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Pros / You can cancel at any time without a fee.

Cons / The service doesn't offer many premium options, such as carbon monoxide or fire monitoring.

 Verdict / The option for a GPS monitoring premium package makes MobileHelp a great option for seniors on the go.

MobileHelp offers several options as a medical alert system. The basic plan, the Cellular Classic, comes with a base station and your choice of emergency alert button in either wristband or necklace form. If you select the service's Cellular Duo plan, you also get a mobile device with a built-in microphone and speaker for communicating directly with MobileHelp personnel. This feature means that you don't have to be near the main base console to talk with MobileHelp when you need to push the button for an emergency.

MobileHelp’s Classic medical alert system costs about $30 a month, which is average. The service has both annual and semi-annual payment options, which lower the monthly cost a little. The annual payment option costs about $324, lowering the monthly cost by about $3. However, the semi-annual option provides the best value. At about $160, it’s almost $4 less than the month-to-month option.

The in-home console comes with every plan and includes two-way communication with the monitoring center. It also has two large, lighted buttons – help and reset – with one in each corner for easy access. The console also has 30 hours of backup battery supply. While this battery life is on the lower end for base stations, it should cover the majority of situations when you don't have power. You can rest assured that you will have service even in the event of a power outage.

Both the regular necklace and wrist button pendants have a specified range of 600-feet, but it only reached 350 feet in our outdoor tests and 130 feet in our indoor tests. By comparison, Medical Guardian had an outdoor range of 2,000 feet and an indoor range of 450 feet. Even Alert1, which has the same 600-foot specified range, reached 1,07 in outdoor tests and 180 feet in the indoor tests.

This medical alert service does not offer many additional add-ons, such as a voice extender. You also don't have the option of selecting a premium package that includes carbon monoxide or fire and smoke. However, the company offers a premium package with a pendant that can detect when you fall and send out an alert to MobileHelp in case you're too injured to do so yourself. There is also the option to include GPS monitoring through a smart phone so that you can take MobileHelp away from your home.

MobileHelp does not charge a cancellation fee and works with you to refund you for unused time. All you have to do to end service is return your equipment. You can contact representatives by email, and the website provides a FAQs section.

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  • Listed Range
  • Base Station Battery Backup
  1. The optimal distance a user can be from the console for the pendant to work.
    More is better.
  2. 8  MobileHelp
    600.0 Feet
  3. 1300.0 Feet
  4. 1000.0 Feet
  5. 1000.0 Feet
  6. Category Average
    711.11 Feet


MobileHelp is a straightforward medical alert service. Its GPS phone offers a great range of freedom, giving you or your loved ones the ability to retain your independence with peace of mind. The system is easy to set up, so you don't need to pay additional fees for installation or activation. You don't have the option for many additional features, such as carbon monoxide or fire monitoring, but you do have the choice of a plan that includes GPS monitoring and fall detection.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Range & Battery Life

Maximum Tested Range (feet)
Indoor Tested Range (feet)
Specified Range (feet)
Base Station Battery Backup (hours)

Help & Support

Self Setup
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Monitoring Services

Additional Medical Monitoring
Check-In Service
Languages Supported
Self-Testing Unit
Remote Phone Answering

Additional Packages & Accessories

Fall Detection
Mobile GPS System
Cellular Base Station
CO Monitoring
Fire & Smoke Monitoring
Wall-mounted Button
Voice Extender

Contracts & Fees

No Cancellation Fee
No Activation Fee
Payment Plan Options
Free Equipment Delivery