Back Massagers Review

Why Buy a Back Massager?

Life's little stresses can compound over time and build up to the point where they manifest as physical pain. Back massagers use a variety of methods to ease pain and soothe muscles. They come in a wide variety of forms to cater to many sorts of muscle issues.

Some of the most feature-rich and popular models include Brookstone's Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat, the Thera Cane Deep Pressure Massager and the HoMedics Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat.

These machines are available whenever you need them. You can turn on a massager and start using it within seconds, as opposed to scheduling an appointment with a massage therapist. They're portable, so you can bring them along on trips or keep them on hand in your car, home or office.

Back Massagers: What to Look For

Massagers feature a number of different design elements that each provide specific forms of relief. Consider the following factors before you decide which is the best back massager for your needs.

Each massager provides comfort by using a specific method. Shiatsu is a pressure-based technique that kneads your muscles and is most beneficial for long-term stress. Vibrators gently loosen your muscles by means of a noninvasive buzzing action, which makes them ideal for soothing sore and sensitive areas. A massager can combine vibration with shiatsu for a different experience. Any type of massager can also feature heat to be more soothing.

Some massagers are made specifically for your back, and some focus solely on your neck. There are combination back and neck massagers for extra versatility. You can also get full-body massagers that you lie on or drape over a chair.

Size and Weight
The size of massager you should get depends on whether you want to take your massager with you when you travel or go to work. Full-body models can fold up for easier transport. Some massagers fit in your backpack, purse or luggage. Size and weight also help determine how easy a massager is to use. Lighter models can be better because they reduce the strain of holding and moving them.

Multiple Modes
Life throws different stresses your way from day to day. You experience a variety of aches and pains, so a massager with variable modes helps you to cope with new or repetitive stress. Some massagers are designed for specific muscle groups or general areas. The ability to switch between various modes or programs can keep your routine fresh and enjoyable. Intensity controls let you adjust from light (for when you're too sore for anything more) to high (for those times you need the most intense massage you can handle).

Neck and back massagers let you feel your best for extended periods of time, which increases the overall quality of your life. They're available any time of day to help you cope with some of your greatest sources of stress.