During our initial considerations for laser line levels, we ran across several tools that caught our attention that we decided to evaluate. The following three products are all great tools, but we did not include them in our reviews of laser line levels for various reasons.

Irwin Strait-Line

Irwin Tools is a well-respected company that manufactures and distributes a wide variety of products, such as hand tools and power tools. While we were considering several different laser line levels, we ran across the Irwin Strait-Line 6041101CD LL120, which is a great laser level that sports a number of features and design elements that stood out to us. However, during our testing process, we discovered that the company has recently discontinued the Strait-Line series of products. Because of this, we did not include the Irwin Strait-Line laser line level in our comparison.

David White Mark4PB

David White is a company that formed toward the end of the 19th century and has a long history of providing leveling, measuring and layout tools that are highly beneficial to the construction industry. While evaluating the David White Mark4PB, we determined that the laser level is an effective tool that offers a number of great features, but that it is better for large construction endeavors than smaller home projects, so we did not include it in our comparison of laser levels.

Bosch GLM 50

While considering laser line levels, we found a number of excellent Bosch tools. Bosch has a strong reputation as a leader in the tool industry. While selecting several Bosch laser line levels, we included the Bosch GLM 50 as a part of our evaluation. While this tool is highly accurate and sports a number features we appreciated, we are not including it in our comparison of levels because it is a laser distance measurer, meaning it does not fit with the other tools we reviewed. It works like a tape measure in that it measures distances, whereas laser line levels project a horizontal line across a surface to help you hang pictures and perform similar household tasks. These are two different types of tools entirely. However, we considered other Bosch products that we did include in our lineup.

Ultimately, these products have great features, capabilities and strengths. For different reasons, they just did not make our lineup of laser line levels.

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