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Having excess amounts of moisture in your home spells disaster for your carpets, woodwork, bedding and more. It can also pose a health hazard to you and your family due to the growth of mold, bacteria


The GE APEH70LW is one of the largest home dehumidifiers on our top 10 list. It weighs 47 pounds and stands two feet high. However, it can pull 70 pints of moisture from an area up to 1,500 square fee


The EdgeStar DEP500WP dehumidifier works well at removing moisture from living rooms under 800 square feet in size. This means it is well-suited for small bedrooms or bathrooms. It extracts 50 pints i


If you live or work in a humid climate, that excess moisture can do some serious damage to your home's interior. Besides damaging the flooring or walls, that excess moisture is a breeding ground for m


The Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale measures your weight and body mass index (BMI), and then you can sync the information to the mobile app of your choice. The apps offer encouragement, and they can tu


The multifaceted Withings Body can help everyone in your household become much more informed about their fitness status. Its numerous health-tracking features, attractive design and ease of use make t


The Yunmai Premium Bluetooth Smart Scale scored perfectly in consistency was nearly perfect in our accuracy test. It comes with a handy app that is easy to set up, making it one of the best bathroom s

How to Safely Shed 5 pounds in 7 Days or Less

Putting on excess weight is all too easy for most people, especially if you are 60 or older. Taking that weight off can seem like fighting an uphill battle. There are some steps you can take to safely

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days in 12 Easy Steps

The best way to lose 10 pounds in 30 days is to maintain a healthy diet, establish fun exercise routines and keep a positive outlook. Follow these 12 easy steps to reward yourself with 10 fewer pounds

Ultrasonic 2.8 Liter

Designed in the shape of a water drop, the Ultrasonic 2.8-Liter Cool Mist Humidifier is an affordable option for people who need more humidity in their air but don't particularly need it to cover a la

The Best Air Purifiers Without CADR Scores

While we evaluated the best air purifiers on the market, we ran across several models that do not include Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) scores. This metric was developed by the Association of Home Ap

Kenmore 83396

The Kenmore 83396 has some of the lowest CADR scores out of all the air purifiers we reviewed, meaning it isn't as effective at removing indoor pollutants from your home. It can remove pollutants in r

Electrolux PureOxygen

The Electrolux PureOxygen Allergy 450 is a powerful air purifier that is fully capable of cleaning your indoor air, but it lacks a couple of the features to make it a set-and-forget appliance. This ai


The QardioBase Wireless Smart Scale gives you a broad view of your health. This smart scale measures your weight, body mass index and other health stats, and then sends the measurements to the Qardio

Weight Gurus

The Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale is a very thin bathroom scale that can be a very convenient weight loss tool. Aside from weight, this bathroom scale can also track your body mass index


The iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale is one of the larger bathroom scales we reviewed, though it's also one of the easiest to use. It performed consistently well in our accuracy tests, and

Nine West

The Round Trip 5-Piece Luggage Set from Nine West is available in a blue and brown or black and white color scheme and comes with three pieces of rolling luggage, a satchel and a toiletry bag. The sat


Available in black, green, grey or pink, the Nimbus Spinner Carry-On from Skyway weighs 7.7 pounds when empty and features four wheels. A construction designed to withstand high impacts and a book-sty


This brightly colored Disney Mickey Mouse Rolling Luggage from GDC features an image of the iconic mouse on the go. The small suitcase includes a retractable handle and wheels, so young travelers and

American Tourister

The Fieldbrook II 3-Piece Set from American Tourister features two pieces of rolling luggage and a boarding bag. The set is designed to be lightweight, and all three bags weigh in at just over 15 poun

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