Software for energy management helps you track your energy consumption in several ways. Some programs analyze the amount of energy your business consumes each month while others manage all of the utilities in your building and identify any errors or problem areas that may be costing you money. If you are a landlord, some software breaks down energy consumption for each rental space you own and bills your tenants based on the amount of electricity, water or even natural gas they use. Some types of energy management software, or EMS, include BuildingIQ, PowerLogic ION EEM and Panoramic Power PowerRadar

Energy management has been used extensively by governments and large companies for years. The category is growing, and, today, commercial businesses and even landlords use EMS to monitor their energy consumption and find ways to conserve energy. Using EMS gives you the ability to track the amount of energy you are using so you can make changes to save you money. EMS also provides you access to information that may be pertinent to government agencies or your customers. The data can also help you reduce the amount of risk to your service, business and the environment.

Energy Management Software: What to Look For

Using EMS can offer many benefits, but only if you choose the right one for your particular business. To do this, you have to determine what features are important to you and can help make a difference in your company's operations. Some vital elements to consider include the following.

Data Access
While obtaining access to data regarding your energy consumption is important to you, it may also be important to your clients and others that work with you. Most systems let you share the data you have gathered in some form with your customers or stakeholders. Some let you exchange data via cloud-based software while others share data via an online dashboard that can be accessed from any computer with internet access. A few EMS programs offer you the option of data sharing through a smartphone or tablet.

Environmental and Legal Obligations
Certain information, like greenhouse gas emissions, permits and carbon emissions, are important details that are necessary for meeting the environmental and legal obligations of both your clients and the government. EMS provides you with a solution to gather and store this critical information so it can be given to those who need it quickly.

A good way to determine if you are using too much, just enough or very little energy is through benchmarking. This capability lets you compare your energy consumption to the standard amount used by companies just like yours. Some software even makes it possible for you to evaluate and compare your energy use to baselines developed by the amount of energy you have used in the past.

From troubleshooting to technical support, many EMS companies offer customer support through a variety of modes. Some provide trained consultants while others offer online support. Most offer user training, so you understand the ins and outs of the software you are purchasing.

Energy management systems can help you track, analyze and understand your energy use. Finding the right software with the features that work for you is essential to monitoring your energy usage and taking steps to conserve energy, which has global consequences.

BuildingIQ Review

BuildingIQ is a cloud-based energy management software, or EMS, that lets you track HVAC energy use, reduce costs and analyze operating strategies. This EMS is designed to help you make changes to your HVAC system to help improve its energy consumption and reduce air conditioning and heating bills at the same time. The program is supported by engineers to help you detect problems with your company's HVAC system, reduce your company's carbon footprint and improve operations. The system, however, does not come with benchmarking features that let you determine how efficient your system is compared to similar businesses.

This EMS is designed to work specifically with HVAC systems, but it can take longer to install than other systems. Installation can take a few days, and the time for the program to be fully deployed can take up to a few weeks. The expected results, according to the manufacturer, may not be seen for months, but the system is designed to detect almost any performance issue, like broken valves or damaged sensors, that might be draining energy and costing you more money.

Many of the issues that can cause your HVAC system to leak energy can be detected and fixed remotely. A team of engineers monitors this EMS so any issues can be fixed quickly without altering the comfort of your facility. The program monitors the entire building to determine how many occupants there are, whether the HVAC system is under greater demand because of an event and/or the weather. It can then change the pressure or temperature in the equipment to accommodate the system's various needs.

This EMS doesn't offer any benchmarking capabilities, though. But it can help you meet local and federal government regulations by reducing your carbon emissions. The manufacturer claims the product can improve your sustainability score by a complete NABERS point. NABERS is an Australian environmental rating system that rates the environmental efficiency of businesses, homes and other buildings in Australia.

The energy management software solution is cloud-based, and there are few upfront costs. This software is available only by monthly subscription. This lets you determine when you want to pay for it and when you don't. It also means, though, that you need to continually pay for this EMS for as long as you need it.

While Building IQ's EMS doesn't offer benchmarking, it offers plenty of support with behind-the-scenes engineers who are monitoring your HVAC system for energy leakage. This building energy management software can help you reduce carbon emissions, but it can take days to install before it can be used.

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EFT’s Energy Manager AutoStart Review

EFT’s Energy Manager AutoStart is designed for your business, especially if you have never used energy management software, or EMS, before. It lets you obtain data from one or more meters or control systems and monitor several types of utilities. It works with specific data collection devices to obtain information and transfer it to your system so it can be stored and managed. This software requires a subscription, and data can only be obtained online. Ongoing technical support is offered. Carbon emission reports and comparison reports are available for complying with government requirements as well as benchmarking your performance against your past usage and other businesses.

