A storage shed creates versatile outdoor organization, and you can find sheds in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your family's needs. Whatever you need to store, sheds keep the harshest weather – including wind, rain and ice – from damaging your items. Sheds allow you to lock tools and equipment away when you aren't using them. Some shed options include Rubbermaid's Roughneck Gable Storage Shed, Duramax's Sidemate Storage Shed, and Suncast's Tremont Gable Storage Shed.

In addition to safeguarding tools and other belongings, outdoor sheds also keep your yard, patio and other areas free of clutter. You can move some items from your house or garage to the shed to free up interior space too, though it's generally not recommended to keep items sensitive to temperature or humidity in an outdoor space without climate control.

Storage Sheds: What to Look For

When purchasing a shed, you'll likely want four walls and a roof, but things such as flooring, doors and windows are optional. Some important considerations when browsing sheds include size, features and how much work is required for assembly.

Probably the most important consideration for shed shoppers is capacity. A vast difference exists between a simple garden shed for basic tools and a building large enough to house a riding lawn mower and other items. Manufacturers provide capacity measurements in several ways: cubic feet, square feet and interior dimensions.

Cubic feet measures the entire interior space, and is only particularly helpful if you plan to stack the shed full with something such as bags of potting soil. Square footage measures the floor space you have to work with, letting you know whether you have room for large items and shelving. Interior dimensions are also helpful; if you want to put a 4-foot mower in the shed, you want an interior length over 4 feet.

Storage shed features can include floor framing, windows and shelves, but not all sheds come with these amenities. Some sheds are made to sit directly on the ground or a concrete foundation, and many don't offer windows or lighting options. If storage options are important to you, you should look for sheds with built-in shelving or adapters for pegboards and cabinet units. You'll also want to consider the type of door – sheds may come with sliding doors or single- or double-hinged doors. Double doors offer the widest access point, which might be important if you intend to store large items or equipment.

Assembly Requirements
Whether you purchase a plastic, metal or wood storage shed, you'll probably have to do some work to put it up. Review specifications and manuals to see how much assembly work is required. Metal storage sheds, for example, often come in sheets that you connect together. Resin-based sheds could come in wall units, and some sheds may even come completely or mostly assembled.

Selecting a shed that meets your needs and matches your assembly skills is important. The right shed offers flexible storage options for use in backyards, small farming operations or near recreational settings, such as a pool.

Arrow Newport 10 x 12 Metal Shed

Arrow's Newport High Wall 10 x 12 Metal Storage Shed features a simple design and wide double doors. With room for a riding lawn mower or other outdoor equipment, the shed also features a 67-inch sidewall for headroom.

This storage shed includes a floor foundation kit so you can create a plywood floor if desired, though you will have to purchase the wood separately. The shed is also designed to be erected on a flat concrete base, and you may be able to put it on flat dirt or gravel ground. However, settling the shed directly on the ground may not provide optimal long-term performance.

In addition to the floor kit, this outdoor storage shed comes with two front doors for a wide entry point. The doors open to around 55.5 inches wide. The door assembly includes a lock to help protect your items, and you can choose from either a white or brown design to match landscape decor in your yard. The shed does not include windows or shelving units.

The manufacturer offers optional accessories that you can purchase separately to customize your garden shed. You can add wall hooks and hanging racks, beams to strengthen the ceiling or walls, workbenches, overhead storage and shelves. You can also purchase anchor hooks to secure the shed, which may be a good idea if you live in a windy environment.

The Newport outdoor shed is made from electro-galvanized steel. The shed comes as a do-it-yourself kit that the manufacturer rates as requiring an advanced skill level and at least two people to assemble. According to Arrow, the shed should take two or more advanced individuals between eight and 12 hours to assemble. In addition to at least intermediate building skills, you will need a range of tools – possibly including a drill – to assemble the shed accurately and within the manufacturer's proposed time.

While there are no windows in this shed, the ample door opening should provide plenty of light, letting you find what you need or work on simple projects inside the shed. Without heavy modifications, this shed is not likely to work as an outdoor shop for advanced projects.

Durable metal construction and a 12-year manufacturer's warranty make this shed a good choice for homeowners who need simple and ample storage in their backyards. The wide door lets you drive a small tractor or riding lawnmower right into the unit, and you can customize the interior to meet personal storage needs.

