We all recognize the terribly annoying sound of a car alarm. The unmistakable beeping and sirens have become so commonplace they hardly trigger a reaction to passersby. Because aftermarket car alarms are so common, the alerting sound is no longer enough to thwart the auto theft. This is why car alarms, like the Viper, Python and Prestige car alarms, will help protect your vehicle in a variety of different ways, while adding some convenient and useful features.

Car alarms are now available with comprehensive safety features, as well as an assortment of time-saving and beneficial options. We have scoured the internet, visited car audio and automotive stores, tested loads of alarms, spoken with experts and compiled a list of the best car alarms and features.

Keyless Entry
Most car security systems come with a remote that serves a variety of purposes. It can be used to arm and disarm your car, as well as unlock your doors and release the trunk. While many cars already have this feature, the car alarm remotes can integrate the keyless entry and eliminate the need for another key in your pocket.

The car security system remotes also receive alerts when your car alarm sounds. Most have LCD screens with displays that will tell you exactly what is happening to your car. There are some remotes that can integrate with your smartphone, so you receive a text message when your car alarm sounds.

Starter Kill
After your car alarm begins sounding and your remote buzzes, you ll need to take action. Most often an alarm alone won t stop a thief from stealing your car. With this feature though, a simple click of a button can stop your car engine from running. Your car will effectively be stopped where it stands until you disarm the alarm.

Full-Vehicle Sensors
The car security systems will detect every single movement and disturbance to your car and alert you to each change. There are even shock sensors installed so you will know if someone is towing your car or attempting to jack it up to steal the wheels. The car alarms have comprehensive and detailed sensors that will alert you to any change.

Remote Start
This feature helps you eliminate the transition to a freezing cold car in the winter or a blistering hot vehicle in the summer. The car alarm remotes can start the car from hundreds of feet away and the heater or air condition will begin to make the car much more bearable during extreme temperatures.

The car engine will run until a key is inserted into the ignition or for a predetermined amount of time. If the key is not inserted and someone attempts to put the car in gear, the engine will turn off instantly. Usually the remote start feature will keep the car running for approximately five minutes before it automatically shuts off.

With so many fantastic features, all in an affordable package, we highly recommend investing in a full-featured car alarms. You can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is safe and you ll love all the other remote features offered by the best car alarms.

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