With words like  slice  and  cutter  in their names, the latest craze in crafting devices may give parents and others pause as they consider the potential for accidents. Combine significant amounts of pressure, electricity, moveable parts and blades, and even adults need to be cautious as they utilize and adjust a digital die cutting machine.

Cutting Risks
Most of the electronic die cutting systems we evaluated come with moveable blades and a number of different interchangeable blade types. That means at some point someone will likely be handling the various blades for your digital die cutting unit. The manufacturers have obviously put some thought into these concerns. In most die cutting machines the blade casing leaves very little actual blade exposed. Injuries are still possible, however, so anyone handling the blades should use caution and avoid distractions.

Pinching Injury Risks
With the moving parts, especially the feeding rollers on some digital die cutting models, a cutter can pose a risk of a pinching injury if fingers are in the wrong spot when the machine is running. There is also an outside chance that a piece of clothing, or even someone s hair, might get tangled in the machine. While the resulting injuries would not be life-threatening they would undoubtedly be unpleasant, especially for a child. It is worth it to find a safe place to use your die cutting machine, and possibly even a different place for storing the unit so curious kids don t get hurt.

Electrical Shock Risks
Digital cutters are a full generation away from their manual die cutting predecessors. There is no elbow grease involved in the running of these machines, just good old fashioned electricity. That means the same rules you would use with your hairdryer would apply. Do not operate your digital die cutting unit on wet surfaces or near showers, sinks or bathtubs in order to avoid the risk of electrical shock.

Choking Hazards
Some of these die cutting machines resemble toys in many ways. Most are brightly colored and look perfectly innocent. They usually are perfectly innocent. However, digital die cutting machines, like any item that has small parts, deserve some special attention when thinking about children s access to them. Parents may want to spend at least a moment or two talking about how their digital die cutting machine and its many small parts should be used and stored. The small parts have the potential to cause a choking hazard for small children, so it is best to keep them packed away, safely out of reach.

Laser Hazards
The electronic die cutting systems that include a laser come with an additional set of recommended precautions. The laser light you would typically find in a craft cutter is not capable of causing any burns to the eyes during regular usage, even if you stared at it for long periods of time. Taking the laser apart is a really bad idea, though, and there are sometimes specific local regulations for disposing of laser products. It is something worth at least a passing thought when you decide to replace your electronic die cutting machine with a new model.

Serious injury caused by digital die cutting machines is unlikely, but there are a few associated risks. Taking a few moments to ensure safe use and storage will be worth it for new users, especially if they are parents to young children.

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