Benefits of Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners 101 starts with knowing the difference between a bagged and bagless machine and the benefits of each. When it comes to the best cleaning performance, bagged vacuum cleaners do a better job of containing particulate matter such as allergens and dust.

There is a reason that most hospitals and professional cleaners use bagged machines. Bags provide extra layers of filtration that bagless machines don't. Some bags have multiple filters that fine dirt cannot pass through. This helps contain harmful dust mites, pollen and pet dander.

When using a bagged cleaner, you simply remove the bag once it is full and deposit it into the garbage can. There is almost no exposure to the contents of a full bag when you throw it out.

Benefits of Bagless Vacuums

Let's face it   remembering to keep extra bags on hand is a hassle. If you are in the middle of cleaning your house and you run out of bags you will have to drop everything and run to the store to buy more. Going bagless means no impromptu runs to the store and no need to buy extra bags. Additionally, not all stores will carry the types of bags you need. You may have to order them online and it can take days or weeks to receive them.

Since the canisters of most bagless cleaners are made of clear plastic, you have a visual reminder that it needs to be emptied. If you are the type of person who forgets to check if a paper bag is full, you may prefer a bagless unit.

Often, things end up in your cleaner that do not belong there, such as jewelry, loose change and small toys. You will get a decline in suction power when a dirt bag is full or has picked up an object it shouldn t. With a bagless cleaner, you will not experience that frustrating loss of suction. And you can actually see what is in its clear container and retrieve lost items.


If you suffer from asthma or severe allergies, bagged cleaners are going to serve your needs better. The allergens are better contained in a bag, minimizing your exposure to microbes. Hospitals use bagged cleaners for this reason. If you do not need the extra filtration and you want a machine that is ready to go on a moment's notice, skip the bagged cleaner and buy a bagless unit.

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