Snow cone machines conjure up memories of balmy summer afternoons. These devices make an effective companion to outdoor festivals, little league baseball games and backyard barbeques. Whether you have a dedicated server or just want to scoop a cone for ice yourself, snow cone machines simplify the process. These machines take everyday ice cubes and shave them down in minutes. You can see more about the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Snow Cone Maker, the Paragon Blizzard Snow Cone Machine and the Carnival King Snow Cone Ice Machine here.

Snow cone machines can create solid summer income streams, too. When you want to offer these sweet summer treats to your customers, these special machines make it easy to produce sellable items at a faster rate than you could by hand. Many commercial units come with features to help hold and display one cone while you scoop the next one.

Snow Cone Machines: What to Look For

Snow cone machines come in many different sizes. Some carry more ice. Some favor portability in their designs. Below are some important elements to consider as you make your selection.

Home or Commercial
Those who sell snow cones need different features than those who plan to enjoy them at home. Commercial snow cone machines support greater quantities of ice, so you can sell more units without having to refill your machine as often. Home machines make far less ice, sometimes only enough for one cone at a time, so you do not need to crush too much ice to enjoy a simple snack.

Home snow cone machines usually fit on the counter. They cost less and they make fewer cones at a time. When you know how you plan to enjoy your snow cones, you can determine whether a home or commercial unit will provide the volume of cones you need.

Whether you want to stroll through a park or set the snow cone machine up for a party in your yard, it helps to have a wheeled cart. Some machines even come with matching carts. This unique detail adds some panache to the way you present your snow cone machine, and it can make an especially effective advertising tool on commercial units.

Home machines may not need a cart, and countertop models do not often come with cart attachments. This limits the space they take up and keeps the cost lower than many commercial models.

When you need to create more than one cone at a time, handy shelves hold the products that have already been scooped. These trays make it easier to work with larger quantities, especially at parties and in commercial environments.

Snow cone machines create cold treats for all sorts of occasions. Whether you plan to sell shaved ice or enjoy some yourself or family, these machines make it easy to crush just the right amount of ice.

Benchmark Snowbank 71000 Review

The Benchmark Snowbank Snow Cone Machine produces large quantities of shaved ice, up to 500 pounds of ice per hour. It also comes with an optional cart. This snow cone machine offers several features especially for use in commercial environments.

The ice cabinet measures 16 inches by 16 inches. The snow machine, including the cabinet, measures 24 inches tall. Without a load of ice, it weighs slightly less than 50 pounds. The optional cart makes it easier to move this ice machine around, especially at parties or public events. The machine displays signs and logos across both the cabinet and the cart, so you can advertise anywhere you go. This snow cone machine uses tinted glass panels to protect shaved ice against the sun's heat. The ice chute and press are made of cast aluminum, and the service door is made of polycarbonate.

The aluminum chute at the top of the snow machine gives you enough room to feed ice using a large bag of ice. This makes it easy to fill throughout the day. The snow cone machine uses a 635-watt motor, mounted at the top of the unit, to crush the ice. The internal blades spin at a rate of 1,700 RPM, shredding the ice quickly even when it's pushed through in large quantities.

The snow cone maker features a slanted base in the cabinet that helps with cleanup. As the ice melts, a single drainage plug allows water to drain quickly. This speeds up the draining process and makes it easy to rinse out the machine at the end of the end of a productive day.

You can find the shaving controls near the top of the device. There, you can adjust the shaved ice machine's thickness settings. This allows you to choose between fine and coarse ice chunks. Larger ice chunks may take longer to melt, which allows you to keep some ice inside the unit for short periods of time between customers. You can also use this as a crushed ice machine for afternoon refreshments. This machine does not come with a cup holder tray.

The Benchmark Snowbank Snow Cone Machine serves commercial quantities of shaved ice, and it comes with several features to help with moderate to high volumes of production. In addition to an optional cart, this unit offers an onboard display and a thickness setting you can adjust based on your target audience.

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Carnival King SCM250 Review

The Carnival King SCM250 Snow Cone Machine processes commercial volumes of ice. It relies on a sturdy support structure with no-slip rubber feet. This snow cone maker comes with special features that help with both home and business use.