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Barns Easton w/ Floor Gable Wood Storage

With two entryways, several windows and lots of exterior trim, the Easton 12-Foot Wood Shed Kit lets you build a functional wood storage shed for your yard. The finished shed measures 11.42 x 15.45 feet on the inside.

This storage shed features both a drive-in and walk-in door. A set of double doors on one side opens to 64 inches wide. Plenty of headroom in the door frame lets you drive a lawn tractor, a motorcycle or an ATV right into the storage shed. On the front, a single door offers secondary access when you are on foot or carrying small equipment to store in the unit.

The manufacturer provides pre-cut trim and parts, and the doors are pre-built to reduce the time it takes to put this unit together. The kit includes the walls, floor and ceiling. You also get hinges and latches for installing the doors, nails, hurricane hangers, glue and an instruction manual. Completing the roof with shingles and edging means you'll need to purchase those items separately though.

The windows on this outdoor storage shed are optional and you can add them to the kit. You can select from single-hung rectangular and octagonal windows that provide decorative appeal to the exterior of the shed while delivering additional light to the interior. Without the windows, parts of the large shed's interior may be cast in shadow, making it difficult to find items or complete work.

You can select from a standard or deluxe floor kit. The standard floor is designed to sit on a cement slab, an existing wood foundation, a gravel base or blacktop. If you want to set this outdoor shed on grass, the manufacturer recommends opting for the deluxe floor. Both kits come with the lumber needed to level the unit and create flooring.

The shed itself is primed and you can paint the exterior to match your home if desired. The manufacturer backs the siding on the exterior with a 50-year warranty, though the shed itself features a 15-year warranty.

The Easton garden shed kit offers several options for customization and should hold up for years in your yard, making it a good choice if you care about visual appeal. With a large interior, the unit is also quite functional, though you do have to purchase additional supplies to complete the shed's construction.

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DuraMax SideMate Storage Shed

The SideMate storage shed from Duramax is a 4 x 8 foot unit designed to sit alongside an existing structure such as a home or larger storage unit. With a standard-sized entry door, the SideMate is a walk-in unit.

Constructed with a metal frame, this outdoor shed has been tested by the manufacturer and shown to stand up under a snow load of up to 20 pounds per square foot, making it a good choice for those facing moderate to severe cold weather. Over the metal frame you'll find vinyl materials, which should reduce maintenance requirements for this unit, as you won't have to paint the exterior and it won't rust either. The manufacturer also notes that the vinyl is fire retardant for additional protection, which is important if you plan to place this unit against your home.

The interior dimensions for this outdoor storage shed are 3.88 x 7.77 feet with 6.08 feet of height. Many adults will be able to stand straight in the unit, but taller adults will have to stoop a bit to move around inside. Since this unit is narrow in width and only features a door entry with around 30 inches of width, don't expect to store a riding lawnmower or other large equipment inside. This small storage shed would be appropriate for storing handheld lawn equipment, gardening tools, work tools, pool supplies and sports equipment. You could also use the unit to store a few bicycles or a single, small motorcycle.

A floor frame is included with this garden shed kit, though you don't get shelves or windows. The included door features a padlock loop so you can add a lock on the unit if desired. Duramax offers a window and two shelving kits that are compatible with the SideMate; the optional shelving kits feature either a 36-inch or 50-inch shelf. The window kit lets you put in an optional window to increase light inside the unit.

While the manufacturer rates the assembly of this shed as uncomplicated, you will need some basic building skills and tools. Expect to use items, such as drills and screwdrivers, and spend at least several hours constructing this shed. One adult should be able to assemble the unit, but you might find that things go easier with two pairs of hands.

The SideMate is a good option for outdoor storage if you need a little extra space or want to store a single narrow item such as a motor bike. The low-maintenance materials make this a good choice for those that don't want to spend a great deal of time outdoors.

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Handy Home Products Princeton Wood Storage

The Princeton Wood Storage Shed from Handy Home Products offers ample storage space and a chance to customize an outdoor building to match your home or exterior decor. With close to 100 square feet of interior floor space, this outdoor storage shed offers room for large lawn equipment.

