Bagel slicers make the process of cutting a bagel faster, safer and more effective than using a knife by containing blades that slice the items evenly. Bagel slicers cut bagels into two uniform slices to make them easier to consume. By cutting your bagel into even halves, you can add your favorite spread or toppings to make a sandwich or eat each piece individually. These devices also can slice multiple bagels in much less time than it would take using a knife or other cutting tool. Most can also be used to cut other items, like rolls and hamburger buns. Some popular models of slicers include the Tablecraft E5613, the Larien Commercial Bagel Biter 5400, and the DoughXpress DXSM-270E Bagel and Bun Slicer.

Bagel Slicers: What to Look For

Bagel slicers come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Generally the most effective designs consist of a frame to hold the bagel still and a blade which either slides through the frame or is built into the device. If you cut a lot of bagels, you may want to consider a guillotine style where you put the bagel in place and push down on a handle to slice it. Of course, you can also purchase units powered by electricity that help you cut a large number of items quickly. Here’s a breakdown of various features you may want to consider before buying.

Blade Action
Due to the fact that bagel slicers come in different sizes, some are easier to maneuver than others. While some slicers are handheld units, others use a guillotine action in order to slice the bagel. Others are powered by electrical plugs or batteries, making them safer to use because your hands don’t have to go anywhere near the blade. If you plan to use the bagel slicer frequently, make sure it comes with a replaceable blade. This allows you to switch out the blades when the old one gets dull.

Convenience & Safety
If you want a bagel slicer that is quick and convenient, you may prefer an easy-to-use bagel cutter over a more elaborate or powerful model. The most convenient is the simple serrated knife style that's enclosed in plastic. Not only is this design safe, it's easy to use, keep clean and store. Additionally, as it is one complete unit, you never have to worry about needing to take something apart. For safety, make sure the bread slicer you choose features a safety shield to protect your hands and fingers.

Not all bagels are the same width. There are models that are designed to cut bagels of different sizes, and these slicers can be used to cut items other than bagels. A bagel slicer that is adjustable to hold a variety of items, including bagels and beyond, can be a versatile and useful kitchen tool.

Cleaning Options
One of the most important things to consider about a bagel slicer is the ease of cleaning it. Since not all slicers are constructed from the same materials, it is important to understand whether yours can be placed in the dishwasher or not. A model that has to be hand washed will be less convenient to use, overall.

Bagel slicers make the process of cutting bagels safer and easier. Check out the various models available at different price ranges to obtain the one that is best suited for your needs.

Brooklyn Bagel Slicer

The Brooklyn Bagel Slicer Classic Knife is a handheld bagel cutter that has safety features to protect your hands and fingers. The safeguard over the serrated stainless steel blade allows you to prepare your morning bagel without fear of cuts and injury. This slicer is a popular model that has won several product awards, and has been featured on the Rachael Ray Show, The Tonight Show and in the Wall Street Journal.

This bread slicer features a unique shape that allows you to cut through your breads and bagels without crushing them, even if they are freshly baked -- including breads, baguettes, biscuits, croissants, dinner rolls, English muffins, buns for your hamburgers and hot dogs, hero sandwiches and a variety of other baked bread products. The blade is strong enough to carve through stale and day-old bread as well. The even design provides you with equally-sized slices consistently. The blade is not replaceable, so you will need to replace the entire product if the blade becomes dull or warped.

This bagel cutter is dishwasher-safe and is easy clean. The serrated edge of the blade is made of stainless steel, making it a long-lasting and easy to maintain knife with professional-grade performance. It doesn't tear or rip through your bread, giving you a smooth slice each time. Because of the design of the blade and structure of the rest of the knife, it is especially efficient when you have a lot of bagels or bread to slice. The product measures 14.5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide.

This tool is made of plastic and features an opening that is big enough for any bagel or bread. With the blade extending down the opening, your fingers stay clear of potential harm. The product has a comfortable and ergonomic design, which allows you to use a smooth, saw-like action over the center of your bagel to cut an even line.