This unit handles large work volumes. The snow cone maker comes with a stainless steel ice chute and press, which are located at the top of the device. You can run up to 500 pounds of ice through this machine in an hour, and the chute ensures fast loading. The snow cone machine's powerful motor reaches 1,400 RPM and drives the blades to chop ice quickly. The stainless steel press helps guide ice down the chute, so you can work as efficiently as possible.

The snow cone maker measures about 25 inches from top to bottom, including the chute. The cabinet, which holds the snow, measures just under 15 inches high, 16 1/2 inches wide and 13 1/2 inches deep. The large cabinet allows you to generate enough ice for commercial usage, and it features transparent panels on every side. The snow cone maker can continue running while you serve customers from the cabinet. The cabinet door comes with a small handle and latch to keep it closed when you grind the ice. The machine does not come with a cone dispenser or cone holder tray.

This clear acrylic cabinet displays freshly shaved ice to customers, even before they place an order. The ice cone machine also features a simple sticker sign to promote the product, but this unit does not come with any lighting. The base features four rubber feet that keep the snow cone maker in place. These feet help secure the device on wet surfaces, so you can press the lever at the top without moving the rest of the unit.

This snow cone machine does not accept ice cubes larger than 2 inches wide. You need to reduce larger blocks of ice first before inserting them into the hopper. The snow cone maker does not allow for multiple shave settings. Instead, it uses a simple power switch to start the process. Once engaged, the snow machine starts chopping ice immediately. The final result can be used in several types of beverages, including juices and sodas.

The Carnival King SCM250 Snow Cone Machine comes with a commercial-quality motor that processes hundreds of pound of ice per hour. The non-slip base makes it a convenient choice for many environments, and it can work as a home or professional unit.

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Gold Medal Polar Pete Sno-Kone Review

The Gold Medal 1890 Polar Pete Sno-Kone Machine features a whimsical polar bear shape to appeal to your youngest customers. The cartoonish body carries a commercial quality motor and holds a convenient dispenser for cups. Despite its child-friendly design, this snow cone machine can work as a professional appliance.

Polar Pete measures 34 inches high and weighs 60 pounds. This makes the snow cone maker a heavy choice for mobile vending, but it does not hinder countertop performance. At home, this unit offers a quirky addition to the kitchen. Professionally, the unique shape can offer promotional benefits. This snow cone machine does not need a sign to advertise what it is. This friendly polar bear holds its arms up to greet customers as you crush ice for frozen treats.

The snow cone machine's inner workings allow it to work with moderate to large volumes of ice. It plugs in for power and uses a 1/3-horsepower motor to chop ice into snow. The snow appears in the transparent belly of the bear, and customers can see shaved ice as it falls into the bottom. This snow cone maker does not use a chute or lever to push ice into the grinder.

Because the exterior body of this snow cone machine serves as a both a novelty and a promotional tool, it needs to withstand frequent use without damage. The thick body protects against condensation, and it can withstand some impact without scuffing. This snow cone machine also comes with a built-in cup dispenser. This keeps all your cones in one place, ready to serve at a moment's notice. It also speeds up the serving process. The bear holds the dispenser in its left hand, and kids may enjoy removing their own cones before you scoop the treats. This snow cone machine does not come with a cone holder tray.

While the bear-shaped snow machine does not come with a cart or stand, it comes with a large base that measures 38 inches wide. The solid base secures the unit while the powerful motor spins the dual blades, which keeps the bear from sliding when you load the ice.

With its novel design, this ice cone machine comes with enough power to handle everyday usage. You can use it at parties or install it as a permanent fixture at your business. The Gold Medal Polar Pete comes with a commercial grade motor and an onboard cup dispenser, so you can serve iced snacks in style.

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Great Northern Popcorn Hawaiian Shaved Review

This shaved ice machine does not produce large quantities with enough speed for most commercial jobs, but it can handle enough ice for smaller groups of people, making it ideal for small parties.

