When you think of tower fans, what do you picture? If you are like most people, you envision fans covered with safety grilles covering fast spinning blades. While traditionaltower fans are still in wide use today, a new and technologically advanced breed of fan is starting to hit store shelves. Introducing the bladeless fan. Despite their relatively simply look, bladeless fans are quite sophisticated. Case in point: the Dyson Air Multiplier. While this revolutionary fan resembles a circle perched atop a cylinder, it packs a powerful punch and is leading a revolution of technologically advanced fans. Here are a few reasons why this state-of-the-art fan deserves your serious attention:

Air power
The Dyson Air Multiplier is the first of its kind, using a special air multiplier technology to produce the most powerful stream of air yet from a home consumer fan. To achieve such a powerful airflow, Dyson engineers developed a mixed flow impeller. This is the same technology used in turbochargers and jet engines. The mixed flow impeller contains nine asymmetrically aligned fins with rows of tiny holes that reduce the friction caused by colliding high and low air pressure. What does all this mean to consumers? The Dyson Air Multiplier generates an unprecedented amount of airflow, exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding consumer.

With this bladeless fan, you have the ability to exact total control over airflow thanks to Dyson's dimmer switch power control. While traditional fans suffer from limited power settings, Dyson's dimmer switch allows you to precisely adjust airflow. In addition to Dyson's dimmer switch, Dyson's oscillation feature utilizes an independent motor, driving air 90 degrees.

Smoothness & Uninterrupted Airflow
Along with its ability to produce an airstream that is off the charts in power, the Dyson Air Multiplier also offers the smoothest and most uninterrupted blast of air yet, due to its bladeless design. Blades on conventional fans tend to create an unpleasant buffeting in the airflow, as they chop up the air before it reaches you. With a Dyson Air Multiplier, this problem is a thing of the past. Utilizing revolutionary Air Multiplier technology, air is drawn in and amplified up to 18 times, offering an uninterrupted stream of gentle air.

Convenience is always a factor when it comes to home consumer products. With a Dyson Air Multiplier, you won t have to hassle with fast spinning blades that can potentially harm your children, or agonize over annoying metal grilles that can be tough to clean. In addition, each Dyson Air Multiplier includes what Dyson refers to as touch-tilt technology, allowing the fan to pivot on its own center of gravity. This technology, coupled with the fact that the Dyson Air Multiplier is not top-heavy like many conventional fans, means that you won t have to worry about it tipping over easily.

All these features place the Dyson Air Multiplier easily above the competition. That said, be aware that the Dyson Air Multiplier costs quite bit more than traditional fans. As is typically the case, technology does come at a price.

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