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Pros / The conveniently small, waterproof pendant works at a range of up to 1,000 feet.

Cons / Bay Alarm Medical does not offer free delivery for the equipment.

 Verdict / With a long range for its medical alert devices and optional monitoring features, the Bay Alarm Medical alert system is a solid choice.

For the elderly and those who live with disabilities, the thought of being alone and having a medical emergency can be frightening. Bay Alarm Medical's alert system offers peace of mind to you and your loved ones. This medical alert system boasts a 1,000-foot range. It is easy to install and comes as a waterproof necklace or wristband. It also has a backup battery in case your power goes out.

Bay Alarm Medical costs about $29 a month for the basic In-Home system. The service offers a yearly payment option that costs about $300, which lowers the monthly cost almost $4. You can add fall detection for an additional $10 a month. The service’s premium package, which features a cellular base with a GPS device, costs almost $60 a month, making it one of the more expensive premium packages in our review.

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  • Listed Range
  • Base Station Battery Backup
  1. The optimal distance a user can be from the console for the pendant to work.
    More is better.
  2. 3  Bay Alarm Medical
    1000.0 Feet
  3. 1300.0 Feet
  4. 1000.0 Feet
  5. Category Average
    711.11 Feet

Range & Battery Life

This system has a specified range of 1,000 feet, but it reached 1,150 feet in our outdoor tests. The indoor tests were a different story, reaching just 350 feet. By comparison, Medical Guardian (our best pick overall) reached 2,000 feet outside and 450 feet inside.

The console features a 32-hour battery backup, so it can endure a significant power outage. A sensitive microphone and speaker allow you to speak to Bay Alarm personnel, even if you are not near the console. You can also use this medical alert system to answer phone calls. You simply push the button on the pendant and start talking. The pendant turns on the speakerphone on the base console.

The pendant for this senior alert system is small and waterproof. You can wear the lightweight pendant as a necklace or wristband, or you can clip it on a belt. This makes it easier for you or your loved one to remember to wear it, so it's always within reach in case of an emergency.

You can order extra pendants to monitor another loved one with the same main console. You pay extra for the additional pendant, but there's no additional monthly monitoring fee.

Monitoring Services

The Bay Alarm Medical system has an advertised communication range of up to 1,000 feet. This range surpasses all of the other products we reviewed, but the final range for your home varies depending on your home's layout and what materials your home is built of. The pendant communicates with the base console through most walls, including exterior walls. This in turn contacts Bay Alarm Medical respondents, who then coordinate with first responders.

Bay Alarm Medical offers its services in 170 languages. When you need someone who can understand Kazakh, for instance, there is really no substitute for this feature. Bay Alarm has invested in translation services to provide help in Thai, Azeri, Italian, Norwegian, Uzbek, Greek, Montenegrin, Hakka, Telugu and many other languages. The impressive list can offer tremendous peace of mind to family members all over the world. You want to know that someone will understand your grandmother in her own language and will help her when you are not around.

Contracts & Fees

You don't pay an additional installation fee to begin using this product. All you have to do to install Bay Alarm Medical's equipment is plug the unit into a power outlet and a phone line. This medical alert system also works with the phone line you have, so you don't need to obtain a dedicated phone line for it.

The system's options are plans, not contracts. Should you decide you don't want the system or if you no longer need it, there is no cancellation fee. However, if you choose to cancel the service, you have to wait until the end of the term you have paid for – one month, quarter or year – before the service ends.

This senior alert system can come with you on vacation or easily move with you to another state. As long as you have a landline and power, you can plug in the Bay Alarm Medical equipment for full service under your existing plan.

Similar to LifeFone and Philips Lifeline, one downside to the terms and condition is the shipping costs. Most medical alert systems provide free shipping for standard ground, only charging for express or overnight shipping.

Additional Packages & Accessories

Bay Alarm offers a premium package upgrade for fire, smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring. This package is a higher monthly price than the basic package, but you can configure your home medical alert system to work with detection equipment from Bay Alarm for smoke and carbon monoxide. If the system detects a problem, it alerts customer service representatives, who then call the fire department and anyone else you designate. Bay Alarm Medical does not offer medication dispensers, GPS tracking or fall-detection technology premium packages like some comparable systems we reviewed.

Emergency workers use whatever means necessary to get to you. That includes breaking down the door if you are incapacitated and cannot let them into the house. This is the scenario the Bay Alarm Medical alert system helps you avoid with its lockbox add-on, which is a one-time fee. In an emergency, operators can give ambulance and fire personnel a code for your lockbox. Responders can open the box with the code and get the house key inside. Plus, you don't end up with costly repairs. You do have to pay a one-time setup fee that isn't included in the basic price for the lockbox feature.

Help & Support

There are plenty of support options online and over the phone if you need help with the system. Bay Alarm Medical also has a FAQs page on its website. This company is one of the few medical alert systems we reviewed that offers live chat support. It's convenient to be able to go to the website and get answers within seconds, and not many home medical alert system providers offer this service.

This medical alert system offers simple installation that you can do yourself, so you don't have to pay extra installation fees or have a company representative come to your home. You can find detailed setup instructions in the company's online FAQs. All you have to do is plug in the system to a phone jack and power outlet, and then test the unit by pushing the button on either the console or your pendant.


Bay Alarm Medical is an ideal medical monitoring system because of the balance it strikes between good features and good value. It doesn't include many extra features, but the company has invested in the things that really count – easy installation, great equipment, fair payment terms and excellent customer care in practically any language, at any time of the day or night.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Monitoring Services

Additional Medical Monitoring
Check-In Service
Languages Supported
Self-Testing Unit
Remote Phone Answering

Contracts & Fees

No Cancellation Fee
No Activation Fee
Payment Plan Options
Free Equipment Delivery

Range & Battery Life

Maximum Tested Range (feet)
Indoor Tested Range (feet)
Specified Range (feet)
Base Station Battery Backup (hours)

Additional Packages & Accessories

Fall Detection
Mobile GPS System
Cellular Base Station
CO Monitoring
Fire & Smoke Monitoring
Wall-mounted Button
Voice Extender

Help & Support

Self Setup
Live Chat