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Pros / Care Innovations works with you to determine the best place in your home for the base console.

Cons / The service doesn't offer many additional accessories or services.

 Verdict / If you don't need a wide range of service, Care Innovations Link offers reliable and quality 24/7 medical monitoring.

Editor's Note: Due to changing business conditions, Care Innovations has announced that the Link-Mobile GPS medical alert system is no longer available. The company ended all monitoring services for this product effective June 30, 2016. Link-Mobile is providing full refunds for equipment purchased in the last 12 months. For more information, please contact Link-Mobile.

Care Innovations Link is a medical monitoring service backed by Intel and GE, two brand-name companies with a history of quality technology. The company has two monitoring call centers within the United States, one on the West Coast and another on the East Coast.

The medical alert base station this service uses has a battery life of 30 hours so that you can rely on the service even in the event of a power outage. The service also includes a button pendant that you can wear around your neck or wrist or even on your belt. When you press the pendant button, you can expect a response in a minute or less.

The base unit and pendant can only work together up to 390 feet away. Care Innovations runs through a quick range test with you when you initially get the equipment. This test helps you decide where to put the base station. It also makes sure that you can signal for help from anywhere in your home before you continue with the service.

This medical monitoring service doesn't charge any activation or cancellation fees. You also don't have to sign a long-term contract. The company doesn't offer many additional accessories or services, but you do have the option of purchasing a lockbox. The lockbox is a small, secured box you place outside your home with a house key locked inside it. In an emergency, Care Innovations personnel can give the lockbox code to emergency responders so they don't have to damage your door or windows to get into your house.

If you need to contact the company for support, you can do so by phone and email during regular business hours on weekdays and limited hours on weekends. The company also provides a FAQs page on its site to answer some of your questions before you sign up.

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Care Innovations Link is a medical alert system backed by two quality brand names in technology. It does not have as a large an optimal range as other medical alert devices we reviewed, and it does not have many optional features or services you can add to the medical monitoring. However, its medical alert system is easy to set up and use, and its customer service ensures you get the most out of the base console placement and the service as a whole.

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Range & Battery Life

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Premium Features

Fall Detection
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CO Monitoring
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