This bread slicer comes with a mid-range price tag, and includes a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Though this model is lacking the ease and guaranteed precision of an electronic or guillotine-style cutter, this product contains added safety features that are missing from other affordable models.

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DoughXpress DXSM-270E

The DoughXpress DXSM-270E Bagel and Bun Slicer is an electronic device that can cut everything from French bread to hoagies. This heavy-duty mechanism is useful for businesses such as bakeries, schools and restaurants. It also makes nice even slices for homemade breads.

This slicer from DoughXpress is a high-powered cutting tool that quickly and evenly slices each piece of bread that you place into the machine. The electronic tool makes it easy to cut all types of bread. The unit is commercial grade and has a base that makes it very stable. With its modern design, the bun and bagel cutter fits nicely in any commercial service area.
One of the benefits of this slicer is the ability to get consistent cuts each and every time. The bread slicer measures 20 inches high and 17 inches wide, which allows it to cut bread measuring up to 5 inches wide or create a hinged slice on items up to 6 inches wide. The unit is also adjustable, allowing you to cut different types and sizes of bread. The chute is adjustable, which allows you to safely and easily feed bread into the machine.

The bagel slicer features a stainless steel blade and a safety guard that keeps your fingers from getting too close to the blade. It's easy to disassemble, and it is dishwasher safe, making it easy and convenient to clean.

As a commercial unit, the tool is more than just a bagel cutter. You can also cut hoagies, subs, hamburger buns, French bread, bread sticks, biscuits and more. The unit contains replacement cutting blades so that you can keep cutting when your original blade gets dull or breaks. You can purchase additional blades separately. You can also download a specifications sheet from the manufacturer that gives you accurate measurements and features about the unit.

The DoughXpress DXSM-270E Bagel and Bun Slicer is a heavy-duty, commercial unit designed to cut numerous types of bread. Its user-friendly chute mechanism makes it simple to cut bread into even slices both quickly and efficiently. This bagel slicer is a higher-end model, and comes with a high-end price tag. It contains many features that add to its safety, capacity and ease of use.

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Ironwood Gourmet Bagel Miter

The Ironwood Gourmet Bagel Miter helps you slice your bagels evenly and safely so that you can enjoy a perfect bagel every time. The holder is made from a sustainable and attractive wood. This bagel cutter holds your bagel safely while you slice it with your knife, and it includes a handle that holds your bagel steady while you slice.

This bagel slicer has slots on each side that accommodate most standard kitchen knives. The slots guide the knife so you get an even cut right through the middle of the bagel. This bagel slicer doesn't require much space. It measures 5.75 x 3 x 2.5 inches and the accompanying handle is only 4 inches long.

The Bagel Miter is made of sustainable Acacia wood. Acacia wood is sustainable because it is fast growing and has hundreds of species around the world. It has an attractive grain with a light and dark contrasting pattern. This is a medium-hard wood, and it’s durable and works perfectly for kitchen tools. However, this product is not dishwasher safe. You can maintain it by wiping it with butcher block oil. While you can store it in a cabinet, it makes an attractive addition to your countertop. No assembly is required, so this two-piece set is ready to go when you open the box.

This bagel slicer is not as tall as other bagel slicers, so your bagel will be taller than the guides. To get a safe and aligned cut, use the included handle and a firm, steady slice. The Bagel Miter is thick, so you get a good grip on it when slicing, without putting your fingers in harm’s way. There are no safety features with this bagel cutter, so you do want to take great care when using it. This bagel slicer is designed for big thick bagels, and it's not adjustable, so it is not suited for thinner bagels and other bread items.

The Bagel Miter won’t hurt your budget, and it is an attractive addition to any kitchen countertop. Most importantly, it will help you create perfectly sliced bagels. It is a good bagel cutter to consider if you are looking for a simple, attractive and affordable tool to slice your bagels.

