Rolling Luggage Review

Why Buy Rolling Luggage?

The right luggage lets you pack, carry and protect your belongings as you travel, and luggage on wheels increases convenience. Wheeled luggage takes the burden of your baggage off shoulders and backs so travel isn't as exhausting. Luggage on wheels can also reduce the chance of long-term strains and injuries, particularly for those who travel or tote heavy items on a regular basis. Some popular rolling luggage products include Samsonite's Andante Wheeled Duffel, the Traveler's Choice New Yorker Set and Rockland's 2-Piece Luggage Set. You can also check out our articles on other wheeled luggage options.

Rolling Luggage: What to Look For

Wheeled luggage comes in a variety of sizes and types, and the features you're most likely to appreciate depend on how you plan to use the luggage. Students might use small rolling bags to carry books on campus, and IT professionals have been known to transport hardware throughout large office complexes in wheeled containers. Travelers may opt for one or more wheeled bags, depending on how long they tend to be gone and whether family travel is a common event.

Perhaps the most important size consideration comes with rolling carry-on luggage. Most airlines, including American and Delta, restrict carry-on bag size to a total of 45 linear inches   that means the total of length, width and depth cannot exceed 45 inches. Both airlines recommend bags with exterior measurements of 22 x 14 x 9 inches, but you should always check with your preferred airline for requirements before purchasing new carry-on luggage.

Another size concern when traveling on airlines is whether the bag is oversized. Some airlines charge more for bags with a total linear measurement that exceeds 115 inches. Other than specific airline requirements, you should consider your own packing and carrying needs   how much do you want to put in the suitcase and how willing are you to maneuver with a larger bag?

Rolling luggage bags typically come in soft side, duffel or hard side constructions. The most popular models tend to be soft side, rectangular luggage that have enough structural frame to protect items such as clothing. Duffel bags offer less protection but can be compact and easier to maneuver, making them a good choice for sports teams or business professionals that take numerous overnight trips. Hard cases offer optimal protection, which makes them a good option when hauling sensitive equipment or personal items.

Rolling luggage sets can include two to many pieces. Two piece sets usually involve a rolling piece and a duffel that sits on top, allowing for easy use by one individual. Multi-piece sets are good options for family or group travel, but individual travelers with packing needs that vary from trip to trip may also enjoy the benefit of multiple options.

One or more pieces of rolling luggage can be a helpful addition when traveling. The right wheeled luggage can make a difference, so take time to check out your options when shopping.