When setting up a security system for your home, your biggest priority is coverage. You use sensors for your doors and the perimeter of your home, but intruders can enter through the windows, meaning you need to block them as well. Window sensors are small devices you mount to your windows to detect and notify you with a chime or alarm when a window opens. Many sensors are wireless and held in place by a specialized magnet or adhesive that secures them along the window. 

When setting up a security system for your home, your biggest priority is coverage. You use sensors for your doors and the perimeter of your home, but intruders can enter through the windows, meaning you need to block them as well. Window sensors are small devices you mount to your windows to detect and notify you with a chime or alarm when a window opens. Many sensors are wireless and held in place by a specialized magnet or adhesive that secures them along the window. 

Many window alarm sensors work as an indoor accessory, like the Ideal Security Wireless Slim Door or Window Sensor and the Mace Slimline Wireless Door/Window Sensor. Others function both inside and outside, like the GE Choice Alert Window/Door Sensor. The right sensor for your home depends on how many sensors you need, the type of alert you want when a window is breached, and whether or not you have an existing alarm system in your home.

Window Sensors: What to Look For

With so many choices, it helps to take note of a few details and features that make a big difference in your choice. Consider these aspects when making your purchase.

The sensor's notification can come in a variety of alerts. A siren is intimidating, attempting to scare away an intruder before they get any closer. A modest beep or chime keeps your system a little more low-key, alerting you to the entry of a new person but without a severe alarm. Most window alarm sensors are battery-powered and have varying power requirements.

Window sensors come in an array of sizes. The smaller the sensor, the less likely it is to be noticed by outside parties, keeping your security system well hidden. Sensors range from under an inch wide to over 4 inches wide in order to accommodate a variety of window sizes. Many models hold just one sensor, but some go up to five sensors.

You can choose between window alarm contacts that sound by themselves and those that are part of a collaborative system. If you have a relatively small home or an apartment in an upstairs unit, choosing one sensor that operates individually is your best bet. However, a larger property that has many entrances and windows would benefit from an extensive system. All of the sensors featured here are wireless, so they are easy to install, and there are no wires or cords that tangle or are easily seen.

When planning your security system, you can mount sensors indoors so they are out of the elements and out of sight of potential intruders. However, several models allow you to also place them outside so that you can detect an intruder sooner rather than later.

Protecting your home and family is important, and selecting the right window sensor for your home and budget creates the best possible security at the right price. Make the most out of the newest addition to your house by learning more about window sensors.

Doberman Security Review

Integrating the Doberman Security Ultra-Slim Window Alarm into your home helps protect it from intruders. You can fit this slim and easily hidden accessory onto your window to monitor the status of your home at any time.

This window alert provides protection at your windows to notify you of possible intruders so you remain safe. The sensor is for indoor use and should not be exposed to rain or wetness. Compact in size, this window sensor only weighs about 3 ounces, making it light enough to stay applied to your window. The system is sensitive enough to pick up simple vibrations and comes with a thorough instruction manual to help you navigate using it.

The window sensor doesn't require much setup. If it picks up vibrations, a loud 100 dB alarm goes off to warn you of a potential break-in. Since the system is so thin, it hangs on tightly to windows that slide open. It doesn't require much to activate and requires virtually no programming. It can protect a variety of locations, like your house or apartment, office, RV, or dorm room. The window sensor also comes with a sticker to warn intruders to stay away.

Inside the packaging of this sensor, are three button cell batteries. The device is not compatible with alkaline, standard or rechargeable batteries. It has a power switch to let you determine when you need the security of the alarm. Once engaged, the alarm continues to reverberate for 30 seconds and then reverts to its active state. The range extends up to 50 feet when the alarm is activated. Measuring 0.25 x 0.75 x 2.75 inches, the small sensor fits into any spot on your window.

General precautions are listed in the manual for child safety and ongoing usage of the sensor. Your warranty is limited to 90 days from the date of the original purchase and is valid for any manufacturer defects.

