, but you can opt to go month to month after this. The company requires this commitment initially because it does not want consumers to order a product and return it before giving it a long try.

With other fees, Medical Guardian is highly competitive. It delivers equipment for free and does not charge activation or cancellation fees.

Help & Support

Customer support from Medical Guardian is below average. In most of our reviewers' interactions, support representatives tried to upsell products. While the service offers live chat, it requires you to put a phone number in, and representatives will often call you right away to start making a sale, even if you approach with a basic question. Our reviewers had a difficult time getting basic information from the representatives without hearing a sales pitch.

Premium Features

While Medical Guardian does not have a wide selection of premium features, it is the only company on the lineup that offers certain features for free. If you do not have a landline that you can connect to the monitoring center through, Medical Guardian will upgrade your package to a cellular base for the same price as the basic unit. This service also includes a lockbox for free, which you can use to give emergency responders instant access to your home in an emergency.


Medical Guardian offers a reliable console and provides a free upgrade to the cellular unit if needed. It provides support in multiple language and does not charge excess fees when you sign up with a fall detection service plan.

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