This storage shed features treated and precut wood parts for durability and simple assembly. Though you deal with a minimal amount of measuring and cutting when erecting this unit, it is a large building and will likely require two or more people to construct. The kit includes illustrated instructions, but some previous DIY building experience might make construction easier. Expect to use tools, such as drills, hammers and screwdrivers, to complete the shed; the instructions call for purchasing nails for much of the construction, but you may want to purchase separate screws for longevity.

In addition to tools and know-how, you will need to purchase some additional supplies to completely finish this outdoor shed. The reason additional items are needed is because the manufacturer designed the kit to be customized. You'll need paint for the exterior and shingles for the roof; the kit includes a floor frame, but you will need concrete or wood to create a foundation and floor. You may also need additional wood or gravel for leveling the ground where you intend to place the shed.

This garden shed features two large double doors that open on continuous hinges. The opening created when both doors swing out is 64-inches wide, which allows passage of large lawn equipment, furniture or shelving. The doors feature a locking mechanism, letting you protect your items. Shelving isn't included with this kit, but you can purchase accessories or build your own organizational units to place in the shed.

The manufacturer protects the shed with a 10-year limited warranty against defects. It also notes that by painting the primed exterior and adding asphalt shingles to the roof, you can prolong the life of the shed and protect it from wind, rain or snow damage.

The Princeton shed offers ample storage space and customization options so you can protect the visual appeal of your yard. As you do have to purchase extra items to complete the shed, this might not be the right option for those wanting a complete package.

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Heartland Stratford Wood Storage Shed

Heartland's Stratford Wood Storage Shed comes with precut parts for fast installation and features a 10-year limited warranty to protect your outdoor storage investment. The wood is paintable, so you can customize the shed throughout the years, and a floor frame is included, though you must purchase flooring material separately.

This outdoor storage shed measures 11.71 x 8 feet inside and offers 96 square feet of storage capacity. The double doors open to create a 64-inch entry, making it possible to drive your lawn tractor directly into the shed. If you erect the shed on a raised foundation, such as the recommended wood platform, you will need to purchase or build ramps to facilitate driving or pushing large equipment into the door.

The interior of this storage shed offers plenty of space for a range of outdoor garden, pool or play equipment. The unit comes with two shelves, a pegboard and a workbench to facilitate organization and projects. Both the doors and the front window offer light sources, letting you work inside the shed, but complex projects may require more light than these openings allow. The small window also comes with two shutters for exterior visual appeal.

Because this garden shed kit comes with all pieces precut, you don't need special tools to assemble it. The manufacturer's installation guide lists required tools including a hammer, Phillips screwdriver, drill, utility knife and level. You might also need a pencil, a tape measure, a square, paint tools, a ladder and safety glasses, and the project includes steps that require two or more people to complete. To complete the kit, you must purchase additional materials including caulk, paint, wood glue, galvanized roofing nails and five bundles of 3-tab shingles.

Heartland claims that the design of this outdoor shed reduces construction time by as much as 30 percent over more conventional kits, but building time will vary widely depending on your experience and the location where you are placing the shed. The manufacturer advises that you first build a level platform with treated lumber, but also lists gravel, masonry blocks and asphalt shingles as acceptable leveling components.

The Stratford Storage Shed is a visually appealing unit for your backyard with several helpful interior features. Constructing and leveling the shed appropriately for long-term use does require the purchase of numerous additional supplies, however, which might make this a secondary choice for those looking for an all-inclusive kit.

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Keter Store-it-Out MIDI

The Store-It-Out MIDI from Keter is a small outdoor shed that offers storage space for garden tools, outside entertainment supplies or tools. The unit features front double doors and an optional lift-up lid for optimal access to whatever you choose to keep inside.

The exterior measurements on this outdoor storage shed are 51 x 29 x 43.5 inches, making it a good fit for many deck and patio areas. Even if you don't have a large yard – or a yard at all – you can use this unit alongside your building or next to your front door to store items, protecting them from wind and rain. Inside, there is enough space for two large garbage cans or a variety of garden, pool and play equipment.

This storage shed is not a walk-in unit; it operates more like a closet or pantry for outdoor spaces. The unit itself comes with minimal features, but you can add additional storage and organization accessories yourself. The sidewalls are designed with supports that let you put in a wooden shelf. A floor panel is included, and you don't have to build a foundation for this garden shed, especially if you plan to sit it on a level piece of ground, or a concrete or wood deck.