The Doberman Security Ultra-Slim Window Alarm is for use in any size of home but caters to a smaller area. It runs on button cell batteries and is suitable for indoor use only.

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ELK Review

You can combine the ELK-6020 Wireless Door/Window Sensor with the appropriate transceiver for full coverage of your home to prevent burglaries and break-ins. Available in white and brown, the sensors blend easily with the decor of most homes for a uniform look.

This door and window sensor helps ensure the safety of your loved ones with the help of a transceiver connection. Built for both indoor and outdoor use, this versatile, high-tech sensor features a specialized technology that is specific to the ELK brand, allowing the sensor to work with any wireless transceiver or control with matching technology. This sensor can provide security for offices as well.

The window sensors are slender, making them a match for areas with thin jambs and windows. Since it contains the setup of ELK's two-way technology, the device stays up to date with on-demand status updates when you're away from home. This sensor, along with any of the other sensors compatible with the transceiver setup, contains a specific TXID identifier and a loop number that identifies it on the security system.

The window sensor measures 0.71 x 3.4 x 0.8 inches, and the magnet measures 0.57 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches. It features a built-in reed switch with a 2-inch operating gap. A lithium battery is included for use with the sensor, which has a life of up to seven years, minimizing the amount you spend on batteries. This extended life is due to the constantly self-monitoring sensors, which automatically regulate the level of power output they use while still giving a clear signal back to the transceiver. Instructions for installation and use are included with the set and are accessible online with website registration of the product.

LED indicators show that the sensor is linked up and monitoring the area you select. Using a 900-928MHz frequency-hopping spectrum, the signal breaks through those difficult areas and provides a clear connection back to the control for a fully integrated monitoring system. The owner's manual in the package allows you to find any additional information necessary to maintain your sensors, including information on the manufacturer's warranty.

You must use the ELK-6020 Wireless Door/Window Sensor in conjunction with the ELK-M1XRFTW Transceiver. The specialized technology provides you with an intricate level of safety.

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GE Review

The GE Choice Alert Window/Door Sensor is a wireless alarm system that can provide added security to any door, window or gate inside your home or business.

The Choice Alert can provide you with a sense of security, as it has a loud siren to alert you and scare away intruders. Each sensor has a double magnetic side, so it affixes quickly and is ready to go. You can also mount the window alarm sensors using the included double-sided tape or screws. No wiring is necessary in order to operate the system, as it transmits a wireless alert using a sensor located on the device.

The sensors are small, and you can discreetly place them anywhere. They are not very noticeable and will not detract from your property's curb appeal. The device is weather-resistant, so you don't have to remove it during bad weather. Thanks to its internet connection, you can depend on the unit working as long as you have wireless capability. The window alarm contacts do require the addition of the Choice Alert Control Center to operate them, however.

This alarm system uses a lithium battery that lasts for up to 24 months. The window sensor alarm transmits a signal to the control center from up to 150 feet away, making it easy for you to place sensors on numerous structures for added security. Whenever a door or window opens, the sensor signals the control center, which then emits an alarm.

Additional features on the window sensors include a low-battery alert so you don't find yourself unprotected without knowing your battery is no longer working. The system works with any Choice Alert control center, so you can customize your security system based on your home's or business's needs. Should you find yourself in need of more security, you can purchase additional sensors as needed. The unit measures 3 x 2 x 0.75 inches and weighs only about 4 ounces.

The GE Choice Alert Window/Door Sensor is in the lower price range and easy to maintain, making it a popular choice among both homeowners and business owners who want to ensure their structures are secure. Because of its wireless features, it is an easy security system to install. Its biggest drawback is the necessary addition of the control center in order for the sensors to work.

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Ideal Security Review

The Ideal Security Wireless Slim Door or Window Sensor allows you to link with Ideal's other models to protect your house. It doesn't take long to set up and is connected to a voice dialer to make emergency calls.