This energy monitoring software is a hosted service that requires internet access for you to obtain your data. The information collected about your utility use is found on a provided website, which requires a subscription. A one-year subscription to this website is provided when you purchase the EFT software, but you need to renew it each year.

Data is uploaded to the website either manually or through data-collecting devices like the EFT Nano, EFT Optimizer, EFT DATATrak or Tridium JACE. Information, such as the amount of water, electricity, natural gas or steam you use, is obtained by the devices at the control system or meter and transferred to the EFT center. You can then log onto the website and manage the information and obtain reports. Energy management systems then analyze all of the data and provide you with results you can understand.

This EMS offers several options when it comes to reporting, including annual reports, building performance reports and multiple meter reports. In addition, carbon emission reports are available to help you keep up with government and legal obligations your company might have. Comparison reports are also offered, letting you compare your energy usage to your past use and other companies.

Support for this building energy management system is provided from the start but doesn't stop there. You also receive user training and ongoing support from qualified professionals who can help you with everything from login problems to technical issues.

Having an energy manager system in place can help you monitor energy consumption and save money. EFT AutoStart requires a subscription but works with several data-collection devices, analyzes data for you and helps you obtain reports that you need to meet regulatory requirements. You also receive plenty of ongoing support and can benchmark your company against past use and comparable companies.

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EnerNOC Energy Intelligence Software Review

EnerNOC's Energy Intelligence Software lets you track energy usage based on certain elements and prioritize your management techniques to reduce the amount you pay for energy consumption. It provides you with one area in which you can analyze energy consumption, consolidate your bills and determine how your energy usage is affecting your budget. Full-time customer support is provided, as well as training. Some features are not available for all versions of the software, however.

This energy management software, or EMS, system is available in four different versions: basic, standard, professional and industrial. The basic and standard versions provide fewer features than the latter two. Each one, however, provides you with a single dashboard on which you can monitor your energy consumption, track trends and consolidate your bills. The system is hosted online only but can be accessed from any computer, Android smartphone and iOS device.

This energy monitoring software shows you real time data about your company's energy usage. It also reports on emissions, which can be used to meet government and shareholder obligations. All versions also let you compare your company to other companies like yours in regards to energy consumption. An additional feature is that you can compare your current performance against past usage.

Using energy management systems like this, you can also be alerted when your energy use exceeds your needs or budget. To help you plan and save on energy costs, this EMS lets you track payments you have made, identify when and where high amounts of energy are being used and predict how much energy new buildings or facilities will use.

EnerNOC provides a range of customer support options; however, the amount of support provided depends on the version of the software purchased. The most basic version comes with 24-hour customer support and basic training. Higher versions come with in-depth training, check-ins and access to energy and enterprise energy management software experts.

EnerNOC's Energy Intelligence Software can help companies like yours monitor, analyze and track energy use to determine how it is affecting your budget. In addition, you can also use this EMS to compare your consumption to past trends in other facilities. The software is available online and can be accessed from any computer and Android or iOS devices. While the basic version doesn't feature all of the customer support options you may want, the higher versions do offer plenty of technical support to keep you up-to-date and assist you with troubleshooting any issues that come up with the product.

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eSight Energy Review

eSight Energy Global Energy Management Software offers several features that let you track your energy data and keep costs within your budget. You can manage contracts with energy suppliers, benchmark your operation against different sites and companies and import or export data as needed. This energy management software, or (EMS, also alerts you if the data collected shows that energy levels are higher than you want them to be. In addition, it lets you create virtual meters and compare your meters against your energy bills.

This energy management program is designed to either be installed to your computers or hosted via the company's website. There are two options available: The first is the enterprise option, which can be tailored to meet your needs. The second option is the subscription option. This solution requires ongoing payments, can only be accessed online and has predetermined fixed settings.

With this energy dashboard software, you can monitor and analyze your energy usage in several different ways, including measuring the performance, demand and consumption. All of this data can be benchmarked against other sites and companies by using report templates provided by the software and virtual meters you create. This can give you a better understanding of how your company's energy consumption compares with similar companies and your past energy usage.

Data about your energy usage can be imported or exported to the energy management system through several different formats. This feature lets you control what information you are looking at on the software. It also gives you the ability to offload information into specific formats so you can share it with contractors, government agencies or partners. This helps you stay on top of government and legal obligations, such as the European Union's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, as well as Greenhouse Gas reporting and ISO 50001 requirements.

This EMS offers user training and online support. A contact phone number is also provided on the company's website, but it is not toll-free. However, the enterprise version offers bill verification, which lets you compare your virtual meter information with your energy bills to quickly identify discrepancies. Automatic alarms are also available to warn you when your energy usage falls outside your budget or tolerated levels.