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Larien Commercial Bagel Biter 5400

The Larien Commercial Bagel Biter 5400 is a simple cutting mechanism that is used to slice bagels and other types of bread. The tool is NSF certified for commercial use. Due to its durability and quick cutting times, it is useful for a number of different businesses.

The Larien Commercial Bagel Biter 5400 is used in schools, restaurants and in the home. The mechanism cuts through the bagel using a guillotine action, so you get two even slices of bread with every cut. Because of its small stature, the appliance is portable. This bagel cutter is only 9 inches high by 7 inches wide, so you can store it on a counter or in a cabinet. This model works best with bagels that are 5 inches wide by 2 inches high.

This cutter is safe and effective when cutting bagels. Its safety features make it safe for your employees and customers to use the equipment. The bread slicer contains a stainless steel blade made from high carbon steel, and cuts evenly into bagels. It also comes with a replaceable blade cartridge system in case your blade breaks. Additional blades are sold separately.

In order to prevent injuries, the slicer features a clear guard so you can watch the blade while it cuts through the bagel. This is a safe bagel slicer because the guard keeps your hands away from the blade when you are cutting. The slicer also features a solid base for a more stable cut.

Additionally, the bagel cutter has a nonstick coating which gives it both an attractive appearance and makes it easier to clean. Its contemporary design is aesthetically pleasing for any type of service area. The colors of the unit are black and grey to keep the design neutral so it complements most kitchens.

Another benefit of the Larien 5400 is that it is dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to wash quickly. There is no need to take individual pieces apart and clean them by hand. The replacement blade can also be placed into the dishwasher.

The Larien Commercial Bagel Biter 5400 is user-friendly for slicing bagels and other types of bread, and the product is mid-range in price. It comes fully assembled and includes one replacement blade, which allows for immediate use and easy maintenance.

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Out of the Woods of Oregon Bread & Bagel Slicer

The Out of the Woods of Oregon Bread and Bagel Slicer allows you to cut bagels and breads more evenly and consistently than you could with a simple kitchen or bread knife. This bread and bagel slicer is customizable for left-handed and right-handed people, and comes in a variety of attractive hardwood finishes, including alder, cherry, maple, mahogany and walnut.

This handheld bread and bagel slicer is a one-piece unit and contains no extra parts. The unit measures 16 inches in length, including the handle and blade, and is long enough to cut bread loaves and bagels of varying sizes. The handle is ergonomic and made of environmentally sustainable hardwood, and it includes a hook which allows you to hang the product for storage. The serrated blade is made of stainless steel and is guaranteed by the manufacturer to never need sharpening. This slicer is versatile enough to slice breads and bagels of various consistencies, including crustier breads and homemade bread just out of the oven.

This model does not contain some of the features that make the more expensive bread and bagel slicers safer and more user-friendly. The blade is not replaceable, so in the event of dulling or warping, you will need to replace the entire product. The blade is not adjustable, which may also limit your precision when cutting breads and bagels to the desired thickness. There is no grip on the handle or bread slicing guide, which will require you to use more care to cut bagels and loaves precisely and safely. This model is not dishwasher safe, and because of the length of the product, you may not be able to store it in an average kitchen drawer.

This bread and bagel slicer from Out of the Woods of Oregon is an attractive handheld model, which has a low-end price tag. It is easy to use and maintain, and is a convenient addition if you're seeking a simple yet effective slicer. While this is an attractive and effective slicer, it lacks the extra features found in other designs, such as a guillotine slicer or a handheld slicer with a safety guard or bread-slicing guide.

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Prince Castle 970-A Bagel Saber

The Prince Castle 970-A Bagel Saber is a bagel slicer made from stainless steel. It evenly cuts bagels and bread with more precision than a knife. It sits flat on a counter for sturdy and safe operation. This professional, kitchen-grade slicer is 10.75 inches long and rests flat on a counter or table space. A built-in table stop prevents the unit from moving. This ensures a safe and even slice each time the device is used.