This window sensor protects you and your loved ones during an emergency by emitting an audible alarm and providing access to its voice dialer. This item is not designed for stand-alone use and must be integrated into your alarm system to work properly. Combining it with other sensors is also a possibility to add variety to your security. When you join it with a contact-based window sensor, it increases your span with a wired connection back to the main controls. The sensor offers a range of 260 feet to connect to the main receiver, giving you a large coverage area.

You can follow the downloadable and included instructions to help the device learn the wireless signal it needs to connect to in order to be connected to the receiver and dialer available. During an emergency situation, the included dialer doesn't display while the sensors are activated but determines location based on the status of the dialer. The device may be placed up to 80 meters away from the receiver and still generate a signal back to it in case of a break-in. No wiring is required during setup, making it easy for anyone to install the sensor. The system detects movement using vibration and magnetic sensors.

Two CR2032 lithium batteries are required to power this device, and they are included in the packaging. Since this is a specialized battery, it adds to the cost of this wireless window sensor. The sensor comes with a warning sticker to let others know that your home is protected.

The window sensor measures 4.13 x 1.81 x 0.33 inches and weighs about 3 ounces. It has a one-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects. Additional warranty information is included in the instruction booklet.

The Ideal Security Wireless Slim Door or Window Sensor needs a security system to attach to, as it is not a stand-alone device. However, the flexibility to go with a variety of systems within its brand and work alongside another model of the sensor makes it a useful window sensor to add to your security system.

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Mace Review

The Mace Slimline Wireless Door/Window Sensor Alarm allows you to add more protection to your home or office with DIY installation and operation. Designed to fit most window types, this window alarm sensor is part of the Mace Home Security System. When it senses vibration or the window opening, it sends a signal to the control unit that initiates the alarm and auto-dialer. This sensor system is a cost-effective way to deter intruders.

This window sensor alarm adds an extra bit of security to the Mace Home Security System by protecting specific doors and windows from unwanted entry. This unit is less than an inch deep, so the sensors can be safekeepers for cabinets or doors as well. They attach conveniently with mountable adhesive strips and screws that keep them secure. Once you set the system up, the window, door or other item remains protected for up to 300 feet from the control unit.

This model is small, approximately 2.25 x 1 x 3.37 inches. The slight design makes it discreet. However, if you would prefer to deter burglars by letting them know that you have additional buffering for windows and doors with this device, you can put the included decal warning sticker on it.

With this window alarm sensor, you get wireless connection that runs off a 9-volt battery. This makes battery replacement convenient if you run out of juice.

You can stay up to date on the status of this unit, such as when your battery is running low or when there has been a breach, through the LED indicator. This magnetic contact keeps you apprised of the window alarm to ensure that it is always working properly. From the main control, you can also decide whether to have it run as a singular alarm unit simply by flipping a switch. This makes maintenance and monitoring easy.

This add-on device is part of an affordable DIY security system. It incorporates into the all-encompassing Mace security system with no wires to connect, basic installation, simple monitoring and overall increased security of your property. The Mace Slimline Wireless Door/Window Sensor Alarm can improve your security and give you additional peace of mind inside your home or office.

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Plug & Protect Review

The Plug & Protect IQ Wireless Alarm System is an indoor and outdoor alarm system for both doors and windows. It features remote access, touchscreen technology and customized alerts.

This alarm system provides security from intruders by fitting your home or business with wireless window sensors and door locks. The system allows you to contact police, fire and medical aid with designated buttons on the front of the device. It has three sensors that sound an audible alarm whenever they detect a breach.

The window alarm contacts are discreet and battery powered to eliminate wires that could be cut or affect the look or your business or home. The wireless nature of the system lets you pick where you place the panel in your home or business. Another customizable feature of this unit is the digital photo frame option that allows you to showcase family photos or upload your company's logo to project a more professional appearance. The neutral color and modern design of the IQ panel features a bright touchscreen display that is easy to see.

