Most people are serious about caring for those they love. This includes those times when they have to depend on somebody else to fill the caregiver role when they are unable to be around. The ideal situation is relying on somebody who can be trusted nearly as much as themselves. When arranging care for somebody who is either too young, disabled or even too intimidated to speak up for themselves, finding somebody completely trustworthy can be a gut-wrenching experience. One solution to put your mind at ease might be the use of a specialized surveillance camera commonly known as a nanny cam.

Nanny cams are specialized cameras designed to look like some mundane household item. For practically any conceivable object, there is likely a covert camera counterpart. Smoke alarms, clocks, electrical outlet air fresheners and stereo speakers are typical examples. They have several advantages, but there are also a few downsides to relying on this kind of security.

The best advantage is the camera's service as a pair of surrogate eyeballs, keeping tabs on whether a caregiver is abusive or neglectful. There are nanny cams that serve this purpose in a variety of ways and for practically any situation. If you want to be able to watch video live from a remote location, there are cameras that can make that happen. If you want to record what is happening for evidence purposes, there are those that store footage onto removable secure digital (SD) cards. Cameras exist for any budget, yet even inexpensive ones can be rich in features.

The ability to have a good idea of what life is like when you're not at home can be very valuable, especially if every time you're away, you're left with nagging doubts about what could happen. Even if there is no need to covertly record a caregiver while you're away, it can be helpful to use a camera as a tool for deterrence. By simply informing the sitter they are being recorded and getting their consent to do this, you have an added sense of security and, at the same time, establish a relationship where the sitter feels informed, trusted and part of a team.

Nanny cams aren't free of disadvantages, however. For one thing, most of them aren't cheap. Inexpensive ones can be found, even decent ones, but most cost hundreds of dollars. Also, they may not be terribly effective. For example, unless you can observe your entire home, abusive activities may be occurring in some other location. Experienced caregivers are aware of the existence of covert cameras and the many forms they may take, especially common ones such as clocks. They may discover the camera right away and quit because of a lack of trust. Or, if they are predatory and also savvy about cameras, they may find some way to render the camera useless. Yet another disadvantage to spy cameras is that they can be damaged or inadvertently rendered ineffective.

Consider whether a nanny cam is really worth the expense and the potential havoc it can have on a trusting relationship. If your level of trust for your child's caregiver is low enough to require the use of a spy camera, there may be better options than in-home care, such as a daycare facility.

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