A mailbox alert system informs you when you have mail. The system is typically attached to the mailbox so it can send the alert when the mailbox is opened. Depending on the type of alert used, the device may be connected to an indoor receiver. Some of these systems include the Mail Chime Wireless Mail Alert System, the Smarthome Mailbox Reminder Notification Alert Wireless Mail Alert System and the SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Doorbell

These devices can eliminate unnecessary trips to the mailbox, and those that use audible and LED alerts also provide an additional home security measure. Because these systems alert you when the mailbox is opened, you can know immediately if your mail is being tampered with or stolen outside of delivery hours. This allows you respond immediately and avoid identity theft.

Mailbox Alerts: What to Look For

Using a mailbox alert device can help you invest your time more wisely because instead of waiting for your mail to arrive or constantly going to the mailbox to check to see if it has come, you can focus on other tasks and wait for the alert to signal you. There are a few key features you need to look for when choosing this type of mail notification system for your mailbox, including range, alert type and wireless capability.

The range of a mailbox notification system refers to the furthest distance the device and the receiver can be apart, if one is used. When one of these systems uses a receiver, it is located in the home, and the importance of the range will depend on how far away your home is from your mailbox. Choosing a system that fits the range you need will ensure you receive an alert.

Alert Type
These systems use a variety of alerts to notify you when your mail has arrived, including LED lights, buzzers, bells and audible beeps. Some will ring your doorbell as a notification. Those that use flags require manual operation. For some, you will need to put the flag up to alert the mail carrier that outgoing mail is present, and he or she will put the flag down once the outgoing mail is received and replaced with your incoming mail. Other manual systems work differently; the flag used stays down until the mailbox is opened by the mail carrier. Once it is opened, the flag comes up to let you know you have you mail.

Wireless Capability
A wireless mail alert system works by sending a signal from the sensor to the receiver. The sensor is placed on or inside the mailbox, and when the box is opened, a wireless signal from the sensor to the receiver is sent, so you are alerted of the mail's arrival. Not all devices use wireless technology, however. Mailboxes using flags will not have this capability.

With a mailbox alert, you will know when your mail arrives, so you don't have to waste time checking for it. Find the right mailbox alert by evaluating your situation and the different features they offer.

Bubba’s Home Security Review

The Driveway Alarm from Bubba's Home Security uses motion detection to let you know when individuals are approaching your home, even before you actually see them. Using a motion sensor and receiver, this system is weather resistant and can be mounted anywhere that allows screws, but because of its motion sensor design, it is prone to false alarms.

While this mailbox alert system can be used for a wide range of alert-related options, it can be used as a mailbox alert. By installing the motion sensor near the mailbox, you can detect when a mail carrier or delivery person approaches your mailbox by the indoor receiver.

The sensor included with this mail alert system works using passive infrared technology. This means it detects heated movement and ignores everything else. While there is still a chance of false alarms occurring from birds, animals and individuals who are simply walking by your mailbox, the sensor can detect when a mail carrier approaches on foot or in a vehicle. Unfortunately, this means that the alarm may go off each time the neighbor walks his or her dog by your home.

This sensor is weather resistant, so it can be placed outdoors where your mailbox is. The receiver, which can be placed up to 300 feet away from the sensor, must be used indoors. The receiver unit requires a DC power adapter or three C batteries, and the sensor uses three AAA batteries, which are not included with your purchase.

This receiver does have three different mail alarm sounds: a soft doorbell tone, a loud doorbell tone and a 90-decibel siren alert. Each time motion is detected, an alarm will go off for about five seconds.

In addition to being used as a mailbox alert system, this motion sensor and receiver combination can also be used as a security device. When placed in certain areas, it can alert you to motion in your garage, driveway, alleyway, warehouse or at your front door. If you would like to use the system for more than one purpose, up to five sensors can be used with one receiver.

While this mail notification system does make effective use of infrared technology to detect heated motion and determine when your mail has been delivered, it can also cause false alarms, as it cannot tell the difference between a passerby and a mail carrier. It is weather resistant, though, and offers three audible alerts you can chose from. It can also be used as an alarm system for the rest of your home.

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Dakota Alert Review

The Dakota Alert Mailbox Alert uses wireless technology to inform you when your mailbox has been opened. It uses a sensor and a receiver with a long range of 1,000 feet and can be used on mailboxes that have horizontal hinges.

This mailbox alert device has a sensor that can be placed on the inside of your mailbox door. The sensor swivels, accommodating any horizontal hinge, whether your mailbox opens from the bottom or the top. It will not, however, work with vertical hinges or mailboxes that open from the side.

