It's been a very long time since wattage was the only consideration when buying a light bulb. And the variety of features continues to expand, as witnessed at CES. Vendors were displaying smart bulbs that will adjust themselves to various conditions and can be made to shine in a truly amazing array of colors. The latest crop of smart light bulbs may just have you seeing your current bulbs in a whole new light.


Stack bulbs have ambient light and motion sensors embedded into the lightbulb itself. The lightbulb senses when you come into a room and turns itself on. It can also dim itself if there is a lot of sunlight coming into a room. That way you don’t spend money on energy to light an already bright room. Stack bulbs can also change color, temperature and light level to match the natural progression of a day. The bulbs are designed to match natural sunlight so they get less intense as day turns into night. Because the bulbs themselves can sense motion you can use them for home security and even elder care. The bulbs are smart and can alert you, through an app, if there is any motion in a part of your home where there shouldn't be. 


These bulbs let you design your home's lighting with an artistic flair thanks to a wide range of colors that can be projected with each bulb. You can fine tune lighting color and brightness choices for different moods and events, including parties, studying or watching movies. These bulbs can even be set to dance to the beat of your favorite music. On the more practical side, Qube bulbs and their associated app will notify you if you leave home and forget to turn them off. Qube bulbs can also be set to come on at a certain time in the morning to help you wake up. 


The latest light bulbs from Haiku can adjust to light with multiple colors and can also recreate the patterns of natural sunlight by getting brighter gradually. You can also use the associated app to schedule your bulbs to be on or off, or somewhere in between, at different times of the day. These lights also have motion sensors, so you won’t waste money lighting empty rooms. You can also pair these bulbs with Amazon Echo and command them to come on or turn off with your voice. Haiku lights can be dimmed enough to operate as night lights as well. 


The LED light bulbs from Ilumi last about 20 years and can stand alone or become part of an overall smart home solution. You can use the Ilumi app to turn lights on and off while you are on vacation so you can appear to be home and thwart any criminals lurking about. This LED lighting option can also be set to dance to your music, and you can adjust the light to several preprogrammed settings designed for different occasions.

The newest options in smart bulbs give you so much choice beyond fluorescent and incandescent. The latest bulbs have countless different types of white light alone – from the coolest and brightest to the warmest of yellow-whites – and most have many more colors that you can choose to fill different rooms of your home. And these bulbs are at home in any light fixture, from lamps to ceiling fans. The next bulb you buy may be able to dance, dim and change color with a few taps on a phone app if manufacturers at CES have anything to say about it.

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