An online nanny service provides a convenient option for families who are searching for a temporary or long-term care provider for children, elderly or disabled loved ones. Hiring a nanny can be an intimidating process that involves entering into an employer-employee relationship, which comes with a number of financial and management complexities. Sites such as, Sittercity and GoNannies reduce the complexity of finding and hiring a nanny.

Online Nanny Services: What to Look For

A site that offers the right services for you and your family is a critical component of a nanny search. Online nanny sites include businesses that simply link potential nannies with families, but also full-service organizations that handle most of the work for you. When vetting nanny sites, consider whether they offer background checks, payroll and human resource services, guarantees, and diverse service options.

Background Checks & Screenings
Unless you are dealing with a listing-only service, an online nanny finder company is likely to provide at least minimal background information. Background checks might include criminal and civil checks to find out if the nanny has been convicted of any crime or been involved in a lawsuit. Civil checks are important when dealing with a nanny, because they let you know whether any former client sued the worker for any reason. Some companies offer in-depth screening, including credit checks and education verification. You should also find out whether the nanny service calls former employers for recommendations.

Employer Services
Finding a nanny online is only the first step in the nanny-employment process. While some sites do connect you with traditional babysitters, many sites also connect you with professionals seeking full- or part-time employment. Employing a professional in this capacity means you have to pay attention to employer regulations and taxes. Look for a nanny company that helps you with these requirements through online payroll functions and human resource assistance.

Ideally, your nanny search will end with the right candidate that has a relationship with your family for years. Even with background checks, help from a professional service and an extensive interview process, the ideal situation doesn't always occur. A nanny with extensive qualifications might not mesh with your family personally. Find out whether any potential service you provide offers a guarantee to replace a nanny if the original hire doesn't work out in the first few weeks or months.

Diverse Services
Depending on your needs, you may want a service that provides diverse appointments. Service options might include child care with house cleaning, educational provisions for homeschooling, elder care, in-home or out-of-home care, or transportation.

Finding the right company, or nanny cam, to help with your nanny hire can make a big difference to both your stress levels and the final outcome. Discover more about various services before you make your decision.

4Nannies Review

The 4Nannies site is a confidential and secure online nanny service that lets child care providers search a list of jobs in their areas. The site operates as a backward nanny search where nannies enter their zip code or city to look for job openings posted by families. The site also offers some services for those looking to hire a nanny, such as background checks.

It is free for nannies to use this reverse online nanny finder to locate jobs in their area, but some additional services come with a fee. Background checks on the site, which the company does guarantee, are provided in the form of three different packages.

The basic package includes a search of millions of national criminal records. The gold package includes the criminal records search and a search of nearby county courts, a check of the National Sex Offender Registry and validation of social security number. The platinum background check includes all these items plus a national alias search, a driving report and a search of one additional county court. Families who are hiring someone through this online nanny agency might find that opting for the gold or platinum background check is worth the fee, as it protects you against unknowingly hiring a criminal or illegal resident.

The 4Nannies site partners with other online nanny services to create a network of both providers and job listings, which can increase a nanny's chance of finding work in the area and a family's chance of finding a provider. You can search the site by zip code, city or state, and care providers can specify whether they are looking for temporary, part-time or full-time employment. Providers can also specify whether they are nannies or babysitters.

In addition to connecting providers and families, 4Nannies provides advice about securing employment or hiring a care provider on its blog. Articles include tips for developing employer-employee relationships and screening nannies. Tips for care providers include activities, how-to articles and lists of resources for kids.

4Nannies has been in operation since 1998, and it is a bare-bones site that is simple to navigate. While there aren't many extra features, the site lets nannies determine quickly whether there are potential jobs listed in their areas.

Back to Top Review is an online nanny finder that connects you with individuals willing to provide a variety of in-home care services. The site lets you create job listings, interact with potential candidates and manage payments through a third-party payment solution.

This is less of a nanny search site than a broker between service providers and families. You create an account to list a job, and the site guarantees responses from potential caregivers within three days. One benefit of the service is that you can access versatile providers – the site lets caregivers offer child care services that include full-time nanny services or babysitting, as well as day care and camp options. Some providers also offer tutoring or other special services.

This online nanny agency also lets you post jobs for senior care, including part-time companion and transportation positions, or more demanding dementia and personal care jobs that require bathing, mobility tasks and some basic health care. Other types of providers you can find through include housekeepers, housesitters, and pet care workers to provide grooming, training, walking or boarding services.

The online nanny service site doesn't include in-house employer services, but it does work with a third-party company called Breedlove to reduce how much time you spend paying your care providers. Breedlove's product, called HomePay, integrates with to provide payroll management and tax filing, and the company offers support options via telephone.