Stainless steel construction makes the slicer unfit for the dishwasher, but it also means that it is durable and will stay in service for quite some time. Cleaning this bagel cutter requires hot, soapy water and a nylon brush to scrub and clean the slicer of crumbs, residue or other bread scraps.

This hand-operated bread slicer is one solid unit, and it requires no assembly other than attaching the stainless steel blade. If you need replacement blades, Prince Castle's website has them available for purchase. Although the slicer is a solid unit, the manufacturer has an optional Bagel Catcher. The catcher’s design allows for bagel and bread halves to land on a small tray as they exit the slicer.

The black stabilizing knob gives your other hand something to hold onto as you slice. This ensures that both hands are far from the cutting path of the blade. In addition to the stabilizer knob, this item is equipped with a safety guard over the stainless steel blade to protect your hands from injury.

This slicer is not adjustable. If the bagel or piece of bread does not fit into the unit, it is not safe to use with this bagel slicer. However, most normal sized bagels and bread pieces will fit.

The Prince Castle 970-A Bagel Saber is a kitchen-grade piece of equipment. It has a much higher price tag than most bagel slicers do because it is designed for a professional kitchen. Its stainless steel build makes it a safe, steady and durable slicer.

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The RSVP Bagel Mate slicer allows you to keep your hands free from harm while you slice your bread and bagels. This item is compact and easy to store on your kitchen countertop. It features a red, oval container that holds your bagel in place, but this slicer does not include a serrated bread knife or blade, so you'll need to provide your own. Once you place your bread product inside, the appliance stays securely in place on the cutting surface with a non-slip silicone base. The space inside the unit is big enough for any type of bagel, bun, roll or other large bread item.

This bagel cutter is dishwasher safe, but it should be placed on the top rack during cleaning cycles. It weighs just 5.6 ounces, measures 5.5 inches in diameter and is BPA free, making it a compact and non-toxic addition to your kitchen supplies. After you place your bagel or bread inside the holder, two rings encircle your bagel to keep it still while you cut. This product feature allows you to cut your bagels evenly each time before they go in the toaster or on your plate.

The edge of the bagel slicer extends further out than your bagel to fully protect your hands from the blade of your bread knife. The holder is made of polypropylene, making it resistant to corrosion and chemical damage. This material is also long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain. The tool is user-friendly and simple to operate because it doesn’t require any setup or assembly beyond placing your bagel inside it.

This bagel slicer is a convenient, safe and user-friendly container to hold your bagels in place as you slice them. The manufacturer does not provide a warranty or guarantee, so you may need to replace it if the plastic exterior cracks or breaks. This product retails in a low price range, but requires a separate knife for cutting, so it doesn't qualify as an all-in-one bagel slicer.

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Tablecraft E5613 8" Firm Grip

The Tablecraft E5613 is a simple cutting system that cuts your bagel into even halves so you can create a sandwich or share with a family member. This bagel cutter is a small, lightweight handheld model that is convenient to use, cuts through bagels quickly, and includes a safety guard.

This handheld bagel cutter makes it easy to cut your food into two even slices. At only 8 inches long, this utensil is small enough to comfortably store in a drawer or other small space. The handle does have a hanging hole in it, so you can also hang this bagel slicer anywhere in your kitchen if you'd rather. The non-slip handles offer padding to ensure you have a safe, comfortable and firm grip while using the tool to slice your bagel.

This bread slicer includes a durable, stain resistant, stainless steel blade housed in a single plastic unit. A useful feature of the E5613 are the plastic safety guides that surround the blade. These safety guides wrap around the outside of the bagel, holding it in place for safe cutting. The safety guides also ensure that your fingers and hands never come into contact with the blade while it's in use. This model is not adjustable and measures 2 inches wide. This means the bagel cutter will work with most bagel sizes, but may not work with thicker bread or buns.

