Many of the chemistry sets on our review include instructions and supplies to help you conduct magic tricks. Below we will review some of the most common chemistry set magic tricks your kids can do at home to amaze their friends and family members.

Invisible Ink

Supplies: baking soda, water, cotton swabs, paper

Invisible ink is a feature of many spy kits, but it s also easy to prepare at home with ingredients from your own kitchen. To make invisible ink:

  Mix equal parts water and baking soda until the baking soda is dissolved
  Dip a cotton swab in the mixture and use it to write your message on a piece of paper
  Wait for the ink to dry completely
  Once it's dry, simply hold the paper up to a light bulb until the writing appears

Using a candle will make the writing appear much faster, but make sure you don t hold the paper too close to the flame. This simple mixture works because the baking soda in the invisible ink turns brown when it is exposed to heat. Once the invisible ink has been revealed, it will not become invisible again.

Ketchup Packet Mind Control

Supplies: ketchup packets from a fast food restaurant, empty two-liter soda bottle, water

Place a ketchup packet into a two-liter soda bottle filled with water and put on the lid. The ketchup packet should float in the middle of the bottle. If it doesn t, try a few different packages until you find one with the right sized air bubble to make it float in the middle. Then, experiment with squeezing the bottle lightly with your hand. As you squeeze the bottle, the air bubble in the packet will be compressed, increasing the density of the packet and causing it to sink to the bottom of the bottle. With practice, you can make your hand movements more subtle so your audience won t notice. Then you just have to pretend that you re moving the ketchup packet with the power of your mind.

Magic Milk Art

Supplies: milk, liquid food coloring, cotton swab, dish detergent

Before you begin, prepare the cotton swabs by dipping them in dish detergent, and then set them aside in a small bowl. Pour a thin layer of milk onto a plate. Put a few drops of food coloring into the milk (you can use several colors if you wish). Point out to your audience that the food coloring does not mix into the milk. Take one of your magic cotton swabs and lightly touch the end with the dish detergent into the milk without stirring it. The glycerin in the detergent reacts with the milk to create a swirling effect that will the colors to mix and create stunning patterns.

Extinguish a Candle with Air

Supplies: one candle, vinegar, baking soda

Mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar in a cup. As the two chemicals react, they will bubble vigorously and produce carbon dioxide gas that fills the glass. Light the candle and then gently tip the glass over the candle until the gas pours out. Make sure you don't tilt it far enough to pour out any liquid. Because the gas does not contain oxygen, it will suffocate the flame and cause it to go out.

These are just a few simple magic tricks you can conduct at home with supplies that you already have sitting around. For more tricks using household chemicals and other ingredients, check out our lineup of the best chemistry sets to see which ones include magic tricks.

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