This unit measures 15 inches long, 12 inches wide and about 30 inches tall. It functions as a countertop shaved ice machine and requires a corded power connection. The device weighs about 60 pounds, which limits portability. The extra weight does come with a few benefits. This shaved ice machine uses a 6-amp motor to power the stainless steel blades, and it can handle moderately sized blocks of ice in minutes.

At full speed, this machine shaves up to 350 pounds of ice in an hour. You can turn the knob at the top of the device to add pressure to your ice block. This forces the ice down and allows the blade to slice away small shavings as it goes. You can collect the ice from the lower portion of the machine and serve it immediately. These shavings look thin, and they often come out longer than crushed ice.

You can serve shaved ice the same way as you would a snow cone. This shaved ice machine does not include a cup dispenser, and it does not have any onboard holders to manage premade cones. It does come with a blade adjustment knob though. A small turn one way or the other allows you to choose between fine and coarse shavings. The ice cone machine uses a basic mechanical process to shave based on your assigned settings, and you can watch as it cuts the ice.

The body of the unit does not come with any protective or viewing windows. Instead, the shaved ice machine relies on larger chunks of ice to keep everything in place as the blades spin. The unique design keeps the ice within sight before and after the cuts, so you can watch the block diminish in size as you turn the lever.

The Great Northern Popcorn Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine creates frozen treats in seconds. You can adjust shave settings and view the whole process as it happens. The ice cone machine requires larger blocks of ice, but it creates a unique summer experience that you can enjoy in the kitchen.

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Hamilton Beach Icy Treats 68050 Review

The Hamilton Beach Icy Treats Ice Shaver 68050 offers a compact design that you can use to make frozen treats at home. It does not offer enough capacity for commercial use, but it can create multiple snow cones in minutes.

This ice shaver comes in a small package. The machine measures less than 10 inches high and weighs five pounds. This compact body makes it easy to transport. You can bring this shave ice machine along to children's birthday parties or barbecues. It just requires an electrical outlet for power. The unit's small size does not take up much counter space and requires little setup. Once you add ice to the top tray, you press a single button to start the unit.

This Hamilton Beach snow cone machine comes with an included mixing bowl that fits below the grinder to collect the crushed ice. You insert ice cubes from your kitchen freezer at the top of the unit, and the machine grinds the ice down based on your chosen setting. This snow cone machine comes with two settings: one for snow cones and one for slushies. Slushies usually have a thinner consistency than snow cones, and the grinder takes care of this distinction. The snow cone setting creates gravel-sized ice bits that you can scoop into cups or cones.

The Hamilton Beach Icy Treats Snow Cone Maker comes with dishwasher-safe parts, which speeds up the cleaning process and helps keep all components working effectively. The snow cone machine uses a simple design that keeps blades out of reach, even when you open the top to add ice cubes. This makes it safer for younger members of the family, so you can involve little kids when making desert.

The snow cone machine does not come with a cup or cone dispenser or coneholder tray. It does not offer enough power for most commercial uses, but the included mixing bowl can be removed if you prefer to work with your own cups or bowls. This home-use snow cone maker produces enough frozen treats for three or four servings per batch, and each batch takes a few minutes to complete. This serving size makes it an adequate choice for families and small get-togethers.

The Hamilton Beach Icy Treats Ice Shaver Snow Cone Machine is compact, made for home usage, and the protected blades help ensure safety. The snow cone maker comes with dishwasher-safe parts, so you can clean up faster than ever.

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Hawaiian Ice Party Pack Review

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine Party Pack comes with just about everything you need to create enough frozen treats for a group of people. It includes syrups, cups and an ice shaving machine. This snow cone maker includes enough starting accessories for 25 flavored cones.

This unit works with standard ice cubes, so you do not need any special ice trays before making your treats. The internal, 55-watt motor spins the blades and chops ice cubes into fine shavings, all of which fall into the area below the chipper. This snow cone maker does not come with a bowl to collect the shavings. Instead, you can fill one cone at a time or use your own bowl to collect enough chips for multiple cones.

