Scrapbooks are a great way to make sure you find a special place for all of those sweet photos and mementos from your baby s first year. A baby scrapbook helps you compile these items and preserve the precious memories for you to look back on over time. Here are a few simple ideas that can help you get started on making a baby album of your own.

Start with the Big News

You don t have to start the baby book on the day your baby is born. You can dedicate some pages leading up to the birth. You can include pictures of you and your family around the time you received the joyous news that a little one was on the way. Continue to add pictures throughout the pregnancy in order to depict how excited and happy you were about the upcoming arrival. You can also document other things you and your baby will be happy to look back on later in life, like experiences you had at home prepping the house for the baby s arrival.

Include the Baby Shower

The baby shower is an important moment in you and your baby s life. Devote a page or two to pictures from the shower and maybe even a list of the gifts you received from your friends and family. You can also keep cards from the baby shower in the scrapbook.

Add 3-D Items

Pictures and text are great, but it s also nice to add a few 3-D items to spice up your scrapbook. You can include the baby s hospital bracelets, your baby s first lock of hair or other sweet mementos.

Baby s Name

Most parents put a lot of thought into what they will name their new baby. If there is special meaning or an interesting story behind your baby s name, you can devote a page of the book as an  About My Name  page. You can include information about where you came up with the name and any significance it might have. You can consider adding information such as funny moments leading up to agreeing on a name.

Baby s Firsts

No matter whether you are a first-time parent or have been through this many times before, a baby s firsts are always important moments in both of your lives. Babies will have to do everything for the first time, so deciding which moments are important is entirely up to you. Maybe you want to document the first time they giggled or the first time they fell asleep in Daddy s arms. Then there are the big moments like their first words and first steps. All of these will be so much fun for you to look back on when your child is grown up.

Add Backgrounds and Themes

Using digital scrapbooking software such as Memory Mixer, you can design a custom look and feel for your baby scrapbooks any way you like. Pick a set of colors that you like and choose a theme, such as nursery animals or two-toned patterns, to line the edges of your pages. The great thing about digital scrapbooking is that you can add your own images, as well as change fonts and embellishments, to create a truly unique baby scrapbook.

A baby scrapbook is something that your whole family will treasure for the rest of your lives. Start compiling goodies to include as soon as you can, but remember that it's also never too late to make a scrapbook for your baby. You can always put one together later in the baby's life, using photographs and memories to fill it out.

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