Cordless drills are a staple of any DIY enthusiast's tool collection because of their versatility and high functionality. The best cordless drills can operate at high speeds, produce a lot of torque and have excellent battery lives, making them great power tools for various tasks, from assembling furniture to building a deck. For more information about the best power drills on the market, check out our cordless drills reviews.

However, you can also use cordless drills in the most unexpected ways, thanks to the chuck that usually fastens bits to the tool. Here are a few useful ways you can use your drill without voiding the warranty: 

1. Grind Salt and Pepper

Who doesn't love fresh ground salt or pepper over their food? This task, admittedly the most ridiculous, is one way to shock your family and friends with your ingenuity (or love for fresh salt and pepper). All you have to do is remove the top of the grinder and attach the center shaft to your drill, as pictured to the right . Once everything is secure, pull the trigger to your taste buds' content.

2. Power Brush

The next time you need to scrub your bathtub clean from soap scum, mildew, grime or stains, you can toss out the sponge. All you need is a soap-dispensing palm brush, like the one pictured here, and a bolt that fits the hole in the center of the brush.

Slide the bolt through the hole on the brush and attach it to the power drill. Make sure the brush rests firmly against the drill so it doesn't slip. Once everything is attached, add your cleaning agent of choice and pull the trigger. The only thing you want to avoid is getting too much water on the drill while you clean.

3. Power Sander

If you need a rotary tool for a quick project but don't want to spend money on a Dremel, all you have to do is find a rotary tool sander, like the one pictured here, and attach it to your drill. It may feel a little clunky, but as a quick sander for small, meticulous projects, it works great. Alternatively, you can attach a buffing wheel to the drill and have a quick, useful buffer for finishing projects.

4. Twist & Straighten Wires

If you need a clean and neat bundle of intertwined wires, you can use your drill to spin them all together quickly. For this task, you need a clamp of some sort or a trusting friend. First, make sure all the wires are cut to the same length and clamp one end to a workbench or have your friend hold one end firmly. Place the other wire ends into your drill chuck and spin it slowly until all the wires are nicely intertwined. You can do the same thing with string, cord or steel cables.

5. Mix Paint

Mixing paint by hand can be a time-consuming, fatiguing process if you don't have a paint-mixing drill attachment. This is especially true if you have multiple cans of paint that you need to mix together to keep the color consistent. Although paint-mixing drill attachments are inexpensive, you don't have to drive to the hardware store to mix paint quickly and thoroughly. You can make a basic drill attachment from a plastic clothes hanger that works almost as well as the real deal by following these steps.

First, take a hanger and cut it into two pieces, separating the top section of the hanger from the bottom. You want to make the bottom section resemble a long hook, as illustrated to the left. You can discard the top section of the hanger.

Next, attach the long end of the remaining hanger to your drill. Make sure the chuck is fully tightened so that the hanger doesn't slip away from the drill. The final product should look like the image pictured to the right. Finally, insert your new mixer into the paint can or bucket and start stirring. Remember to start slowly and increase speed gradually so that paint doesn't splatter all over the place.


Cordless drills are usually used to create holes or fasten material together, but there is a wide variety of situations you can use your drill for that will make your life a whole lot easier. Whether it's for cleaning the bathroom or grinding pepper, your cordless drill will come in handy.

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