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Pepper Spray Review

Why Use Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray, also commonly known as OC spray, is an inflammatory spray that contains oils derived from cayenne pepper. It comes in aerosol form, and when triggered, its chemical compounds cause the swelling of the eyes and respiratory tract. This chemical reaction caused by pepper spray is said to be extremely painful and can even cause temporary blindness.

In the past, pepper spray has largely been used by law enforcement to incapacitate dangerous suspects and control riots and unruly crowds. However, pepper spray is now available to consumers. When used correctly, it can be a potent and highly effective self-defense tool against animal and criminal attacks.

Pepper Spray: What to Look For

Whether you want to protect yourself from criminals or predatory animals, OC spray is an inexpensive and easy-to-use protective agent.

Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, but some states have stricter laws than others pertaining to its use. For example, in certain states you are legally permitted to purchase pepper spray only from licensed pharmacists or firearms dealers. In other states, you can only carry canisters that contain 2 ounces or less. Be sure you know your state’s laws pertaining to the use of pepper spray before you purchase a can.

Spray Solution
Once you know what is (and is not) legal in your state, you should decide what type of pepper spray you want. While some sprays contain pepper only, others combine chemicals such as pepper, tear gas and UV dye. Many manufacturers also dilute consumer sprays with water or harmless oils to conform to legal requirements. Make sure to only buy pepper sprays that conform to the legal requirements of your state of residence.

Another factor to consider is your purpose for using self-defense pepper spray. If you want to protect yourself from a human attacker, be sure to purchase spray manufactured for use on humans. You can also purchase sprays to protect yourself from dogs, bears or other predatory animals. These are ideal if you are a runner, mail carrier or hiker.

Size & Shape
Pepper spray canisters come in an array of sizes and shapes. Most sprays designed for consumer use are small and compact. For instance, you can purchase a keychain canister that holds an ounce or less of pepper spray. You can also find handheld canisters that hold more but still fit in the palm of your hand. There are even pepper spray units that are pink and designed exclusively for women.

Pepper spray can be a lifesaving self-defense tool, but only when used properly. Once you determine the type and size of spray you want, it is imperative that you learn how to correctly dispense the OC spray so you can defend yourself against potential attackers.