Handheld Massagers Review

Why Buy a Handheld Massager?

Handheld massagers mimic the experience of a professional massage. They put mild pressure on knotted muscle groups and help relieve tension throughout the body.

These massagers are made for home use. With the right device, you can decide where to focus your attention. You can use a massager for a simple back rub at the end of a long day, or you can use it to help with specific muscle pains. Some specifically help with scalps and hands, too. Massagers can also help with headaches and anxiety, and they support rehabilitation from sports injuries and help with chronic pain symptoms. The right handheld massager should match the pressure and stroke styles for your specific needs. Handheld massagers include the HoMedics HHP-350, the Breo Mini210 and the Panasonic Handheld All-Body Rolling Massager.

Handheld Massagers: What to Look For

The most effective massagers provide both pain relief and relaxation. They come in a wide variety of styles, with some made specifically for the upper back and others made just for hands. Choosing a handheld massager usually means considering several important features.

Versatility & Focus Areas
Some handheld massagers excel with specific functions, and some excel when used only for backs, shoulders or necks. Other massagers come with unique settings for several different areas of the body. Sensitive areas benefit from the lightest settings, while deeper-tissue areas require higher power settings.

Some massagers come with changeable heads. These heads dramatically change how the device is used, and they each increase the unit's versatility. Some heads use a central point to generate more pressure in a single spot. Others branch out and displace the vibration to a larger space. Because the design of the massager head determines how the unit comes in contact with each person's body, it serves as one of the most important aspects of each device.

Heat Settings
Heat can mitigate pain and improve blood circulation, and it can even relieve tension. Massagers with heat settings often appeal to those looking for pain relief, but they can offer value during relaxing massages too. Heat settings can transform a simple handheld massager into an over-the-counter therapeutic resource. For this reason, massagers with heat settings often provide greater versatility than those without this feature.

Power Sources
Some handheld massagers require corded connections for power. This happens for different reasons. Often, the most powerful massagers require extra power. Corded connections can deliver the extra power without adding to battery costs. Conversely, battery-powered massagers allow greater freedom of movement. These devices often come with slightly less power than corded models, but they make up for it with added reach.

Handheld massagers mimic the sensations of a professional massage. They work through tension, reduce pain and relieve stress. Find the massager that addresses your symptoms and learn which models work most effectively for general relaxation.