The snow cone machine comes in a party pack that includes three types of flavored syrup. Your guests can choose from cherry, grape and blue raspberry. Each flavor comes in a 16-ounce bottle, and the set includes three separate pouring spouts. With ice cubes and these three syrups, you do not need any extra ingredients to produce frozen treats. You can use the included syrup or add flavors of your own to create cold snacks for everyone. The whole process only takes minutes.

The snow machine relies on stainless steel blades to chop the ice. These blades spin through ice cubes, grinding them into small pieces. The final result often looks more like crushed ice than fluffy snow, but the powerful motor works quickly. The manufacturer recommends limiting your usage of the machine to prevent overheating. You can make one or two cones' worth of shaved ice at a time before allowing the unit to rest. The simple design makes this snow cone machine a potential choice for children's parties. Kids can create their own treat during the summer months. This snow cone machine does not come with a cup holder tray.

This shaved ice machine relies on electricity to power the motor. Designed as a countertop unit, the machine does not allow for easy transport, nor does it work with large enough quantities of ice for most commercial uses. You can use the snow cone machine for parties though, and the party pack comes with enough cups, straws and syrups for 25 individual cones.

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine comes with a full assortment of accessories. It caters to home uses, especially for individuals and small groups, but the design limits quantities and may not offer enough volume for commercial use. This set includes syrups, straws, cups and pourers.

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Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Review

The Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Snow Cone Maker features a retro design with red-and-white highlights over the whole body. It comes with reusable cone-shaped cups and a simple countertop design. This home snow cone machine makes enough ice for multiple cones.

This unit comes with an extra-large ice reservoir. Once the ice is shaved, the crushed ice machine stores enough snow for up to 20 cones. Each cone serves about 8 ounces of shaved ice, so you can fill the machine once and have enough snow for everyone at a party. When you want more, you can add extra ice through the top of the device to restart the process. The snow cone machine crushes standard ice cubes and forms the snow in minutes.

The unit itself does not take up a lot of kitchen counter space. The snow machine measures about 14 inches high and 11 inches wide. It takes up a little more space than a coffee maker, but the colorful design adds an element of nostalgia as well. Made to look like the old commercial models, this snow cone machine features a red top and base with white accents. Because it would be too small for many modern malt shops, the compact size makes it better suited for home use.

This shave ice machine uses stainless steel blades to crush ice cubes. The high-quality blade ensures that the unit creates fluffy, snow-like cuts. You can start the snow machine with a simple twist of the lid, and the blades start grinding immediately. They run fast, chopping and fluffing the ice before pushing it into the transparent reservoir below.

Like most snow cone machines, this one needs a waterproof surface where it can run. Melting ice causes puddles to form around the device, so it helps to have a towel handy for cleanup. The manufacturer recommends using only a dry cloth to clean the inside of the snow cone machine after usage, which makes it more difficult to clean than a unit you can drop in a dishwasher.

The Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Snow Cone Maker comes with a stylish red-and-white design. It serves up to 20 cones worth of snow in a single reservoir, but it requires extra care during cleanup. The compact size and durable blades make it a suitable choice for home use.

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Paragon Blizzard Review

The Paragon Blizzard Snow Cone Machine crushes enough ice for commercial use, up to 500 pounds per hour. The unit comes with an attached cone dispenser and a back-lit sign. This blue snow cone maker features a recognizable design that you can use to promote outdoor sales.

The machine measures 24 inches tall and 23 inches wide. The snow cone machine extends 16 inches deep, and the unit produces up to 500 pounds of crushed ice per hour. This commercial unit can accommodate backyard parties and high-volume park sales. The ice cone machine's cabinet relies on iconic blue polycarbonate material for walls, which customers and guests can identify from far away. These transparent walls also allow customers to view the snow as it falls into view from the top of the unit.

The iconic design helps with marketing. The Paragon Blizzard Snow Cone Machine comes with a back-lit sign that gives the unit a more professional appearance. The lights illuminate the cabinet, so you can show off the crushed ice before you scoop a single cone. This primarily serves commercial snow cone machines, but it can also create a unique lighting effect when used at home. The machine also comes with stainless steel blades, which can withstand heavier loads of ice throughout busy days of production.