When the mailbox is opened, the sensor sends a signal to an indoor receiver, which can be located up to 1,000 feet away. The receiver then alerts you with an audible tone that your mailbox has been opened. During normal mail delivery hours, you can use this mailbox alert device to know instantly when your mail arrives. At other times of the day, you can use the alert to prevent theft of your mail, vandalism and possible identity theft. The receiver allows you to adjust the volume and type of alert to best suit your needs. There are 18 different alarms to choose from, so you can pick one that will sound unique in your home.

While this mail alert device can function up to 1,000 feet away from the receiver, it must still have a clear line-of-sight in order to do so. Walls, trees, bushes and disruptions in the land, such as hills, could affect the distance the receiver can be placed away from the sensor and the sensor's ability to function correctly. Mailboxes made of heavy metal materials can also make it difficult for the sensor to transmit its signal to the receiver.

The device lets you reset the system using a reset button. One of these buttons can be found on the receiver, but there is also one located on the sensor inside the mailbox. While this can be convenient when you are getting the mail but aren't planning on going back in the house, it can also limit the mailbox alert system's security abilities. The reset button on the sensor can easily be used by anyone who decides to open up the mailbox.

While there are security flaws with this mailbox alert system, the Dakota Alert Mailbox Alert has beneficial features. Because of its 1,000-foot range, 18 different audible alerts and the ability to work with any horizontally hinged mailbox, it is a good option to consider.

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Mail Chime Review

Hanna Products Inc. Mail Chime works by sending a wireless signal from a sensor in your mailbox to a receiver that can be plugged into any outlet in your home. It features audible and visual alerts, volume control, and a 450-foot range.

This mail alert system works with curbside, wall-mounted and slot mailboxes that have horizontal hinges that making the mailbox open up or down. On slot and wall-mounted mailboxes, the sensor can be attached to the inside or outside of the mailbox, but on curbside mailboxes, the sensor should be attached to the inside of the mailbox door using the provided double-sided tape. This system will not work with cluster mailboxes or those that operate with vertical hinges.

When you receive mail, the sensor responds by sending a signal to the receiver, which can be plugged into any outlet in your home. The receiver beeps four times to alert you of the mail arrival and a bright red LED bulb lights up. The bulb serves as an additional alert in case you don't hear the beeps, and it can also be used if you are hearing impaired and unable to hear the audible alert. The mail alert receiver also features volume control, allowing you to adjust the volume of the beeps so that they are more noticeable to you.

The sensor and receiver of this mail chime system can be placed up to 450 feet away from one another. However, this distance is shorter if certain things interfere with the wireless signal, such as trees, walls or other radio signals. To ensure optimal performance, there should be a clear line-of-sight between the receiver and sensor, and the receiver should be plugged into the exterior wall closest to the sensor's location.

Included with this mailbox alert system is the sensor, double-sided tape, 12-volt A23 battery for the sensor, AC adaptor and receiver. The battery is required for the sensor and generally lasts two to five years. The system will not work correctly when the battery is low, so replacing it on occasion is important.

This mailbox alert device doesn't work with vertically hinged mailboxes and may have trouble communicating a signal through trees and too many walls. That being said, it does have a 450-foot range, comes with everything you need to use it immediately and works with slot, wall-mounted and curbside horizontally hinged mailboxes.

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Return-to-Center Review

The MAIL Tattle-Tail from Return-to-Center helps you avoid wasted trips to the mailbox by providing you with a simple, manual alert. While some assembly is required and this flag cannot be installed on all mailboxes, it lets you know each and every time you have mail.

This mailbox alert system uses a bright yellow flag to let you know when mail has arrived. The flag is made out of aluminum and uses stainless steel hardware. It doesn't use any type of chain, cord or spring that could break, either. These materials keep the rust away while ensuring the flag works in any type of weather as long as the mailbox door is able to open.

This mailbox alert works in conjunction with your mailbox door. When the door is opened, the flag goes up. It stays up even after the door is closed, until you push it down again. Because of the way this flag operates, it will need to be used with a horizontally hinged mailbox. It will not work with vertically hinged mailboxes and cluster mailboxes.

Using this type of mail alert system is useful for glancing outside to check your mail while you're home. The flag tells you whether or not your mail has arrived, so you don't have to play any guessing games about whether you have mail when you come home after being away. You can also use the flag as an extra security measure. If the flag is up after normal delivery hours, you know that someone has been tampering with your mailbox and mail and can be on alert.

You can mount this device on either the right or left of your mailbox. When choosing, you need to consider which side you see best from your home, as the flag should be easily visible on the mounted side. If you are using this flag on a mailbox with a newspaper tube, you will have to use a right-mounted flag.

Installing the mail notification flag does require some assembly, as it is purchased separately from a mailbox. All of the hardware you need is included, but you also need a Phillips number two screwdriver, a .25-inch wrench and a drill with a .25-inch drill bit. You need to drill a hole in the side of the mailbox first and then bolt the flag to the mailbox using the provided hardware.

