On a convenience continuum of electronic scrapbooking options the most simple would be online photo book publishers. Their basic interfaces and cute customization options mean you can quickly drag and drop your way to a finished book, which is then professionally printed and shipped to you. The potential for customization is relatively limited, though. In the middle you have products like the ones in our digital scrapbooking software review, which offer decidedly more customization even though there are many pre-packaged elements, but also a steeper learning curve. The most intricate and customized designs generally come together in programs like Photoshop where you can start from scratch as opposed to pre-made templates and embellishments, though you can add those to the mix, too.

That same continuum applies to price generally, too. The easiest and fastest route to a digital scrapbook is at the lower end of the spectrum with free phone and online apps. The slowest and most customizable route is at the top pricewise too with products like Photoshop. We scoured the internet and the app stores to find the most helpful and convenient free ways to make electronic scrapbooks. Here are some options:

Free Phone Apps
With scrapbooking phone apps you can skip the step of getting your photos from your phone to your computer and just vent some creativity right on your phone. Popular free or almost-free options for iPhone include imikimi, Diptic and ScrapPad. Android user can opt for a product like cameran, Snapbook or Scrapbook & Collage. If you are hoping for a physical keepsake a scrapbooking phone app might not quite be enough for you. Some of them do make it possible to get something that is print-ready at a Walgreens or similar service but the main function is just to take the photos that are in your phone and help you make a little collage or finished "page" that you can share on social media, on a tablet, or on the same phone where it all began. Adding frames to your digital photos can be nice for adding a little pizazz but does not offer the level of customization some people prefer. If you used to break out boxes of stamps, stickers and ribbon to scrapbook, these apps may seem to offer very slim pickings for your layout, but they have their place. Making a collage with a few digital designer frames may also tide a traditional scrap-booker over until there is time to make more detailed and embellished layouts for printing.

Free On Your PC
Foto.com is a user-friendly app for Mac or PC that you can download in seconds. This free digital scrapbooking software offers nowhere near the selection of templates, frames and embellishments that you get with paid programs, especially top products like MyMemories, but you can select from a few different themes, frames, clip art and page layouts. The beauty of this software is the simplicity. You do not even have to drag and drop photos into place if you do not have the time. Foto.com's editor can place photos for you. You can create a decent layout fast and share it online in multiple ways or have it printed professionally.

Online apps like Shutterfly and Snapfish are not technically software – there is nothing to download – but they serve a similar purpose when it comes to scrapbooking. You select a themed album and then add or subtract backgrounds, photos and embellishments as you build your book. The difference is there is not generally as many options for embellishments and other graphics as you get with scrapbooking software. Sharing options are generally more limited too. You can have the company print and send you the book, of course, and some services make it easy to share your final scrapbook on social media platforms, but you can't easily print your project at home or easily export it in a lot of different formats.

Free options for digital scrapbooking on your phone and on your computer can help you preserve memories in a hurry while still adding a little personal flair along the way. If you want something with more options for customization and more ways to share, though, look to digital scrapbooking software.

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