While some features of eSight Energy's EMS are not available to those who choose the subscription option, there are elements that make it worthwhile, like its data import and export, benchmarking and virtual meters. This EMS also helps you stay in budget and meet legal reporting obligations. In addition, it offers user training and online support.

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GridPoint Enterprise Review

GridPoint Enterprise Energy Management Software features real time visualization of your energy data so you can make changes quickly to lower your costs and maximize your business operation's efficiency. This energy management software, or EMS, also comes with features like alarms that alert you to problems with your energy assets, a centralized dashboard that lets you control power consumption and a platform that reports energy issues across your company. Cloud-based data sharing is provided as well as technical support and benchmarking against baselines developed from previous energy consumption.

This energy dashboard software is designed as part of a suite of other services designed to help you reduce energy costs, reduce emissions and predict your future energy consumption. All of your company's energy data is displayed on a single dashboard, where you can control all of the energy usage and change site operations quickly. It can also be shared via the EMS cloud.

This EMS is made to help you monitor all of your energy consumption, but it is also designed to analyze and manage your energy assets, like your HVAC system and lighting. You are provided with real time data for each asset, which can help you track down problematic equipment and troubleshoot what is wrong with it quickly. Data, like temperature, power and mode of operation, are displayed for you on the dashboard so you can diagnose the problem without having to visit the site.

Site operation data is provided as well. You can choose how often this information is refreshed so you stay up to date. This data can be used by your energy manager to create a baseline of past energy consumption that can be compared to current usage.

When it comes to using energy management systems, you want to know that you are seeing all of the information necessary to save money and reduce energy consumption. This software is programmed to alert you if an operational issue is detected, as soon as it is detected. If you have difficulty determining how to respond to these alarms or how to operate any other part of the software, technical support is available online, by e-mail and via a toll-free number.

Obtaining data through this EMS is possible with a single dashboard and cloud sharing service. GridPoint's Enterprise EMS offers technical support, benchmarking against past usage and the ability to monitor your energy assets. In addition, it alerts you any time an operational issue occurs so you can quickly fix it and continue to maximize your business's energy efficiency.

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IBM TRIRIGA Energy Optimization Review

The IBM TRIRIGA Energy Optimization features a single dashboard that lets you view your building's energy usage and emissions. This software also gives you the ability to look at past use and compare it to your current needs and consumption. While this energy management software (EMS) is only available for the Linux operating system, you can use it to monitor your energy and equipment in real time.

This EMS is hosted only on Linux systems and requires a subscription. For the first year, the subscription is included in the product price. After that, you must renew the subscription annually. This software is designed specifically for building managers and owners and is used to capture data to help you reduce your energy costs while improving the longevity of your equipment.

The energy manager system collects information about your energy use and operational metrics. This information is then displayed on a single dashboard, where you can view current and past trends, comparing the two to determine how your consumption has changed and identify any errors. The dashboard also provides you with emissions analysis. According to the manufacturer, the software can be used to reduce a building's operating costs up to 35 percent and carbon dioxide emissions up to 40 percent. You can use the emissions data to comply with government-required reporting obligations.

On the software's dashboard, you can view how much energy each building is using and quickly identify when a problem has occurred with any equipment, like a water heater or air conditioning system, or if too much energy is being consumed. From the dashboard, you can then initiate service requests to determine where the anomalies are originating from and correct the problems. This can reduce costs and prevent your equipment from breaking down prematurely.

Support for this software for energy management is available on the IBM website. Service requests may be submitted, but many of the questions you might have can be answered by downloading certain documents. Downloads are available on many different subjects, including troubleshooting, installation and updated versions of the system. If you're not able to find an answer in one of the articles, you can reach IBM via live chat, email or toll free to speak with a representative.

Although IBM's TRIRIGA Energy Optimization software is only available on a Linux operating system and requires a subscription, there are several features that may interest you. This software is suited for building owners and managers. It can help you monitor your energy usage as well as the equipment that produces the energy. This EMS also gives you reports and compares your current and past energy consumption. In addition, IBM offers an array of article downloads as well as live chat, email and phone support to help you understand the system better.

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Panoramic Power PowerRadar Review

PowerRadar Software is a cloud-based energy management software system (EMS) that lets you monitor and understand how much energy each electrical component in your building is using when those electrical assets are connected to PowerRadar's hardware. The software features alarms and web-based tools. Data can be exported as needed to comply with reporting obligations and regulations. The system provides historical data to let you compare current and past energy consumption.

This enterprise EMS collects data from installed sensors on electrical equipment and provides real time information about how much energy each device is using. Data can also be imported from smart meters. All of this data is made available on a web-based dashboard, which lets you monitor energy usage and identify trends with your company's energy usage. The web platform may be accessed from any computer and most smart devices.

