We re proud to announce the newest addition to Top Ten Reviews  shopping section, a review of ant farm stores online. Ant farms have been beloved for decades as an easy way to observe insect behavior and teamwork. This site examines all the top sources for ant farms online and presents a detailed comparison of each site s products and policies. The feature matrix makes it easy to compare all the sites at a glance and make sure you choose the best source for your new ant farm.

Our top choice was Amazon, which is arguably the leader in online shopping in general. We especially appreciate the quality of the Amazon website, which is replete with resources, customer reviews and recommendations. The fact that Amazon hosts products from thousands of different sellers means it almost always has the widest product selection available.

In examining the top ant farm stores, we came up with a list of features to compare, including ant farm selection, live ant purchase terms, similar product selection, website features and help/support resources.

For each site surveyed, we rated the selection of ant farms, including color options, substrate options (sand, soil or gel) and accessories. We gave the highest rankings to the sites that offered the widest selection.

Then we examined each site s live ant purchase terms. Because an ant farm is useless without the live ants, we wanted to find out which sites make it easiest to obtain the mail-order ants. All ant farms include a mail-order coupon for live ants, but some sites exceed this standard by selling ants directly. We also wanted to know whether the ants were guaranteed to arrive alive and whether they could be shipped at any time of year.

Next we looked at each site s selection of related products, including several other types of live animal or nature kits. Many of the sites also sell kits for raising live ladybugs, praying mantises, worms and butterflies.

Finally we examined each site s website features. In this section we discuss the navigation of each site and how easy it is (or not) to find specific items and to browse families of products. Since kits with live animals require special care, we preferred sites that offered blogs or other educational information about ant farms and other live animal kits.

For the help/support section, we tested out each site s customer service by calling or emailing some questions. The sites that never answered our messages received lower rankings.

See the entire lineup of our favorite ant farm stores. When you re ready to set up your ant farm, read our learning center article  What You Need to Know About Ant Farms,  which contains helpful information about setting up and maintaining your farm and caring for your ants.

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