A lot can happen in your car, and it can happen in a split second. From accidents to falling stars, there are many occasions when you might think retrospectively that you wish you had a camera rolling. You can with the help of a spy camera for your car. You don’t even need to buy a camera made specifically for your dash – you can buy almost any hidden spy camera for your car. There are countless reasons to have a mini spy camera for your car. Here are just a few:

1. Accidents: You can, hopefully, avoid blame shifting if you have video evidence of who is at fault should you get into an accident. A wireless spy camera for cars is easy to hang from your rearview mirror – pointed forward or backward – and it can capture hours of footage with a fully charged battery and a large microSD memory card.

2. Theft: Theft is a common occurrence, and hopefully you’re never a victim of the crime. If you have a mini spy camera set up in your vehicle, and someone does break into your car, you can potentially use the footage to lead to the arrest of the perpetrator. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and your footage may even lead to recovery of whatever was stolen.

3. Road Trips: If you spend hours upon hours in your car on a road trip, you’re likely to see something unique and possibly unexpected. Falling stars, meteors, a family of ducks crossing the road are all neat experiences, and you might want to share the footage you capture with your small spy camera in your car with friends and family. And if you ever see a UFO, your story is going to be more believable with video footage.

4. Law Enforcement: Protect your rights if you ever get pulled over. Many law enforcement officers use cameras from their cars to ensure that they are using best practices and can have evidence in case anything goes wrong. You have the right to record whatever happens in your car as well, and the best way to do that is with a small spy camera set up in your car. As long as recording the incident doesn’t interfere with the officer’s work, you’re allowed by law to do so.

5. Uber and Cab Drivers: Many people make a living giving a lift to dozens of strangers every day. You can ensure your safety – and theirs – if you hang a mini spy cam from your visor or rearview mirror in your car. Because you’re giving rides to more than one person at a time, maybe from the airport to various destinations, you want to make sure that your passengers are safe from each other at all times, and you can use the video if charges need to be pressed.

Whatever reason you have to set up a mini spy camera in your car, just make sure you check your local laws. While recording video isn’t typically an issue, recording audio isn’t allowed in all states.

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