The blade is not replaceable, so if you break it, you will need to replace the entire product. The bagel slicer is inexpensive, so you can easily replace it should it break. This bagel slicer is dishwasher safe and is rated for both home and commercial dishwashers. As it is a one-piece unit, you don't have to take anything apart before cleaning it.

This Tablecraft cutter is a user-friendly tool that allows you to slice bread, bagels and other types of buns. With the Tablecraft E5613, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with multiple parts or putting anything together. The utensil includes only one solid piece to make it manageable and easy to clean.

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Trudeau Bagel Slicing Guide

The Trudeau Bagel Slicing Guide holds your bagel in place while you cut it. This round bagel cutter has an outer ring that acts as a guide, enabling you to choose from multiple depths to the cut so that you can slice your bagel to you desired thickness. The slicer does not contain a serrated knife or blade, so you will have to provide your own.

The bagel slicer is easy to handle, making it effective and safe. There are no sharp edges on this product; rather the guide is adjustable and your knife can rest along the lip for a secure and accurate cut. It has a protective design, which includes an anti-skid base so that the slicer doesn’t move while you prepare your item. The guide allows you to see where you are cutting and get to the depth that you desire simply by twisting the bottom to adjust and placing the plastic guard on top to hold your bread in place.

The small design measures 7.13 inches in diameter and 3.55 inches deep. It is large enough to fit bagels of varying sizes and compact enough to store on a countertop or tuck in a cabinet when not in use. Carving requires two hands, one to hold the guide in place and another to cut the bagel. The form of this device allows you to maneuver most blades comfortably. Additionally, the top guard and handle keeps your fingers safe and out of the way of slicing movements.

This unit does have multiple plastic parts that you must use together to make it work. If you lose a piece, the bagel slicer will not function properly, so appropriate cleaning and storage is important. The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty.

The design of the Trudeau Bagel Slicing Guide is not only simple to use, it also helps keeps your kitchen neat. The lip of this bagel cutter catches crumbs while you prepare your food, reducing the mess. Then, when you are done with it, all of the pieces come apart and are dishwasher safe.

This bagel slicer is an affordable addition to your kitchen supplies, and it comes with a low-end price tag. The Trudeau Bagel Slicing Guide helps you to cut your bagels evenly and safely, with a clean slice and accurate thickness.

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Williams-Sonoma Bagel Cutter

The Williams-Sonoma Bagel Cutter is a guillotine-style slicer that allows you to secure your bagel as you slice through it, keeping your hands free from harm. The blade easily slices through bagels with even spacing.

The Williams-Sonoma Bagel Cutter mirrors the innovative design used by bakeries and bagel shops in a model meant for your home. The width of the acrylic shell gives you space for thick New-York style bagels and cuts them into uniform halves. The base of the bagel holder has a broad flat bottom to maintain its upright stance while cutting. The design is attractive enough that you can store it on a counter between uses. The cutting mechanism is designed to slide through unsliced bagels. It doesn't work as well with softer bread items such as rolls or buns.

This bagel cutter is dishwasher-safe, but it should be placed on the top shelf during cycles.

The assembled device measures 9 inches high. The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel and has a sharp serrated edge to effortlessly slice through your bagel. The handle lets you quickly push down onto the bagel for an even slice. The blade is coated with a nonstick glaze, so it can carve through without crushing your bagel. The edge is angled into a triangle point, first piercing the top center of your bagel with the corner and easily splitting that incision wider until your bagel splits into two halves. This angled blade also helps the device not crush your bread items.

The layered components of this bread slicer include one piece to hold the bagel firmly in place and another piece with the blade and ergonomic handle. The edge of the blade fits into a slot that halts it once it cuts through the entire bagel. Unlike a knife or other handheld slicer, your fingers are protected from the blade within the plastic shell that covers all edges of the blade.

This bagel slicer has a mid-range price tag, making it an affordable addition to your kitchen supplies. Due to its compact size, the bagel slicer is small enough to store on your countertop or place into one of your kitchen cabinets. However, unlike other slicers, this model won't work for cutting through items other than bagels.

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