Spring and summer are wonderful seasons. The sun is shining, the cold is gone and the flowers are blooming. The flipside is that your grass is growing rapidly, and the chore of trimming and maintaining your lawn can quickly turn your happy feelings for these enjoyable seasons into grueling afternoons. While gas-powered lawn mowers have long been king of the lawn maintenance world, electric lawn mowers have greatly improved over the past few years, giving homeowners a more environmentally friendly option to trim their lawns.

You don't have to be an environmentalist to recognize the benefits of switching to an electric lawn mower. While powerful, gas mowers produce a lot of noise, spew harmful exhaust, and require yearly upkeep and regular maintenance. Here are the top reasons why you should consider switching to an electric lawn mower.

Less Noise
The best electric lawn mowers make as much noise as a box fan on high, generating considerably less sound than a gas engine sputtering and roaring. You don't need to worry about damaging your hearing while using an electric mower, and your neighbors will thank you for not disturbing them if you decide to mow early in the morning or into the evening.

Low Maintenance
Gas lawn mowers need to have their oil changed on a regular basis. With electric mowers, there are no fluids to change, spark plugs to replace or air filters to clear. Simply maintain your mower's blade by having it sharpened every spring or by installing a new one when it gets dull.

Comparable Power
Corded and cordless lawn mowers can run as strong as their gas counterparts can, especially if you purchase a newer model. Corded electric mowers draw their power from your home's electrical output, while a cordless lawn mower's rechargeable batteries free you from the use of an extension cord. Look for an electric mower with batteries with a high voltage, generally 30 volts and above. The higher the voltage, the more effectively the motor can push through tough grass, giving your lawn a clean, perfect cut.

No Gas or Oil
With an electric mower, you won't need to purchase any more fuel or worry about changing the oil in the engine. This also removes the need to store extra fuel, and you won't have to breathe any harmful exhaust when you use an electric mower. Spills are also a thing of the past, so you won't have to worry about gasoline getting on your shoes or clothes.

Easy to Clean and Store
The majority of electric lawn mowers are made of tough polymer plastics that are resistant to gouging and scratching. This also means that you can clean your electric lawn mower with a hose. And because there are no fluids, you can tip the mower on its side without ruining the engine. Another convenience is that most models fold down and, because they are lightweight, you can hang them on your garage or shed wall or store them easily. This frees up more room for other machines or tools.

Mowing your lawn with an electric lawn mower is a great way to get the cut you want while reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you choose a corded or cordless mower, you can expect performance on par with traditional gas mowers without the hassle of maintenance, harmful fluids or disturbing noise.

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