With, you control a lot of the process of searching for nanny services. You create job listings and read profiles for responding applicants, so this isn't a recruiting service. You also have to request background checks for any applicants you are seriously considering, but the check is run through, which likely saves time and work during pre-interview processes. Once you narrow the list, you interview the candidates and check references as desired before making a hiring decision. deals with over 14 million members in 16 or more countries, so the site offers diverse access to hundreds of caregivers.

It's not guaranteed that you'll find a caregiver in your specific area through, particularly if you live in a sparsely populated region. However, the ability to create and manage your own listings provides precise control over the hiring process, which is likely to work for families who want to be very involved.

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eNannySource Review

You can conduct an online nanny search at eNannySource or post your own job for fulfillment. Once you post a job, nannies from your area may apply, and you can use the site's tools to screen, interview and hire a child care provider.

eNannySource is exclusively an online nanny finder, so you probably won't find providers willing to perform other services such as senior or pet care. You can sign up for a free account to browse some of the nanny services providers offer so you can get an idea of whether the site will meet your family's needs before you pay for a membership. Paid membership is required before you can access contact information for any of the nannies you find on the site.

Over 9,000 nannies have listed themselves on the site. While you're most likely to find a provider in major cities such as Los Angeles or Denver, the site does have providers listed for smaller areas. In addition to searching for a full-time or long-term nanny, you can use the site to connect with care providers who are willing to work over the summer break only.

One background check is included with each membership. The online nanny service provides a basic background report for those with a one-month membership and offers a gold background report for those with three- and six-month memberships. Extra court fees apply when conducting a background check in New York state. You can also pay to upgrade to a gold or platinum background report in any location.

This isn't a full-service online nanny agency, and it doesn't provide employer services such as payroll assistance. eNannySource does provide a success kit to assist you in finding and hiring the right nanny. The kit includes a guide for hiring, sample interview questions, an employment application, a reference checklist and an employment contract. Membership also includes an email account for communicating with potential candidates so you don't have to give out your own personal email address.

While eNannySource acts as a broker or job-listing site and doesn't provide any guarantees about the nanny you hire, it does present a comprehensive hiring process. Through the site, you can access all the major tools required to hire someone.

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GoNannies Review

GoNannies is a subscription-based online nanny finder that offers members services such as background checks and professional consultations to help you find the right care provider for your family. In addition to nanny services, GoNannies connects families with providers who are willing to clean, cook and handle senior care.

This online nanny service is subscription-based and includes access to a hiring kit, job postings and live support. The hiring kit includes resources and templates that help you conduct interviews and evaluate care providers. The subscriptions also include access to background checks; at the lowest level, you can access a free database plus a county check. A suite of background checks is available, though added costs may be associated with them. In addition to background checks, you can look at online references for care providers before you contact them for screening or interview purposes.

A specific guarantee is not posted on the GoNannies site, but the company does provide families complimentary consultations with a hiring professional to ensure that placements are appropriate for everyone involved. Since the site offers so many provider options, this may be a good service to take advantage of, particularly if you have not hired a nanny before.

In addition to sitters and nannies for dependents of all ages, you can hire housekeepers, personal chefs and personal assistants through the site. Personal assistants provide services such as running errands, handling professional duties for small business owners, making reservations and handling research regarding purchases. You can also find providers who are willing to handle a variety of tasks, such as a combination of child care and domestic care duties.

The site offers coupon codes from time to time that let you access its nanny search services at a discount. You don't commit to a contract or automated renewals and can decide not to continue with the service at any time.

While this online nanny agency does provide support options, including live customer service via telephone, it doesn't appear to provide employer services for families. You might be on your own negotiating rates, setting up paychecks and handling tax reporting. Otherwise, GoNannies is suited for families new to hiring a nanny because of the one-on-one support.

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GreatAuPair Review

The GreatAuPair online nanny service features four subscription levels, including an introductory, free subscription. You can also purchase reports, references checks and background checks through the site before you hire any potential nanny candidate.

The site lists providers who offer nanny services, but you can also find babysitters, petsitters, tutors, senior care providers and housekeepers on it. To conduct a nanny search, you must sign up for an account. A free account lets you access the nanny listings and send and respond to emails within the system. A one-month or three-month subscription provides access to video and photo galleries, lets you email a nanny candidate securely and grants an in-depth interview.

GreatAuPair offers a guarantee of successful hire, but you have to purchase a six-month subscription to be eligible. The guarantee provides you with an additional free six-month subscription if you don't find a caregiver within the first six months. The guarantee is also available for those seeking a job. GreatAuPair does require that you complete an honest profile within two weeks of signing up for the online nanny finder. You also have to attempt three sincere contacts with other members every week during the six-month period to benefit from the guarantee.

