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Winix FresHome P450 Review

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PROS / This air purifier has some of the best CADR scores on the market, meaning it effectively removes pollutants from the air.

CONS / There isn't an operational timer.

 VERDICT / The Winix FresHome P450 is one of the best air purifiers at removing indoor pollutants from your home, but it lacks a couple of convenient features that would make it easier to use.

The Winix FresHome P450 is a large-room air purifier that has a HEPA filter and an energy-efficient design. This air cleaner comes with several convenient features, including an auto mode and a remote control. However, it lacks a few of the features that make life with an air purifier easier, such as an operational timer.

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This air cleaner features relatively high CADR scores, which means it is effective at removing smoke, pollen and dust from the air. The machine can purify rooms of up to 450 square feet, meaning you can use it as a small-room or large-room air purifier. It is capable of making over four air changes an hour, which means all the air in the room filters through it once every 14 minutes or so. Although this machine doesn't feature the very best CADR scores or air change in our review, it still ranks among the best air purifiers at removing indoor pollutants.

  1. How effective the unit is at removing smoke particles from your home.
    More is Better.
  2. 5 Winix FresHome
    291 CADR
  3. 232 CADR
  4. 316 CADR
  5. 300 CADR
  6. Category Average
    249.80 CADR

The FresHome air purifier uses an efficient filtration system to rid your air of allergens and dust. This home air purifier first captures large pollutants with its disposable carbon filter. Next, the air passes through a highly efficient HEPA filter that captures the smallest particles, even tiny smoke particulates. Finally, the Plasmawave technology leaves any remaining pollutants or particulates electromagnetically charged to make them easier to capture on the next pass. Note that the ionizer on this machine can be turned off by holding down the Plasmawave button for three seconds if you want to disable this feature.

This air purification system includes a filter monitor and an air-quality sensor. On the auto mode, the air-quality sensor estimates the best fan speed to filter the air and maintain a clean environment, boosting the air purifier's efficiency. At night, the FresHome senses less light and enters its version of a sleep mode, which turns down the fan and dims the panel lights. This is a convenient feature that makes it easier to fall asleep in the same room as the air cleaner and has the added effect of conserving energy, as it does not draw as much power. However, the purifier does not have an operational timer to let you set when it runs, which would increase its convenience and energy savings.

Winix protects your purchase with a three-year warranty that covers you against manufacturer defects. The company includes a user manual on its website, which is helpful if you don't remember where the physical copy is. To contact the company for any reason, you can reach customer support over the phone or email. The company also includes a FAQs page on the website that can answer some of your basic questions before you need to reach out to customer support. However, the company doesn't offer live chat services at this time, which many companies offer to give you the fastest response possible.


The Winix FresHome P450 is a good large-room air purifier for tackling allergens, odors and dust. Its cleaning capabilities aren't the very best out of all the machines we reviewed, but it is still one of the best at removing indoor pollutants from your home. While it lacks a few features that would make it as easy to use as the very best air purifiers, the Winix FresHome P450 has solid cleaning capabilities and some convenient features.

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