You can access the system from most wireless devices using the corresponding smartphone app. Routine software updates are available through the touchscreen panel. The system lets you view a live video feed of your protected structure, allowing you to keep an eye on people or pets remotely. Additionally, you can have the system snap a picture of any person who arms or disarms the system, as well as receive text or email alerts.

Pictures, arms and disarms are logged and accessible remotely or on the touchscreen panel. Other remote use capabilities include the ability to lock and unlock doors, control lights and outlets, adjust the thermostat, and arm or disarm the door and window sensors. Video tutorials on how to use the system's many features provide answers to frequently asked questions, saving you time and frustration.

The Plug & Protect IQ Wireless Alarm System is easy to install and offers lots of options for added security. Its wireless window sensors, remote access, customizable options and advanced technology place this security device in the higher price range. Since the system is wireless, its reliability is dependent on your home's Wi-Fi signal.

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SecurityMan Review

You can integrate the SecurityMan Add-on Wireless Smart Door/Window Sensor to your Air-Alarm II or IIB system. This window sensor also has the capability to connect with older models, including the Air-Alarm 1 and Air-Alarm DL, but without some of the features of the Air-Alarm II/IIB system. This accessory lets you expand your existing security system or replace an old sensor.

The window sensor adds to the current Air-Alarm system in your home to alert you when intruders attempt to bypass your security system. When your device is unarmed, the sensor lets out a chirp to notify you that your window or door is opening or closing. This also causes the LED on the window sensor to flash. If the system is armed and a trespasser attempts to enter, a loud, sharp alarm sounds. In a more open area, the system transmits the signal up to 450 feet away.

This device is designed for use indoors and should not be exposed to rain or other wetness. Weighing 0.1 pounds and measuring 1.4 x 2.2 x 3.4 inches, this device is lightweight and small.

As a component of the Air-Alarm eligible systems, it also alerts you of intrusions via telephone. The system is programmed with a personal password to increase the safety of your loved ones. The entire system is compatible with Ademco Contact ID protocol and is expandable.

The wireless window sensor uses an LED indicator to help you monitor its status, alerting you that your device is on when it glows green. Both the magnetic strip and the sensor include precut holes to secure the set in place with screws. The system requires a 12-volt alkaline battery to function properly. The installation is simple, making it easy for you to follow the instructions.

Although the owner's manual walks you through the programming and setup of your new window sensor, the manufacturer's site also includes a step-by-step video that shows you how to incorporate the new sensor into your existing system. The device has a service life of up to two years, which is covered under a limited warranty.

The SecurityMan Add-on Wireless Smart Door/Window Sensor is not a stand-alone security system. It must be paired with the corresponding system to function properly and provide the right protection against outsiders.

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Simplisafe Review

The Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System is a high-end alarm system that has a central command center along with several sensors to situate around your home or business.

This wireless package provides you with a sense of security by sounding an alarm when the security system is breached. The unit is designed to be easy to install, so you will not have to hire a professional installer, and it should take you no more than an hour to set up. By using the adhesive strips on the entry sensors, you can quickly attach them to any window or door. The window alarm contacts work well for front and back doors or windows located on the first floor. In this eight-piece package, you get three entry sensors, five-year batteries and a base station. The monitoring system is UL-certified and provides security service around the clock. No long-term contract is needed to operate the window alarm sensors.

Also included in the window sensor alarm package is a motion detector. The motion detector scans a 90-degree angle in the room to track any movement up to 30 feet away. In order to prevent a pet tripping the alarm system, the detector ignores things that weigh less than 50 pounds.

Other equipment contained in the package includes a key-chain remote that fits right on your key ring. You can arm the system right from the remote. Disarming the window system alarm is equally easy. In an emergency, you can trigger the alarm using the panic button on the remote. The remote is connected to the wireless keypad. The keypad continues to beep when an intruder comes in while sounding off an alarm notifying the proper authorities. You also get two decals in the package to place in any area so that you can warn off intruders by alerting them to the window alarm sensors you have installed.

The Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System can be installed easily with very few tools needed. It is useful for business owners and homeowners, as it provides an ample amount of security around a property and is a complete package. This wireless system makes it easy to connect to the central base for operation.

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Skylink Review

The SkyLink Wireless Door/Window Sensor protects your home from inside or outside. This versatile window sensor alerts you when the corresponding door, window or gate opens, keeping you aware of the safety status of your home.

This window and door sensor provides a sense of security, as it alerts you when any guest passes through the safeguarded entryways. You can place the window sensor in the area that best suits your needs. An included manual, which is also viewable on the manufacturer's website, provides essential information for installation and continued usage.

You can attach the window sensors to doors, windows, gates and other entries. They require programming to send a signal back to the control panel. At the control panel, you can follow the directions to adjust the settings so the sensors know whether to set off no sound, an alert or an alarm.

Each device has two pieces to install: the magnetic contact and the sensor. The sensor requires installation along the window or door frame or wall, but it does not matter if it is set up along the top or sides of the window or door. The instructions guide you through each step of the installation process. The separation of the magnetic piece from the sensor sets off the programmed noise.

Your window sensor package includes the sensor sets, screws, mounting plates and double-sided foam tape. Once your sensors are attached to their specific areas, they must be set on the control panel to assign each one to a zone in your home. Each sensor only assigns to one zone, and no more than four sensors are allowed in each zone. The control panel shows four zones available to which you can assign your sensors, meaning the maximum amount of sensors per control panel is 16. This panel features an LED indicator for the varying statuses of the system, including the notification sound and whether there is power going to the system.

Though it includes a DC adapter, the system requires a 3-volt lithium battery, which is already installed in the device. When battery life is low, the LED indicator flashes repeatedly.

The sensor comes with a limited warranty of a year to cover any manufacturer's defects. This sensor is compatible with other sensors in the Household Alert line of products from SkyLink.

You can place the SkyLink Wireless Door/Window Sensor on any entryway and combine it with other models from the same line of products. The control panel allows you to customize this window sensor into a protective security system.

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Tattletale Review

The tattletale Wireless Door/Window Sensor protects entryways and windows from any unauthorized entry. You can use it as a delayed or instant zone, depending on your needs.

This wireless window sensor creates a safe environment for your property and ensures all entry points remain covered. You can place a sensor around the area, such as a window or a door, with the included mounting tape to ensure protection. In order for the sensors to work, this unit needs to be paired with the tattletale base alarm unit. Combining the system with the transmitter provides wireless coverage for up to 300 feet.

The window alarm sensors are 1.25 x 1 x 0.25 inches, so they are small enough to remain discreet. The lightweight design also helps with installation. Each sensor weighs only about a quarter of a pound. Non-damaging adhesive comes with this unit to secure sensors to your walls. A lithium battery is all this unit needs to work, and the battery lasts for up to 10 years.

The window sensors emit a chime sound that rings when a window or door is opened or closed. The alarm emits a louder alert when those openings are breached during an unauthorized entry. A dedicated sensor allows you to check on the status of the device. Features include notifications for low battery, a lost signal or a bypassed sensor or if someone tampers with the system.

A unit this small does not require a lot of power. The function of the sensors and the fact that there is a supervised sensor aids in the ease of use. With a supervised sensor that indicates functions, you are more likely to be sure when there truly is a problem or intruder rather than a system malfunction.

The tattletale Wireless Door/Window Sensor is a highly cohesive unit. The box contains detailed instructions and the items that you need to mount your device. It offers a variety of features and a user-friendly design. However, the price of the unit does not include the base unit needed to receive the alarm signals. Each sensor is also sold separately, which could add up depending on how many doors and windows you need to arm.

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