This online nanny agency offers a number of background reports for additional fees. You can choose to check an applicant against U.S. or Canadian criminal records, search the National Sex Offender Registry, and even verify that the applicant isn't a known or suspected terrorist. If you expect that your care provider will be driving your children or you plan to let them use your vehicle, you might want to purchase a motor vehicle report, and you can also purchase a reference checks package, and GreatAuPair will check a nanny's references and provide you with a written report.

GreatAuPair presents a number of digital security certifications, so your data and payment information should be safe. You can search for candidates throughout the world. Even before you sign up for a subscription, you can view basic candidate profiles to see if there are care providers in your area. Profiles include names, pictures, age, location, weekly rate, number of years of experience, availability and the type of job the candidate is seeking. Job seekers on the site are looking for both live-in and part-time nanny opportunities.

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Nannies4Hire Review

Nannies4Hire is an online nanny service that lets you sign up for a subscription of two, four or six months and access information about nannies in your area. You can use the site to search, interview, screen and hire a local nanny.

The access you gain to this online nanny agency depends on which package you pay for. The two-month membership includes access to resumes posted by potential nannies and the ability to post jobs. The four-month service also includes a criminal search for multiple states, and the six-month subscription adds the benefit of background checks. You can also purchase background checks separately as an add-on to any of the packages, but the pricing structure indicates this might be more expensive than the subscription price.

Before you purchase a package with Nannies4Hire, you can conduct a free nanny search that gives you a preview of some of the providers available in your area. The free search lets you ensure there are available providers before you pay for the service. Registered families gain access to nanny contact information as well as tools such as samples of contracts, interview questions and reference forms.

According to the list of locations where nanny services are offered by listed providers, Nannies4Hire is able to serve most people in the United States. You may have trouble finding a provider through the site if you live in a small town or rural area, though.

A unique service offered by this online nanny finder is event child care. The service partners with event planners and coordinators to provide on-site nannies for those attending conferences, weddings and other events. Nannies4Hire guarantees these nannies using a background check and interview process to ensure qualifications, licenses and liability insurance. The same guarantee doesn't apply in situations where you hire a nanny through the site, since Nannies4Hire assumes you have vetted the nanny before making a hiring decision.

Nannies4Hire offers a resource center for both families and nannies. Assistance available in the resource center includes documents on understanding the different types of child care providers, tips on creating job descriptions and information about how much you might want to pay a nanny to keep good help.

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Nanny Authority Review

Nanny Authority is more than a basic nanny search site. It screens both families and nannies to ensure that placements are as safe and appropriate as possible. You can find live-in nannies, nanny housekeepers, summer child care providers, personal assistants and household managers on the site.

The online nanny service begins by screening nanny applicants. The screen includes verification of the nanny's education background, work history and child care experience. The agency checks references, speaking with previous employers and any personal references listed by the applicant. Nanny Authority's nanny services also include detailed background checks at the time you make a job offer. The background check includes a nationwide driving record check, a criminal background check conducted in each state the nanny says he or she has worked, verification of social security number, and a check of the National Sex Offender Registry.

Nanny Authority partners with a third-party service to provide payroll services for employers. When you hire a nanny, you become an employer, which means you have to consider taxes and benefits. The third-party service, offered by Pavilion Group, includes payroll processing, tax reporting and benefits management. Pavilion Group also has partners who can assist with concerns in areas such as immigration law and workers' compensation.

While this online nanny agency provides screenings and third-party services, responsibility for a hiring decision is still on the family, which means you'll want to conduct interviews for yourself. Nanny Authority provides some resources to help families who are new to the nanny-hiring process. You can access interview tips and sample questions via the site. Nanny Authority also offers articles on topics such as keeping your family safe when dealing with nannies and other in-home service providers.

Nanny Authority does not publish subscription prices or membership fees, and both nannies and families have to apply to be listed in this online nanny finder. Before searching for nannies, you must complete an application that includes contact information and location, how you heard about the service and a job description for the position you are seeking to fill.

The positions Nanny Authority works to fill include all types of child care. You can hire a governess willing to travel with the family, a nurse for a baby, a nanny that lives in your home or a provider that cares for your children a few days a week.

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Nanny Poppinz Review

Nanny Poppinz is both an online nanny agency and a child care service with physical locations in 19 states. The agency matches families with providers who offer a range of services, including babysitting, full-time child care and traveling child care.

The online nanny service does not charge membership dues or upfront fees. You only pay the agency once you successfully find a nanny. Nanny Poppinz conducts background checks of all nannies in its listings and ensures that they are legally able to work in the United States. Each nanny placement is guaranteed for six months, and the nanny service even provides a backup provider in the event the nanny you hire is unable to perform temporarily because of illness or another personal matter.

