At Top Ten Reviews’ new contact lens review site we provide you with a detailed look at the best places to buy contact lenses online. Our side-by-side matrix will compare and contrast the product selection, ease of use, customer service and security of the top 11 online sites available.

1800Contacts tops our list of where to buy contact lenses online. They have the largest inventory with nearly 10 million different types of products and are sure to meet the needs of every style of contact lens wearer.

When reviewing the different sites’ product selection, we considered the selection of contact lenses by type and manufacturer as well as the accessories featured. The majority of the sites we reviewed offered an inclusive inventory of popular and name brand contact lenses. Some sites even offered accessories such as contact lens solution, cases, sunglasses, reading glasses and more. We found several sites that offered the convenience of one-stop shopping.

Being able to easily navigate the site and quickly sort through the large inventory to find specific contact lenses was also examined. We felt it was important to have a clean, uncluttered site for individuals to shop.

Customer service and security also topped our list of importance when reviewing sites. 1800Contacts again proved to be the frontrunner in these areas. Providing consumers with an array of options to contact them is important, especially when dealing with something as personalized as contact lenses. Also giving the consumer a peace of mind that the personal information they will be providing will be kept private and confidential is vital to making a sale.

Be sure to read our “Vision Terms and Contact Lens Glossary” article for help on understanding the contact lens language. Top Ten Reviews’ Learning Center offers education and information on all topics in our vast trove of experience whether it’s shopping online for health food stores or choosing entry-level DSLR cameras for your favorite photographer.

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