This snow cone maker comes with a long draining tube that helps with cleanup. You can drain water from the container using a 36 inch hose that attaches to the machine's base. Snow cone machines need to be cleaned out between uses, and a drain helps with the process. The Paragon Blizzard features two access doors that increase your access to the ice cabinet. You can open both doors at once to allow for easy access.

The crushed ice machine includes an attached cone dispenser. This adds a level of convenience to the machine, and it speeds up the serving process. While the snow cone maker does not come with any cup holders, it does come with a serving scoop. While this limits the number of premade snow cones you can display, it creates a faster overall process for both the server and the customer.

The Paragon Blizzard Snow Cone Machine delivers commercial speed and a moderate size. You can use this unit for both home and business. It comes with a display light, and the blue polycarbonate cabinet attracts attention at long distances. This shave ice machine features high chopping speeds and a sufficient volume for ongoing commercial usage.

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Slush Puppie SP1SCM S Review

The Smart Planet SP1SCM Slush Puppie Snow Cone Maker features a compact size and simple design that makes it easy to make frozen treats practically anywhere. This unit does not plug in for power; instead, you turn the crank at the top of the machine to crush the ice. This ice cone machine cleans up easily.

This unit works with normal ice cubes. It accepts cubes through the top of the device, and you turn the crank to complete the crushing process to make one cone or cup at a time. This model does not require a countertop or cart to function. You can use this ice machine on desks, tables or any solid surface. As long as you have a stable area where you can move the crank at the top, you can bring this unit with you without losing performance.

The Smart Planet Slush Puppie Snow Cone Maker measures 11 inches high, and it weighs one pound. You can wash it in the sink after usage, and it does not come with a motor. This can make it difficult to turn the crank, and it limits the speed of the process. This snow cone maker does not achieve high enough speeds, nor does it work with large enough quantities of ice to viably produce commercial snow cones.

Made for home use, this device holds about 10 ounces of chipped ice at a time. You can replace the included serving cup with one of your own, but the size of the snow cone maker makes it difficult to fit any larger container under the grinder. This machine can make an entertaining party activity. If you show your guests how to work the snow cone maker, everyone can take turns making treats. This unit does not come with syrups, extra cups or a cup holder tray.

The simple design makes this snow cone machine easy to use. You can add many types of toppings to flavor the ice, which comes out as crushed ice rather than fine ice shavings.

The Smart Planet Slush Puppie Snow Cone Maker does not come with a motor and does not require an electrical connection to function. You can turn the crank at the top to crush enough ice for the small container, and it can make an entertaining choice for parties. This snow machine does not support commercial usage.

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Waring Pro Professional Review

The Waring Pro Professional Snow Cone Maker features a metal ice spout with a convenient press. The ice shredder works quickly, and you can use the device to make up to five snow cones in less than a minute. This countertop snow cone maker adequately serves small groups in many situations.

The Waring Pro comes with a few standard features to ensure it works as quickly as possible. The internal motor sits at the top of the snow cone maker's main housing, just below the ice chute. This setup allows the shaved ice to fall into a container shelf for collection. The shelf measures about 131/2 inches square and just over 7 inches high. You can remove this storage shelf from the snow cone machine to serve scoops on the go, or you can leave it in the device and have everyone serve themselves.

The device comes with folding trays attached to the sides of the main body. These trays have circular holes to hold cones in place, so you can keep your hands free as you scoop ice from the snow cone machine. They also work as displays for premade snow cones. This can help with commercial usage, promoting the product to potential buyers even as you run the snow machine. The device uses a red and white design, and it could pair well with similar retro appliances.

The Waring Pro also comes with four BPA-free plastic cones. You can reuse these cups anytime you use the snow cone machine to help reduce waste. This unit does not come with a cone dispenser, nor does it come with any optional cart accessories. The Waring Pro Snow Cone Maker also doesn't come with signs or extra lighting either, so it may not make an adequate choice for high-volume commercial usage.

While this mid-range device does not carry industrial features, it does simplify the filling process. This snow cone maker comes with an ice press and chute at the top of the device that pushes cubes down into the grinder. The lever-action press keeps the ice moving, so you can create cold treats even faster.

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