This online nanny finder lists providers who are able and willing to deliver specialty child care services, such as newborn care, at-night newborn care, tutoring, and disaster and emergency child care. Nanny Poppinz also connects corporate entities with nannies who can provide child care in a corporate, convention or event setting. Families with senior care needs might be able to find a provider willing to care for the elderly, and some providers in the nanny search offer additional services such as cleaning or cooking.

Pricing for nanny placement varies by location and is usually based on the nanny's annual salary. Nanny Poppinz lists the pricing details for each location on its site, but costs are generally a percentage of the nanny's salary or a flat rate for part-time or temporary positions. Discounts are available for military and law enforcement families who hire through the agency.

The service has connected over 24,000 families with child care providers and has worked with corporate organizations such as the Atlanta Braves to provide child care. The agency provides extra resources for hiring, including sample forms and interview questions. You can download forms that help your nanny care for your children, including health care authorizations. Nanny Poppinz also provides suggestions for how you might provide full-time nannies with benefits such as health insurance, though the agency does not handle either payroll or benefits for families.

Nanny Poppinz's web services are available in any location at any time. For additional assistance in hiring a nanny, if you are located in a city where the agency has an office, you can take advantage of its face-to-face services.

Back to Top Review

Both nannies and families can register for the online nanny agency at for free, though paid memberships include more services, as well as the ability to access contact details for job posters and seekers. Memberships for this online nanny service are offered in both one-month and nine-month packages.

As a member of, you gain access to a nanny search service that includes advanced search options, a full-service email center and the ability to provide suggestions about the service. Providers on the site offer a range of services, including traditional child care, mother's help and nursing. You can also find applicants willing to provide housekeeping services or search for nannies in other countries if you plan to travel with your family. lets you adjust settings on your profile so that the online nanny finder can match you with possible candidates. The service sends you an email when new providers who might be a match for your needs register. The automated notification means you don't have to spend a lot of time searching the nanny listings, and you don't have to search on a regular basis to see any new profiles.

This nanny service doesn't include hiring tools such as interview checklists or background checks, so you might have to seek those services elsewhere or check criminal and other records yourself. Since the service places nannies in all countries, it does provide some information and some assistance regarding visa paperwork.

Both providers and families can add documents to their profiles in Microsoft Word format so that you can peruse nanny resumes or upload a list of criteria so that potential nannies can read about your needs before they contact you. posts a liability waiver regarding the content that others upload to its site, so they are not guaranteeing that anything you read in a profile or nanny application is accurate. You have to conduct your own reference checks and interviews to decide if a potential nanny is providing an honest profile. does not provide any refunds on membership fees. Even if you cancel a membership before the termination date, you will not receive a partial refund. The site does provide global nanny listings and lets you search for international nannies who are willing to move to your location.

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Sittercity Review

Sittercity is a babysitting and nanny brokerage site that acts as a middleman to connect you with individuals who provide babysitting or nanny services. You post a job by completing information and answering a few questions regarding your sitting needs, and the site makes that information available to professionals who have also signed up for the service. Those individuals then contact you to apply for the position and you make a hiring decision.

You can also use the site's online nanny finder to browse listings for sitters and nannies in your area. Creating an account and searching for a nanny is free on the site. You gain access to thousands of sitters and nannies; roughly 4,000 sitters are added to the site daily. After conducting a nanny search, you can request background checks on selected individuals through the site, though that may require a fee. You can also read more about sitters from other Sittercity members to get an idea of their professionalism, child care skills and reliability.

Sittercity isn't a full-service online nanny agency, which means it doesn't conduct interviews or screenings for you. You actually schedule phone interviews to screen your own candidates, and then it's usually a good idea to meet a few of your top picks in person before making a decision. Sittercity offers its sitters the ability to take the Advanced Child Training Course from the American Red Cross. That course includes CPR and infant and child first aid.

As it is primarily a sitting and online nanny service, you probably won't find a lot of individuals on Sittercity who are prepared to take care of pets, handle dependent adults or clean house during sitting stints. Before you make a hiring decision, make sure you discuss the job details with the candidate to ensure that everyone is on the same page about your requirements.

There doesn't appear to be any specific guarantee regarding the services the sitters on Sittercity provide, which makes sense because it acts as a job-listing site more than a hiring agency. The site doesn't seem to provide much in the way of employer services either, such as payroll and tax assistance, though it does offer a mobile app for finding sitters, and it has partnered with the Department of Defense to offer free services to military families.

Sittercity provides nanny and sitter search options for a variety of locations, including numerous large cities. Some individuals in more rural locations may have a difficult time finding sitters on the site.

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