The shed is designed to hold up in a variety of climates, and the plastic construction shouldn't rust or peel. The plastic features a wood texture for added visual appeal, and you can choose from brown and beige, grey and black, or espresso brown color schemes.

The manufacturer notes that all you need to assemble this outdoor shed are some common household tools, such as screwdrivers, and estimates on assembly time are approximately 45 minutes total. Most adults should be able to assemble the shed on their own with little to no prior construction experience.

While this unit has 30 cubic feet of storage capacity, it does not appear to be made for heavy-duty storage work. Placing too much weight in the unit could cause buckling or other problems, so you might want to limit use of this shed to lightweight items and small tools. One good benefit of this unit, particularly if you plan to use it in a townhouse or apartment complex, is that it comes with a loop for a padlock, letting you secure your belongings.

The Store-It-Out MIDI would make a good storage unit if you have a small yard or patio. It might also serve well as an additional storage unit for someone who already has a full-sized shed.

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Lifetime Outdoor Garden Building

Lifetime's 15 x 8 Foot Outdoor Garden Building is a large outdoor storage shed that features lockable doors, a floor and two windows. With over 108 square feet of interior capacity, the shed offers room for large lawn machinery or sport items such as bikes and game equipment.

The double doors at the center of this unit open on a 56-inch-wide entryway; the entry is also 76 inches high, facilitating storage of ladders or other oddly shaped items without hassle at the door. The storage shed, which is constructed of steel-reinforced polyethylene panels, features two windows that allow light into the unit during the day. The long shape of the shed, with the doors at the center, could make back corners hard to see, but the windows are likely to alleviate some of the shadows. Additional lighting is provided by six skylights, and two vents offer some help with airflow inside the shed.

With reinforced walls and roofing, this outdoor shed should hold up well in a variety of environments, including some high-wind areas. You might want to anchor the shed if you live in an area that is susceptible to very high winds or minor tropical storms; the shed will probably not hold up in a major storm such as a hurricane, even if you anchor it.

The double doors come with two options for locking: an exterior loop for installing your own padlock and an interior deadbolt. You also receive two corner shelves with the kit and a peg strip with hooks for tools. You can purchase additional storage accessories designed for this garden shed.

The manufacturer's manual suggests that at least two adults work to assemble this outdoor garden shed and further suggests that a third adult be on hand to read instructions. You will also need a number of tools to complete this project, including several wrenches and screwdrivers, a hammer drill and a power drill, pliers, a box knife, a rubber mallet, a leveling board and a ladder. Safety glasses, a tape measure and a flashlight are also recommended.

While this shed includes a plastic floor, it requires a solid and level foundation. Building materials for the foundation are not included in the kit; the manufacturer recommends a concrete foundation and states that failure to properly level the foundation will reduce the functionality of the shed.

Lifetime's large shed offers ample storage space and could even be used as a work area for some projects. Assembly does not appear to require excessive building skills or tools, though the need for a concrete or similar foundation might cause some homeowners to pass on this shed.

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Outdoor Living Today Penthouse Cedar Garden

The Penthouse Cedar Garden Shed is designed to fit in a corner space in your yard. The five-sided design offers extra interior space, and the cedar construction of this storage shed will likely hold up well to elements in most areas.

This outdoor storage shed provides 467 cubic feet of storage space, though you might find the unique design to be a problem if you are looking for four walls to build shelving and work units. With this shed, you get a fifth wall and not all of them are equal. The shed is designed with two long walls and three short walls so that it fits flush against a fenced or walled corner.

The paneled walls feature overlapping cedar for an outdoor shed that adds beauty to your landscape. The roofing panels feature red cedar shingles that are already attached, reducing the amount of work needed to erect this building. Both the siding planks and the shingles are resistant to insects and long-term forms of decay, though the manufacturer's warranty only covers one year against defects in materials.

This wood storage shed comes with two windows and vents, flower boxes for added exterior decor, and double doors that open on a 52-inch-wide entry. While you could store a small riding lawnmower in the shed, the unit's overall design might lend this unit toward traditional garden shed functionality for many homeowners. You could use the shed to store gardening supplies, begin seedlings in an enclosed environment – with the proper interior light added – or house pool supplies and equipment.