While there is some assembly required with this mail alert device and it can only be used with horizontally hinged mailboxes, it does provide you with an easy way to tell when you have mail. In addition, it offers an option of having a right- or left-mounted flag. It has a rust-free construction and a rugged exterior for outdoor use.

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Rubbermaid Review

The Original Curbside Mailbox from Rubbermaid is a mailbox with a manual alert system. It features durable polymer construction, is weather resistant, and protects against rust, rot and denting.

This product is a mailbox and mailbox alert combination. The mailbox has a strong polymer construction, so it can resist the elements and keep your mail dry and protected. The rugged design also helps it last for a long time and protects it from rot, dents and rusting.

There are two manual flag alerts with this mailbox alert system. The first is for the mail carrier. When you place mail in the box, you can raise the red flag on the side to let the carrier know outgoing mail is ready for them to pick up. The second manual flag alert comes as an additional option. You can install this flag on either side of the mailbox, so you can see the notification from your home. When the door is opened by the mail carrier, the yellow notification flag will pop up so that you can see that you have mail.

Despite the fact that this mail notification system gives you no audible alert when your mail is delivered, it only requires a glance toward the mailbox to know that your mail has arrived. While this can come in handy for normal mail delivery, it doesn't give instant notification when the mailbox is being opened via an alert that could draw you away from your normal everyday tasks. Because of this, it isn't the right option for protecting against vandalism, preventing your mail from being tampered with or stopping theft.

The optional mail alert flag is the only extra part included with the mailbox. You need to make the additional purchase of a post, bracket and mounting screws. These are sold together, but separately from the mailbox and are specifically made for this model. The mailbox is 11.5 x 21.0 x 9.5 inches, offering enough space for most small packages, large letters and magazines.

While it doesn't offer a lot of security, this mailbox and mailbox alert system combination does keep your mail dry and lets you know when you have letters and packages waiting for you. It doesn't come with the bracket, post and mounting screws needed to install it, but it does offer plenty of space for your mail and a weather-resistant and durable exterior.

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SadoTech Review

The SadoTech Wireless Motion Sensor Doorbell allows you to detect exactly when your mailbox is opened. It features a wide range of ringtones and an operating range of more than 500 feet.

This system is made up of two parts: a motion sensor and a receiver. While it can be used as a mailbox alert, it is also designed to be used as a regular doorbell, a low-cost perimeter alert system or a driveway alert system. It can even be placed in front of a window or door to alert you when they are opened.

When using the device as a mailbox alert system, you can place or mount the motion detector near your mailbox. Each time it is approached, the sensor will send a signal to the receiver, which will provide you with an audible alert. While this lets you know when your mail arrives, it can also contribute to false alarms. Anyone walking by your mailbox can set off the detector, which will not be able to tell the difference.

This mailbox notification system does have a long range, however. It can be placed up to 500 feet away from the receiver. Trees, walls and other object blocking the line of sight may interfere with the signal between the two devices. The motion sensor itself doesn't have a very large range of detection, about 10 to 15 feet. This is typically enough to detect a mail carrier delivering packages and letters.

The motion sensor requires a battery to operate, which is included, but the receiver can simply be plugged into any outlet in your home. It features more than 50 ringtones you can choose from. The receiver also has four adjustable volume levels, which range from 25 decibels to 110 decibels, allowing you to choose an alert level you are comfortable with and can hear from anywhere in your home. The volume can also be turned down completely on days you don't want to be interrupted by mail alarms.

Included with this kit is the plugin receiver, the motion sensor and motion sensor battery. The anchors and screws required for installing the sensor are also included, so you will have what you need to begin using the device as soon as you have it in your hands.

As a mailbox alert device, this doorbell and motion sensor can detect when an individual or vehicle approaches your mailbox, but it will not be able to determine whether mail was delivered or if the individual was just walking by. It does, however, feature a 500-foot range, more than 50 ringtones and four levels of adjustable volume. In addition, it can be used for more than detecting when your mail arrives. It is also designed to work as a motion sensor doorbell, driveway alert device and small perimeter alert.

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Safety Technology International Review

The Safety Technology International STI-34200 Wireless Mailbox Alert uses a four-channel receiver to alert you when your mailbox is full. Its long range and low battery supervision allow for optimum detection.

This mailbox alert system features a transmitter or sensor and an indoor four-channel receiver. The two parts can be up to 1,000 feet away from one another, making this system ideal if you have a longer driveway or your mailbox isn't close to your home. The sensor needs a clear line of sight to transmit a signal to the receiver, though. If trees, bushes or structures are blocking the path between the transmitter and receiver, the alert system may not work.

