Finding the Best Home Security Door & Window Sensor

Finding the Best Home Security Door & Window Sensor

Each window and door to your house represents a vulnerable point for potential break-ins. The security of your home begins with monitoring these entry points. Home security systems monitor all aspects of safety at home, so they often come with sensors for each window and door as a basic security precaution that protects your belongings and, most importantly, your loved ones.

The concept behind door and window security is quite basic, though it is only a small part of a larger, more comprehensive system that monitors your home. Even if you already own a sensor system, these services can add to your current security measures to give you a greater range of protection and oversight. The key aspects of a home security sensor system include alerts, security devices, monitoring services and customer support.

With door and window alarms, you can see any activity that might indicate an intruder trying to enter your home. If you have small children or a loved one with a medical condition, look for a service that provides personal safety alerts, personal security devices or medical pendants. The best home security door and window sensor services also alert you and the authorities when there's smoke, carbon monoxide, power failures, extreme temperature changes, flooding or natural gas leaks.

The best services, like Frontpoint, Protect America and LiveWatch, offer protection well beyond monitoring for home invaders. LiveWatch and Frontpoint both monitor for all types of emergencies, including natural gas leaks, which is an uncommon feature among home security systems. LiveWatch has a faster-than-average response time of 18 minutes.

In an effort to establish a new standard for affordable door and window sensor systems, LiveWatch has also introduced an innovative program called ASAPer to reach your emergency contacts. When configuring ASAPer, you set a list of contacts you wish to alert when there is a problem in your home. When an alert triggers, ASAPer contacts these individuals simultaneously. The system provides a group chat within ASAPer to help resolve the problem in real time. By contacting everyone at once, the system can respond much faster than traditional systems that use a one-at-a-time contact approach.

Equipment & Security Devices
Home security door and window sensors are two-part devices that attach to each entry. The first half attaches to the door or window itself, and the other half attaches to an adjacent wall. When these halves separate, they send out a signal that indicates an open entry point. Many of these security systems are wireless, and you can customize them with extra devices such as motion sensors, security cameras, glass-break sensors, sirens and panic buttons. You can also equip your home with pet-immune sensors so your pets don't set off any false alarms while you're away.

One of the best services when it comes to equipment and security devices is Frontpoint. Frontpoint's equipment is customizable to fit your needs and easy to install. The system uses wireless frequencies to connect each device to the control panel. The system offers door and window alarm sensors, which are designed to meet universal security needs, so the sensors work for any type of window or door, recessed or not. You can put the alarm sensors on your garage door too.

Window and door alarms by themselves do not make a truly comprehensive security system. In addition to the best door and window sensors, Frontpoint offers a wide range of devices, including security cameras and motion sensors. Frontpoint has pet-immune motion sensors to allow pets that weigh less than 40 pounds to move in your home without triggering a false alarm.

Customer Support
Home security door and window sensor systems rely largely on effective customer support. These companies not only ensure the continued functionality of your sensor system but also help you resolve technical problems with your equipment via email, phone and live chat. The most effective services offer strong warranties and various customer support options such as FAQs, alarm history reports and online tutorials to help you master your system. Check to see that the company has reasonable contract policies, because some companies require lengthy contracts upon installation or extend your contract when you relocate.

Protect America is one of the services that offer all the customer support services most people will need. As a default option, Protect America encourages you to install your own home security equipment. However, it offers installation and relocation services as well. The self-installation process is easy because the products come with full instructions.

Protect America gives you the flexibility of installing the equipment yourself or opting for professional installation. Most services don't give you this option. It also comes with a lifetime equipment warranty. In the event of equipment malfunctions, you can contact support via email, live chat or phone. Protect America's support coverage is very good, and its customer service representatives are helpful.

Protect America doesn't offer in-home repair or service for any part of your security setup, so the support department recommends either sending equipment in for repairs or replacing it entirely. In such instances, expect repairs and replacements to be free of charge, although it means you'll be without those security measures while they're in the repair shop. Protect America also provides alarm history reports that show past alarms in your home.

It's important that you have the ability to discern when your safety and security are at risk. Monitoring activity through your doors and windows is one of the best ways to protect yourself. Once you find the door and window sensor service with the features you need, you can install it yourself or have a professional install it for you, depending on the service you choose. Once it's installed, the comprehensive monitoring services can track the status of your home's security and give you peace of mind day or night and whenever you leave home.

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