The dashboard also provides you with current and past information regarding energy management so you can compare the two. This can help you pinpoint when and where peak use is occurring. It can also assist you in figuring out if any anomalies are present. Anomalies in energy usage could indicate malfunctioning electrical equipment.

The data you obtain from this program can be exported from this cloud-based software to open API or a third party. This means you can share the information you have obtained with customers, shareholders, government agencies or even engineers that may be called in to repair an asset.

Addressing operational problems quickly is important, and this EMS system makes it possible for you to know exactly when something goes wrong. You can determine preset alarms on the dashboard to alert you to problems with your energy usage as soon as they occur. You can be notified via email, HTTP post notification or even by text message. If you have problems with the software, you can reach a customer support representative by email or by calling a toll-free number.

PowerRadar Software provides you with the ability to monitor your energy consumption, compare past and current energy usage and even send reports to energy-regulating third parties. With this system, you can monitor your electrical assets with sensors and analyze the data retrieved to determine how to reduce energy costs and save money. In addition, you have access to expert support for troubleshooting, tips and advice.

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PowerLogic ION EEM Review

PowerLogic ION EEM analyzes and manages all of your utilities and emissions while letting you benchmark energy performance. It is designed to help you spot errors quickly to reduce your energy costs. In addition, it features elements that help you predict future utility costs so you can budget for the amount of energy your company will need. The energy manager software works with multiple programs and devices to assist you in meeting compliance demands and reporting obligations to partners, customers and government agencies. Ongoing technical support is available to help you with troubleshooting and any questions you might have.

This energy management software (EMS) works with your current data-collecting devices and even other EMS programs to help you manage your emissions and utility costs in one interface. It features personalized dashboards, where you can monitor, manage and analyze all of your energy output data with charts, trends and reports. The software is hosted online, so an internet connection is required. However, you can use the reports and trends to benchmark or compare your performance with that of other sites.

All data can be viewed in real time. The energy dashboard software also features a rate engine that calculates your bills so you can determine if your utility bills are correct. This also lets you identify the rates for each customer or tenant you have. The system can analyze and monitor all services, including electricity, gas and water, and each of these rates can be calculated for you.

Emissions can be determined by the amount of energy used. The system converts all of this information into greenhouse gas emissions. This helps you better understand your carbon emissions and how your energy use affects the amount of emissions you produce. The information obtained by this software can be used for government and customer-reporting obligations.

While this system is only available online, it comes with plenty of customer support. The building energy management software comes with online, phone and in-person support. Online you can take advantage of user training and a vast knowledgebase. You can also request assistant in person and have a member of PowerLogic's support staff come to your company for training, troubleshooting and even maintenance. Some support services cost extra, but different levels are provided to fit different budgets.

While you may have to pay for some support, PowerLogic's ION EEM provides the features necessary to analyze, monitor and report your energy use. It also helps you identify errors quickly and calculate bills for each utility. In addition, the software lets you benchmark your consumption against other companies.

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SAP Review

The SAP Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Software serves your business in various ways by improving work practice safety, learning from past energy consumption and assessing risks to the environment caused by your business. One of this system's main features is its ability to monitor and report to you pollutant discharges caused by your production or equipment. The software also lets you compare your energy consumption and emissions to comparable companies. Data exchange is available as well, and the company offers plenty of support.

Many energy management systems, or EMS, are designed to help you assess the amount of energy you are using. This software offers more, giving you the ability to not only analyze and report emissions, but it provides information that can assist in improving the health and safety of your company. It also gives you templates that you can use to execute changes within your company and lets you monitor each change that has been made.

This EMS monitors and reports pollutant discharges and emissions caused by your equipment and other areas of your business. It also helps you comply with regulations regarding electrical components with conflict materials and keeps track of this information via its cloud-based solution. This can help you meet government reporting requirements. It is also able to document and evaluate your permits. If the government or a client needs proof you are meeting emissions and permit requirements, the information is readily available to them because this software lets you exchange compliance data with your partners via cloud-based software.

The energy management systems from SAP give you the ability to benchmark your business so that you can assess it and measure it against other businesses like yours to determine the impact of your products on the health and safety of your employees and the environment. Knowing how your company compares can help you address problems and reduce your emissions and energy use.

SAP offers user training to anyone who purchases the software. In addition, they have more than 15,000 trained consultants who can help you make the most of the program. Professional support can be obtained through a toll-free number, e-mail and online chat.

This EMS can help you determine your energy consumption and emissions. You can monitor and obtain reports on the environmental, safety and health of your business and share that data with governing agencies and your clients. In addition, you can obtain support and user training to help you understand the software.

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