The mail alert transmitter works in one of two ways. The first way is using a tilt sensor. To use this sensor, the transmitter must be placed inside the mailbox on the back of the door. Each time the door is opened and tilted down, the sensor sends a signal. It can also be placed on the outside of the mailbox using a magnetic contact with an 18-inch lead and a remote wired switch. This type of installation allows the sensor to detect when the mailbox is opened and is useful when the mailbox in question is made completely of metal. The first option will not work with metal mailboxes, as the metal keeps the sensor from transmitting a signal.

Once the signal is transmitted by the mailbox alert device, it will chime and flash to let you know that mail has arrived. The receiver can also be connected wirelessly to other transmitters as well. Each will produce a different chime each time they are triggered.

The receiver uses AC power in order to function correctly, and a 120-volt AC input/12-volt DC output adapter is included. The mail alert sensor requires a 3-volt lithium battery, which is included, and the battery has an estimated lifespan of five years. The system supervises the battery use for your convenience. The unit will beep once each minute if a low battery is detected. You need to replace the battery when this occurs to keep receiving accurate alerts. If the transmitter is lost, stolen or loses signal, the receiver will beep once a minute as well.

This mailbox alert has many beneficial features, including a long range, low battery supervision and two different options for installation. It doesn't work well with metal mailboxes, though, and will not operate if its line of sight isn't completely clear.

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Smarthome Review

The Smarthome SELECT Wireless Mailbox Reminder and Mail Alert System uses wireless communication via radio frequency to let you know when your mailbox is opened. Unfortunately, the range between the transmitter and receiver is only 300 feet, and the system will only work with certain types of mailboxes.

This mail alert system uses a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter, or sensor, is placed inside the mailbox on the back of the door using a provided, preinstalled Velcro strip. Using a tilt sensor, it sends a wireless signal to the receiver, which can be no more than 300 feet away, when the mailbox door is opened. The receiver sounds an audible alert by beeping a few times to let you know that the mail has arrived. The receiver also features an LED light for those who are hearing impaired. If this option is used, a reset button is located on the receiver to turn the light off once it is noticed.

If the distance between your home and your mailbox is longer than 300 feet, about the length of a football field, this particular mailbox notification system will not work for you. The device needs a clear line of sight in order to work properly as well. Obstacles like trees, outside radio interference and the number of walls between the outside and where you place the receiver in your home can limit the capability of this system and the distance the signal is able to travel.

This mailbox alert system can be used on almost any wall-mounted, curbside or slot-type mailbox, as long as the hinges open up or down. It doesn't work on mailboxes that open up from side to side. It also doesn't work well with mailboxes that are made out of heavy metal. Like with most wireless devices, metal can interfere with the radio signal between the transmitter and receiver.

One of the biggest benefits of this wireless mail alert system is the custom identification codes that are preprogrammed into the device. The unique coding means the transmitter will only signal your receiver when mail arrives, no matter how many of your neighbors are using the same device.

While this mailbox alert doesn't work with all types of mailboxes and its wireless capability may depend on a direct line of sight, it does offer a number of benefits, including unique coding, easy installation with a preinstalled Velcro strip and an LED light feature for the hearing impaired. For these reasons, the Smarthome SELECT Wireless Mailbox Reminder and Mail Alert System is worth a look if your needs to not conflict with the device's limitations.

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UniquExceptional Review

The UniquExceptional Mailbox Reminder works with a receiver and sensor that can be up to 300 feet away from one another. It only works with basic types of mailboxes, but it does send an instant alert each time your mailbox opens.

This mail alert system comes with a receiver unit, a transmitter that is already equipped with mounting Velcro, an instruction manual and a 6-volt DC adapter. The adapter is for the receiver, which needs to be placed inside your home. The sensor requires two AAA batteries in order to work correctly, but these are not included with the system.

The receiver and sensor can be placed 250 to 300 feet away from one another, about the distance of a football field. If your mailbox is further away from your home, this isn't the system for you. To ensure the wireless signal between the two is not interrupted, there should be a clear line of sight and as few walls as possible between the two devices. Trees, walls and other radio signals can all interfere with the sensor's ability to send a wireless signal to the receiver.

The sensor can be placed on the inside of the mailbox, on the back of the door. It will only work with mailboxes that have traditional horizontal hinges, however. It cannot be used with those that open from side to side. Once your mailbox is opened, the sensor signals the receiver. The receiver then alerts you with a beeping sound and a flashing light to indicate the mail has arrived. Once you notice the light or mail chime, you can press the reset button to turn off the alert.

This mailbox alert informs you immediately when your mail has arrived, but it also works well as a security measure to prevent identity theft. It will beep and flash any time of the day your mailbox is opened, letting you know if your mail is being tampered with.

The UniquExceptional Mailbox Reminder mailbox alert system may not work well with vertically hinged mailboxes, and the receiver and sensor only function when they are less than 300 feet from one another, but it is capable of alerting you quickly when mail arrives. It offers a combination of flashing light and beeping sound, complete wireless capability and easy reset button to help you get your mail on time.

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