The shed doesn't come with many interior features, but you can opt for add-on shelving units. The manufacturer provides 6- or 9-foot options with three shelves each. Other optional add-ons include a ramp to assist you in getting large equipment in and out of the space.

Assembly of this shed requires a number of tools, including a power drill, and will likely require at least two adults. You should expect to spend the better part of the day assembling the unit, which appears to require some intermediate DIY skills.

The Penthouse Shed is a storage unit that would bring functionality and visual appeal to your outdoor space. It does weigh a great deal – 1,500 pounds – so it's not going to be a shed you can easily move around your yard or to a new location.

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Rubbermaid Roughneck Gable Storage Shed

The Rubbermaid Roughneck Gable Storage Shed from Rubbermaid features resin construction and measures 7 square feet. The shed comes with three windows, a floor frame and double doors.

On the inside, this resin storage shed offers just over 46 square feet of floor space with a depth big enough to handle a riding lawn mower, along with a shelf and some small lawn equipment. Swing-out double front doors provide 5 feet of entry width, but the height of the door is just under 6 feet, so tall individuals will need to stoop to get in and out of the unit.

The three windows on this outdoor storage shed are located in the front and back, providing you with interior light during the day. While the shed doesn't come with shelving or cabinets, the kit does include a dozen adapters for adding compatible accessories such as pegboards and shelving from the Rubbermaid line. You can also put your own free-standing shelves and cabinets in the shed.

Since this outdoor shed is made from resin, it should hold up well in moderate weather. The unit comes with a limited 10-year warranty from the manufacturer, though that warranty is unlikely to cover normal wear and tear, particularly if you choose to house the unit in an extremely harsh environment.

Arriving as a kit, this storage shed seems simple to assemble, and the assembly instructions are illustrated for clarity. You'll likely benefit from at least two people working on the project, particularly when attaching the roof. Assembly requires at least an intermediate use of tools, and you will probably need a drill. Assembly times seem to vary between about three and eight hours, depending on the number of people involved and how familiar individuals are with basic construction principles.

Though the floor frame is included with this shed, you will need to purchase materials for constructing a floor separately. You might also consider placing the shed on an existing concrete slab. While you could place the shed directly on a patch of level ground, this route might not provide optimal long-term results, as doors, windows and joints could be impacted by even a slightly unlevel foundation.

This shed appears to be a good choice if you require ample storage space but want a cost-effective solution. Since you can customize the interior with additional accessories, the shed works for a variety of needs.

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Suncast Tremont Gable Storage Shed

The Tremont 8 x 7 Storage Shed from Suncast features plenty of light-providing openings and comes with some interior organization features. The shed also comes with a floor frame and reinforced floor.

This resin storage shed features a double-walled construction that helps it hold up to elements such as wind and time. The floor is also reinforced to support a lawn tractor, and the double doors open to reveal an entry 60 inches wide and 70 high, so you can drive your mower right into the shed. With a bit over 52 square feet of interior space, you can fit your lawn tractor and other yard equipment in this shed or use it as a pool house or a general outdoor storage unit. The kit includes two interior shelves to assist you with organizing items.

If you want to work on projects in the shed or need ample light to find small tools and supplies, this unit offers numerous natural light sources. Two windows in the doors let light in the front, and four skylights let sunlight in from above. The unit also includes a vent to reduce humidity in the unit. The double doors feature locks to help you protect stored items.

This outdoor storage shed comes as a kit that you bolt together, and you should be able to complete construction with only two people. Having some prior building experience or more than two people on hand may reduce the time it takes to erect this shed. While most of the parts are included in the kit, you will need tools such as screwdrivers and a drill to put this outdoor shed together. The manufacturer also suggests that you create a level foundation by first excavating land by 4 to 6 inches and placing a crushed gravel layer over the entire site.

The instructions for putting this garden shed together feature both written and illustrated guidelines. The shed is also protected by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty against defects, which may provide some peace of mind for your purchase.

The Tremont Storage Shed delivers flexible functionality for your yard. The interior features let you use it as an occasional daytime work space or storage unit, and the wide door frame makes it possible to store all your lawn equipment. The kit seems friendly for intermediate to advanced DIYers and appears to come with almost everything required to build the shed.

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