Let s face it: Why would you spend hours doing tedious chores when a robotic cleaner can do the work for you? Kick back and relax, because here are five robotic modern marvels that will do your dirty work.

1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners are compact cleaners that zoom around hard surface flooring and low-pile carpeting removing dirt and pet hair. These vacuum cleaners are packed with features that make life easier, including scheduled cleaning, auto docking and auto recharging. They are equipped with virtual walls that keep them from going where they are not supposed to, and many have remote controls so you can operate them from the couch. 

2. Robotic Rain Gutter Cleaners

Climbing on your roof to extract dead leaves and debris from rain gutters can be dangerous work. With a robotic cleaner, you still have to climb the ladder, but you eliminate most of the risk. You simply place the robot into the gutter with its auger pointing in the direction you want it to go and it plows through dead leaves and muck. Equipped with rubber treads for traction, these machines push through stubborn debris while side brushes fling the dislodged muck onto the ground below. Some cleaners come with remote controls so you can operate them from up to 50 feet away.

3. Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic lawn mowers are sophisticated machines that cut your grass while you relax on the porch sipping an ice cold lemonade. You just set up a wire boundary around the area you want trimmed, and these lawn mowers travel back and forth across your yard using sensors to guide them.

There are several different manufacturers and models to choose from. Since they re powered by electricity, you don t even have to fill a gas tank to use them. Many include a charging base where they return on their own between mowing sessions. You can pre-schedule mowing times, so they will work while you are at home or away. Because they are equipped with radio frequency remote controls, you can steer these energy-efficient lawn mowers anywhere they need to go.

4. Robotic Window Cleaners

Are you afraid of heights? Robotic window cleaners are not and they can clean from top to bottom. Using powerful suction to cling to glass, they fearlessly zig-zag across your windows, polishing as they go. Equipped with cleaning pads and cleaning solution, they travel back and forth in a methodical cleaning pattern.

5. Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robot pool cleaners move along pool floors and walls, scrubbing away algae and bacteria. Most are equipped with filtration systems that capture debris from the water while scrubbing, so they clean the pool and the water simultaneously. These robotic cleaners are self-contained and operate separately from your pools main filtering system. There are several manufactures to choose from, so you have plenty of options to find a device that fits your budget and individual needs.

With so many domestic robots on the market, you don t have to spend your weekends bogged down with housecleaning and chores. As technology advances, regardless of who you are, a robot assistant may be in your near future.

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