Contact lenses can be a great alternative to glasses for your child. They can be more comfortable when playing sports and be a great self-esteem booster for your child. Eye care professionals quite often get asked from parents,  When is it appropriate for my child to start wearing contact lenses?  Because contact lenses are so convenient and are more flattering than glasses, children, especially active teenagers, want to start wearing them. Wearing contact lenses isn t necessarily a matter of age because infants and toddlers do wear them; it s more a matter of the individual. Not everyone, child or adult, is able to wear contact lenses. Here are a few things to help you determine if it s a good idea for your children to start wearing contact lenses.

It's no secret that contact lenses are far better for sports than wearing eyeglasses. There is the safety factor that even if a child is wearing polycarbonate eyeglass lenses, if the frame breaks, that too can cause an injury. If he or she wears contact lenses, they can still wear protective goggles. The child s peripheral vision will be enhanced for better awareness and performance. The convenience factor is probably the most popular. Wearing contact lenses provides a freedom that wearing eyeglasses doesn t allow. You don t have to worry about sweat, fog, losing the eyeglasses or having them broken while playing a sport.

Contact lenses also offer children and teens a sense of higher self-esteem. It s proven that many children and especially teens relate their self-esteem with their appearance. If your child doesn t like the way they look in eyeglasses it can affect their personality, performance in school, and even their relationships with friends. Having to correct a child s vision doesn t have to make them so different. Contact lenses can help children feel and look just like everyone else.

If you are worried about whether or not contact lenses are right for your child, talk with your eye doctor to decide what is the best choice. There is a large selection of contact lenses available these days, and the technology and enhancements behind contact lenses are amazing. They make contact lenses for daily, weekly, bi-weekly and even monthly wear.

The first step is to make an appointment with your eye care professional. At that appointment they will check your child s eyes and see what type of lens would work best. If your child can correctly insert and remove the contact lenses, that's the first sign your child is ready to wear contact lenses. Keep in mind that if your child isn t comfortable touching their eye, it s going to be a long process. Practice makes perfect and if your child isn t able to easily insert or remove the lenses but is able to get their finger close enough to touch their eye, after some practice they will be a pro.

Your child s motivation for wearing contact lenses may be different than another child s. Whatever the reason, contact lenses are a convenient and inexpensive way to enhance your child s sight without losing style. For a great selection of places to shop and buy contact lenses and accessories, check out our reviews on contact lens stores. You will be able to shop for several different brands and styles and get in on all the latest discounts available.

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